OOAK Sea wolf Teddy Gray
Sea wolf Teddy Gray author's collectible toy. Created from German viscose. Tightly Packed with sawdust. It has 5 splint connections (head, arms and legs). The sea wolf Teddy has glass eyes. It is tinted with oil paints. Sea wolf Teddy dressed up in a vest and denim pants. On the legs of wolf leather oxfords. A wool scarf is tied around his neck.

Little Red Riding Hood
Elena Volchkova
I’ve created the teddy’s version of the fairy tale about Little Red Riding Hood. This fairy tale is kinder and more gentle because relations are warmer, friendship is stronger. The pies are tastier, and the walks of the forest are more interesting. All these are about fairy bear lady, who loves red clothes, and she has friend little wolf.

Teddy Bears by Olena Golovinska
Wolf Teddy, OOAK Wolf Gift for you!!

Wolf Vovka
This vintage Teddy Wolf Vovka was made from German viscose material painted manually and was turned artificially into old style. The structure was fixed on 5 forelocks and the eyes are German glass material. Inside part of the wolf was filled with sawdust. This little friend could easily be carried in a handbag and would be a happy companion for you.

Sea wolf
Bears by Ekaterina Zhiteneva
This wolf is sewed from viscose, stuffed with sawdust and glass granules. The height sitting is 19 cm. It can't stand.

Wolf cub
Neverine's Creatures
This adorable wolf cub is a completely handmade OOAK creature made of the highest quality English faux fur. Lifelike and natural size. He has wire armature inside and thanks to that is slightly posable. Filled with polyester fiber and weighted with steel granulate. Polymer clay nose and paws pads. Glass eyes.

Wolf Witold
Wolf Witold the jack of spades from the collection "Poker" Height-18 cm, sitting – 14 cm (only sitting) Material – vintage plush and viscose Inside, wood shavings, sawdust and mineral granulate Head and feet are mounted on 5 cotter pins Glass eyes and his nose is embroidered Tinted textile paints.

Wolf Boof with lamb
Natalia Petelina Collectible Teddy Bears
Boof is created from German Maher gray on dark basis. It is a combination of classic and fantasy style and created exclusively for this show. Size 18 cm at full height and about 15 cm sitting. Natural wood sawdust filling, mineral granulate, holofayber. All fastenings on шплинтах, a head on double. Glass eyes frame the eyelids. The nose is fashioned from polymer clay, baked. Tinted with artistic paints and pastels.

Realistic wolf stuffed animal, wolf plush, realistic toys, plush toy wolf
Payment by installments is possible! I will be glad to answer your questions. A realistic plush stuffed animal wolf is a wonderful gift for you and your loved one. Also you can decorate your interior with this toy. A wolf plush toy , is made of artificial fur. It has a one-piece structure. The body wolf toy is connected with the head and paws by a Lockline skeleton.

Little Red Riding Hood
Nastena Nikitina
Little Red Riding Hood goes into the house. The wolf is in Grandmother’s bed. Little Red Riding Hood doesn’t know it is the wolf. "You’ve got very big eyes, Grandmother!" says Little Red Riding Hood. "So I can see you," says the wolf. "You’ve got very big hands, Grandmother!" says Little Red Riding Hood. "So I can hold you," says the wolf.

Wolf with a sheep
Algis bear
Wolf with a sheep Wolf's height: 31cm (12.2") Sheep's height: 4cm (1.57") This Wolf is made of high quality faux fur and has glass eyes. The sheep is needle felted of natural wool. All his limbs are cotter pinned and has wire inside, so they are fully adjustable. Inside his head, body and tail there is the LockLine skeleton. Wolf's body is fully adjustable. Filling: natural German wool and glass granules.

In 1905, the Japanese wolf was distributed on the islands of Honshu, Shikoku and Kyushu of the Japanese Archipelago. He was the smallest among all the wolves. The epidemic of rabies and extermination by humans brought the wolf to complete disappearance. The last Hondo wolf died in 1905.

Realistic wolf
Realistic toys by Maria Kalinina
16.1 inches (41 centimeters). The wolf is made of German artificial fur. The jaws of the wolf are molded by hand from polymer clay, it can open and close. The tongue is made of leather. The nose and pads on the paws are made by hand from polymer clay. Her eyes are German glass, decorated with a hand. Completely on the skeleton LOCKLINE, neck, back, paws can be bent.

Baby Wolf
Svetlana Ageeva
Let me introduce my new baby wolf! The wolf puppy is made of several types of faux fur. Author's eyes, German glass, painted manually with acrylic paints. Inside the puppy there is a plastic skeleton, the front legs are reinforced with a skeleton, the rear legs and tail are reinforced with wire. The nose and paw pads are molded manually of polymer clay.

wolf cub Wind
By Evgeniya and Igor Krasnov. 11.8 inches (30 centimeters). wolf cub made from qualitative German plush. The head, paws and body are connected skeleton Lockline. 4-way disk-jointed He has glass eyes. The nose is made by hand from polymer clay The growth of a puppy 30 cm from the nose to the beginning of the tail.