Alfonso, the polar fox
Polar fox Alfonso loves nosing around and making new friends. The fox is made of Schulte alpaca with needle-felted muzzle and hand-painted eyes. Filled with rubber and glass pellets and fiberfill.

Teddy Fox Hunter
Anna Kolo
Teddy Fox Hunter. Teddy Fox Fox Hunter.

fox Irene Adler
A beautiful fox is like an old fairy tale. She is very fond of communication, very beautifully sits and decorates the world around her. All body chambers move on cotter pins. Legs to the knees are made of papier-mache by hand, painted with acrylic paints. The fox is sewn from professional materials, used mohair and lace of manual coloring, in its suit the finest fabrics, silk tapes are used.

Olga Nechaeva
Good afternoon!

Fox Antoshka
Wool friens by Elena Lebedeva
Soon New year and Christmas! It's carnival time and miracles! Here is a small, but very clever Fox baby, preparing for new year carnival! Italian raincoat and a favorite toy of Pinocchio, in a moment of the usual Fox Antoshka, turn it into a real brother-Fox Antonio! The toy is made in the technique of dry and wet felting. The head is rotated using the skeleton Lock-line. Glass eyes.

Christmas Gift Fox cub Teddy Тoy fox Mini bear Miniature Artist teddy bears Stuffed animal by photo Whimsical Animalistic gifts
Pet Portrait by Katerina Makogon
Little fox for your heart and palms. Height 16cm/5.9 In. Glass eyes, head on round cotter Made of viscose, full of sawdust, sheep wool, metal and mineral granules. Soft tummy. For each work I doing individual pattern, given color and structure of your pet. To order, please send me some pictures of your pet.

Bears by Tatiana Krivitskaya
Charming Pauline Fox sewn from German Schulte viscose. Size sitting 6.3 inches height: 8.27 inches (16 cm sitting height 21 cm). Filled with sawdust and mineral granules in the stomach. Glass eye. The head, arms and legs are attached with pins. Rotate. The dress is made of delicate Japan silk. Dress is removable. Glass duck made in the technique of lampwork, handmade. Pauline only sits. Fox sewn from a pattern by Larisa Gavrikova.

Fox Timosha
Lyubov Kayutkina
Fox made of hand-colored viscose. Color light blue. Fillers: wood sawdust and the metallic granules. Eyes glass. Toned artistic oil. Clothing made of Japanese textured cotton and jersey. Shoes: leather.

Fox Lucas
Let me introduce Fox Lucas!

Villa Paradiso
Ciao from this sweety MADE BY ORDER (could be a little bit different color, at the moment I have more beatiful fur with some black inside). write me and we discuss your fox. Manuela is a super fluffy red fox, of 27cm//10,6’ tall (without considering the fluffy tail). 100% handmade artist work, completely hand sewn, with clay hand sculpted details. can make really a lot of poses , completelly poseable.

Brook Tatiana
Are you looking for a gift? Do you want that he was sincere? Artist teddy fox,Alice! Fox Alice was born in love, starting with the development of a pattern, sewing and creating the image of a young lady! Only handmade sewing from viscose. Stuffed with wood shaving and metal pellets for a live weight. The head and paws are fixed strongly by means of disks and pins (5 joints).

Fox teddy
Сute little fox. likes to smile. scratch his tummy.

Teddy fox Elizabeth
Plush Family
Elizabeth was made from alpaca (German), eyes is from glass (German). This fox was stuffed with sawdust, wool, mineral granules. 5 cotters.

Fennec Fox Crystal
Fennec Fox Crystal . By Evgeniya and Igor Krasnov.

Fox named Fox
Fox named Fox. Material: German viscose. Filler: wood chips and metal granulate. Eye: glass. Clothing: cotton, leather. Toning :oil paints. Attachment: 6 cotter pins. Care: dry clean and love. Clothing is removed.