Evgeniya Che
Height 22cm Sitting Height 17cm Tail 9cm.

Fox Emit
Irina Kirichenko
Meet a new character a Fox by the name of Emit.Totally new job for me.Sewn from viscose hand color.Pastel toned.Only can sit.Fully stuffed sawdust + metal granulate-very tight.Eyes from glass.

"We are responsible for those who have tamed." Ludwig is honest, fair. Will listen and make a decision. Beautiful, graceful. A real king! Crown and decoration are made of a vintage bracelet. Brass. on the neck a river pearl. The fox Ludwig is made in the technique "Vintage Bear" made from natural materials. Viscose Schulte (Germany), sawdust, "wood wool", metal granulate, glass eyes. In the tail rubber granulate.

Mr Fox
Mr Fox made from limited mohair, have felted nose and eyelids. He wear cotton trousers, silk vest with cotton lining and coat. He has hand made case with him. And hand-made leather boots. All clothes may be undressed. Made from a german mohair., Filled with sawdust, 100% wool and mineral granules. Felted nose., Glass eyes. Fix: 5 joints., 22 cm (8,6 inch) . All patterns of my toys are engineered by me.

Olya Mikhailova
Fox sewn from German mohair and viscose, entirely by hand. Legs and arms on double cotter pins. Height 17cm

Fox Patrisia
Lysi Toy
Teddy bear named Patrisia..! Vintage style Viscose Excelsior and mineral granulat Glass eyes Cotton and goose 100% handmade

crazy forest fox
Anna Rudenko
By Anna Rudenko. 10.6 inches (27 centimeters). crazy forest- fox . pattern authors!

Fox Woolley
This is a red funny fox Woolley. Materials: three kind of mohair, brown glass eyes . Joints: 6 cotter pin connections (wiggle head) ). Filling: polyester and glass beads . Accessories: removable silk bow with bells

Foxy Arty
Needle felted toys by Natalia Kravtsova
The foxy Arty Teddy+needle felted toy This is a rare toy in the style of needle felted Teddy. The head of foxy made of natural wool in needle felted technique. The Body and paws made of vintage plush. He is five way jointed…(cotter pin and discs for the head, and thread jointed for the limbs),Tail has a metal frame. He just sit, size 17cm..

Elena Kanakhina

Little prince and the fox
To love is not to look at one another, but to look together in the same direction. Price per pair. Only bear 70$. Only fox 65$. Bear. Standing approx 15 cm tall. (5.9 in) The arms,head and legs move. OOAK teddy. Stuffing materials – sawdust, wool, steel pellets. Viscose, glass eyes, oil paints, felted eyelids. Polymer clay nose. . Fox. Sewn from hand dyed viscose. Standing approx 13cm tall. (5.1in).

Bears by Mariya Stratonova
Little fox Miki Height 6.7" (17cm), 7.9" (20 cm) with ears.

Desert fox
The most ridiculous chanterelles are feneki, cunning and funny animals. This baby is made of the fur of the German factory Schulte, white and milky, tinted with pastel. The head and trunk are connected by means of a plastic skeleton, the legs are reinforced and can take any position. 5 t cotter pins. it is impregnated with sintepux and is heavier with metallic granulate, it has a pleasant weight.

The Red Tail
Little fox Ruby:.

Semos fox