Peter Rabbit
Mi-Misha by Olga Mitina
The Teddy Peter Rabbit is made of viscose, It is 12cm tall with ears and without ears 9cm and has 5 joints, stuffed with wood chips and metal granules. Eyes are made of glass. Hand-painted with oil and acrylic paints. Jacket's off. SHIPPING: The Teddy will be sent via registered airmail small parcel. It has a tracking number (trackable all the way in most countries.

ABOUT ITEM: Size apporox 15 cm (~6") Completely handmade, * Face and legs cat are made of polymer clay Glass eyes, * Body in made from soft fur This is a collector's item and made for adults only.

Kitten teddy "Philip
By Anna Petinati
6.2 inches (16 centimeters). Kitten teddy "Philip" size 15 centimeters Stitched from German plush Eyes of handwork with tracking effect.

Giraffe Pete
100% handmade Original sewing pattern. Pete's giraffe sewn from plush hand painted. This is a frame toy. Materials: wire, holofiber, plastic.

Peter Rabbit
Veronika's Teddy Bears and Others
Peter Rabbit is made of viscose, there are pine sawdust and sintepukh, glass eyes, Rabbit has a jacket slightly aged.

Spring girl
Little teddy dog chihuahua author's toy portrait pet. A pet by photo a perfect gift on memory your favorite pet. A toy dog in clothes is made in the image of a girl of spring. Height 16 cm / 6.3 ih The toy can not stand, this is a feature of the pattern. The height of the toy, when it sits 12,5 cm / 5 in.

Realistic pet cat, collectible toy. Live toy cat Ragdoll "Businda" (bead).
Realistic Toys from Irina
Realistic pet cat, collectible toy. Live toy cat Ragdoll "Businda" (bead) completely handmade. Cute ragdoll kitten. The toy is made of high quality faux fur. There's a plastic frame inside his body. Ears are reinforced with wire and can change position. Nose, claws and paw pads of polymer clay, eyes glass cabochons. Kitten like a live cat he is looking for his master!

Owl Peter
Dubyanskaya TOYS
Night Traveler Owl Peter Faux Fur Owl Legs, hands, ears sewn from viscose Stuffing a synthetic winterizer. Head, hands moveable The cap is removed. This toy is not for small children.

Peter is a 13 cm tall Flummy boy made of dyed viscose. He has black glass eyes and an embroidered nose filled with sheep's wool and steel granules. The paws, feet and ears are set off with flowered cotton fabric around the neck wearing a potted clay heart. He brings the little bag of cotton fabric with mushrooms and the small wooden mushroom to his new home.

Rabbit Peter
Rabbit Peter One of a King Sew in viscose;

Clown Peter
Dobronrava & Bears
Clown Peter is looking for a house! Made of vintage plush and felt. Inside the sawdust, wool and metal pellets. A little artificially aged. He'll be a good friend.

Pug Petete
Peggy & Molly Teddies
*** Pug Petete *** By Peggy & Molly Teddies. Height: 30cm ( 12" ) sitting Materials:Faux fur, Natural woolCotton tongue, Cold porcelaine and glass eyesCold porcelaine nose, 5 jointsFilled with polyester and minerals, Toned with artist oils and pastels

Petal Bunny
Bunny Petal, dusted with pastel coloured beads and crystals as meadow petals. 26cm tall to ear tips. Made from hand dyed Schulte viscose Glass eyes with leather lids Embroidered nose/mouth with horse hair whiskers Pastel shading on face Swarovski crystals and beads on ears and head. Crystal belly button! Ivory bob-tail. 4 cotter pin joints with wobble pin head joint. Filled with wood flakes.

American Cocker Spaniel: realistic plush toy.
Realistic Toys Store
The cute pet, or American Cocker Spaniel realistic dog. You want to have a dog, but you're allergic to dog fur? There's an idea! Get a realistic toy! Be sure, no one will have such a pet! About this toy: This realistic toy is sewn entirely by hand from faux fur of beige and white colors. Almost everything in this toy makes it more real: black toning;

Bear Petra
Teddy Bears by Nataliia Sychova
Bear Petra. Bear sewn of high-quality German mohair.