Mouse Frosya
Svetik Studio
Mouse Frosya has adapted to live with people, she feels comfortable in any situation. She is made of German viscose with combined inserts of gray and dusty pink color, tinted with art oil and pastel. Because of what she looks like vintage. Frosya is full of sawdust. The eyes are black glass, sewn. The nose is embroidered with brown threads. Frosya is wearing a pink cotton flowered dress.

Benjamin sewn from artificial fur, wool. He is filled with fizness and glass granulate. His paws look like real! They are made of artificial leather.

Teddys By Katerina Bondarenko
Virginia vintage teddy bear,hand made by me from:mohair, supplied with sawdust, wood wool, stone chips, metal granularshe has eye glass, palms and heels faux suede tinted with oil and pastel , the head and feet are mounted on 5 cotter pins 500 gr. weight, Virginia is dressed in a cotton dress, which is decorated with applique and shell.

Height is 9 cm OOAK The upper paws are bend. Materials: smokey long pile, hand made collar with medallion hand made winter cap, fiber filler glass granulate, 5-way disk-jointed German glass eyes, tinting by pastel hand made nose from FIMO., All my toys are made only from quality materials by my own patterns. All of my toys are 100% handmade made by hand, no machine sewing!

Old Bear
The dog is a symbol of 2018. Sewn from vintage plush, stuffed with wood wool and metal granulate. Head spontoon on the connection. Eyes and nose are frosted glass.

Cobblestone Creations
This darling 3 inch mouse is made of tan mini bear fabric, with a tan leather tail. She is cotter pin jointed at her neck with string jointed arms. She looks out onto the world with black glass eyes with horsehair eyelashes. Her nose is black wool surrounded by horsehair whiskers. Her ears are lightly tinted a delicate brown. She has a pastel striped ruffled collar.

Teddy Bear Katrina
Touch of childhood
Her name is Katrina.

Ivan. Winner.
Mir zverushek
This bear was created for the competition and became the winner. Winner 2 place (nomination Over 15cm, "Undressed") 26th Japan Teddy Bear with Friends Convention. Tokyo. July 2018. New author pattern. I will not repeat this bear, it's the only one in the world. Size in full height from heels to the head of 48 cm. The fur is Alpaca Shulte length of pile 25 мм. Such alpaca can rarely be found on sale.

Gregor Bear Teddy OOAK
Brambly Woodland
Gregor Bear made of mohair (13 mm pile). Stuffed with fiberfill, metal, plastic pellets. Glass eyes, embroidered nose, 5 bolts, metal wire in ears.

He always wanted to play in a theater, he dreamed of interesting roles ... and now ... an amateur performance, and oh! the main role ... dreams come true! clothes thin natural coarse calico, feather natural copper vintage ornament As part of the specialized exhibition of copyright bears "Kiev TeddyLend" this work won first place in the nomination "Friend Teddy" in the debut category. Kiev 2018.

Suffragette Bear
Rosemarys Bears
This beautiful soft teddy bear is made from luxurious Stieff Schulte alpaca in Ivory. She is dressed as a Suffragette to mark the Centenary of Women's Suffrage this year (2018). She is fully jointed with English glass eyes and an embroidered nose. She is stuffed with a mix of traditional wood wool and polyester with additional weighting in her body.

Bunny Swain
Two Bear by Oksana Danilova
Bunny Swain Collection “Snow stories”. 2018 OOAK. Size: 6,5cm (2,5”) tall and 5,5 (2,2”) sitting.

Little donkey with an umbrella
Little donkey was born on may 26, 2018 . Hugging-material baby Needs warm communication and wants to be held in hands Looking for a home! Baby is sewn from sweet german plush and Italian viscose.. Head, legs and hands are rotatable (cotter fixing), ears are reinforced and can bend, tummy weighted with glass granulate. Eyelids are felted form wool; toned with oil paints and artistic pastel.

Artist Teddy Dog
A small friend on the palm of your hand It is made from viscose of two colors.

Cat Amelia
Please meet my new OOAK teddy Kitten Amelia! This little girl is 22 cm (8.6in) tall. Amelia is made of white viscose, she is fully cotter pin jointed and her legs and arms are wired so she is can bend it and she is very posable. She has hand painted blue glass eyes and embroidered cotton nose.