Fennec Fox Crystal
Fennec Fox Crystal . By Evgeniya and Igor Krasnov.

Fox named Fox
Fox named Fox. Material: German viscose. Filler: wood chips and metal granulate. Eye: glass. Clothing: cotton, leather. Toning :oil paints. Attachment: 6 cotter pins. Care: dry clean and love. Clothing is removed.

Fox Rikki
Little Ricky, 14 cm long, sewn by hand from German plush, stuffing sintepuh, weighted with metal granulate. The head and paws are movable on cotter pins. Eyes glass, spout embroidered with a floss and varnished. Toning with artistic oil. It is possible to repeat to order. Production time 5 days.

Svetlana Gavrilova
Hello! This is my new little fox! he fox was sewn from Italian viscose. Clothes made of cotton, tinted and aged. The growth of the fox is 12 cm.

Miniature Fox Violet
Little fluffy Fox Violet could be a good friend for you. He can stand, sit, move his hands and head, and follow you in your pocket or pocket of your bag.

Fox with a rabbit
Algis bear
Height standing: 25cm (9.84") Height sitting: 22cm (8.66") Height of rabbit: 5cm (1.97") This Fox is made of high quality faux fur and has glass eyes. The rabbit is needle felted of natural Germany wool. All Fox's limbs are cotter pinned and has a wire inside. Inside his head, body and tail there is the LockLine skeleton. Fox's body is fully adjustable. He is very fluffy and soft.

Little fox Lincy
Bears by MaGy
Cute, little fox Lincy is looking for a new home Made of fur for miniatures. Glass eyes, cotter-pin joints, the head is mounted on a double pin. Filled with polyfill and mineral pellets. Toning by pastel. Does not can to stand independently, without the support. Size from head to toe 3.15"., All my bears are created in a room without smoking. After payment, I ship the package within 3 days.

The fox is made of quality German plush and is completed with hollow fiber and some steel shot for weight. Paws and ears are reinforced and they can be moved and bent. The head and paws are articulated by 5 pairs of disks and cotter pins. Her nose is made of polymer clay. Eyes cast from polyester composite.

Ferdy Fox
Bearmore Bears
Meet Ferdy Fox lovingly made from a schulte antique curled mohair in fox red and ivory, He is complimented by faux cashmere paws.

Mini Teddy Fox. OOAK
Cozy Josie
Fox sewn from german viscose hand-dyed and plush.

She is made of hand dyed vintage plush. She is 34 cm high with stand (with ears). The fox is thickly stuffed with sawdust and metal granulated material. She has glass eyes. The fox is toned with oil paints. She also has 5 split pins. All the clothes are removable. The vest and justicoat have linings. Materials used for clothes making: Italian silk, French vintage ribbon and vintage lace, viscose lining.

Lovely friends by Audrone Eidukiene
This little baby Rumer made from german mohair. He is 14 cm tall . Every stitch is done by hand. His Head, legs and arms are movable and have been Five-way loosely jointed with cardboard disks.Head double. This fox has been stuffed with polyester filling and steel pellets. His face has been felting processes and shaded for definition. His eyes are Glass german eyes.

Fox Luke made by me with great love. Luke is part of my new collection "Old Bears". Only handmade sewing from beautiful viscose fabric. Stuffed with sawdust, wood wool, steel and mineral pellets. Head and paws are fixed strongly by means of disks and pins (5 joints). Fox has black glass eyes, nose is embroidered, tinted with oil paints .Height is 24 cm.

Professor Moriarty
Julia's teddy Handmade
Prof.Moriarty 14.5 cm tall fox, Sherlock's enemy, he is made of viscose, leather, silk and cotton. 5-way jointed toy is stuffed with sawdust and metall granules. Toned by artistic oil paint. Collection: "221b"

Chanterelle Charlize :))
Olga Sheogoleva
Hello, my dear friends :-) I am glad to see you. Today I will acquaint you with chanterelle the girl. Her name of Charlize. She doesn't eat chicken and a hare. She loves tangerine juice with ice I hope to you Charlize will be pleasant??. Materials for creation of chanterelle:.