foxes of Horace
fox Horace likes to sit in a chair and shares his memories of his youthsewn from viscose, filled with sawdust, mineral granulate, eyes are glass, toning with oil author's work.

Star Fox
Fox is made of plush, densely filled with sawdust. Head and paws rotate, mount pin. The cap is decorated with Swarovski rhinestones. The tail is reinforced, takes any position.

Materials: papier-mache,viscose, cotton, acrylic, knit, tempera paint, lacquer, sawdust.. Head, paws-papier-mache..5 splint connections, painted with acrylic and tempera.

Teddy Bears and Friends Oksana Gaidai
My new fox Lissi! He is 19cm tall.

The fox has a 5-pin fastening, is densely packed with sawdust, weighted with a metal granulate, tinted with oil and pastel.

Lyudmila Zhuravleva
The size of the toys sitting 16 centimeters Made of viscose. Eyes are glass.

Alice and Basilio
Alice and Basilio One of a Kind 32cm ( 24 cm sitting) and 27cm ( 21 cm sitting) Materials: body: japanese mohair; , joints: 5-way jointed with cotter-pins and disks (all joints are wobble); filling: fiberfill, glass beads; , eyes: hand-painted glass eyes ; nose: felted nose has been sealed , and sanded; face: oil, pastel shaded; , Clothing: felt, plush, flax, wool, cotton and feathers.

Ludvig 6
Little Bubbles
Little Fox sewn completely by hand from the German plush of the limited series, stuffing sintepuh and steel grnulyat, ears and upper legs reinforced, spout hand-molded.

Irina Kashlevska
Material- plush, sawdust, marble granulate, wool, fox mounts, glass eyes

Lord Bears
Sewn from vintage plush from a pattern by Victoria Makarova.Full of sawdust. Tinted with oil paint.Clothes: dress coat and hat beautiful American cotton with ornate pattern;

The Fox
Teddies by Anna Miretska
'The Swamp' Collection. The Fox full-height is 30 cm; his height in the sitting position is 22 cm, and weight is 429 grams. The Fox is the only one of its kind! I crafted the Fox by hand, carefully, with love and attention to every detail, in a single copy by my own author's pattern.

April tulips fox
Elena Volchkova
April tiny teddy tulips fox from the collection "12 months of happiness" Height of April fox 2,36 inch (6 cm). Left paw is unique embroidered with silk ribbons and wool flowers. Made from viscose, stuffed with wool. 5 way jointed with a t-pin and discs. Glass eyes. Lady fox has a silk ribbon bow (bow is taken off) and bouquet of wool tulips.

Little fox
The fox was made using Teddy technique. Height is 4.1 inches (10.5 cm). Fully jointed with 5 joints paws can move.

A Fox named Felicia.

The Fox and the Gingerbread man
Bears by Ekaterina Zhiteneva
This fox is sewed from viscose, stuffed with sawdust and glass granules. The height sitting is 18.5 cm. It can't stand.