Piggy "Marshmallow"
Teddy by Elena Lemmer
USD 100.00
I want to introduce you to a charming piggy, gentle as marshmallow! The child is made entirely by hand from the Italian viscose pink-lilac shade. Viscose was painted by hand. The body is densely filled with sawdust and metal granules for extra weight. The head and feet are mobile and attached to 6 pins. Eyes made of glass. There's a little tail on him ass!

Piggy pig
Toy workshop family Filippov
USD 54.00
Piggy piggy toy toy realistic toy realistic toy pig toy fur buy a pig live toy gift gift pig piggy animals pig animals Hey. I want to introduce you to such a cute pig, the toy is very realistic and looks like a real pig. The baby is fully movable as it's frame . filler sintepon .weighting glass granulate. ears reinforced-bend. eyes are black plastic.

Piggy Lucy
Alena Haurylava
USD 103.51
In his imagination, Lucy has repeatedly painted a wonderful picture-a green meadow with daisies and butterflies fluttering overhead in the summer sun... And she is in a beautiful airy dress like a real Princess... what else can dream of a small pig, with big eyes, in a dress with flowers, a pink bow and a tambourine on the neck...

Pig Eugene
USD 89.00
Тhis pig's name is Eugene . Full height about 17 cm (6,7 inches), in the sitting position about 12 cm (4,7 inches) Material: viscose filled with sawdust and metal granulate added for weight. Mount: disk + pin head +4 paws. Sewn by hands. Author tinted with oil paints and pastels. Eyes: glass black color.

Elena Malinina
USD 65.00
Piggy is waiting for you!

OOAK Piggy Teddy Musketeer
USD 214.64
The magnificent, one of-a-kind piggy Teddy Musketeer-can rightly be called a symbol of 2019. This handsome man created by the author's pattern of German viscose. It is densely Packed with sawdust and has 5 splinter joints (head, arms and legs). The eyes of the Musketeer glass. Tinted pig acrylic.

Piggy Arinka
USD 50.00
The pig is made of plush two colors, the spout is made of genuine leather. Inside is the holofiber and acrylic. German glass eyes, Legs on the button-thread fastening, head on the thread. Dress and panties are removed. Materials: plush, genuine leather, goat curls, hollofayber, synthetic fluff, cotton, tulle, glass eyes Size: standing Height-36 cm, sitting-25cm.

Artist teddy. Collectible Teddy pig. OOAK piggy.
USD 122.00
Artist teddy.   Collectible Teddy pig, designed by the author, completely handmade.

Toy Piggy
USD 80.00
Sometimes I want to make little animals and then my studio's changed in the magic zoo. Blue elephant is walking there, a red fox is hiding and a pink piggy is grunting. Children run near my table and when a new animal born they are talking, "It is so cute and funny! Let keep it, mum". I'm laughing.

USD 100.00
Buy a teddy pig in vintage style and it will be a wonderful gift for the Year of the Pig as a symbol of 2019. A toy piglet in stylish clothes is a great gift for her, an interesting collectible toy for fans of teddy toys. Teddy pig made of plush. The filler is sawdust and granulate. The eyes are glass.

USD 96.00
Piggy teddy from viscose Italy / France, 8.3 inches tall (21 centimeters) The pig has 5-pin fastening, handmade glass eyes, tightly stuffed with sawdust, weighted with metallic granules, tinted with oil and pastel.

OOAK Piggy Betty
Askarona stuffed collectibles
USD 103.83
OOAK Piggy Betty made from German hand dyed viscose, stuffed with polyester and mineral stones, glass eyes and T-splints joints. 5'' tall. . Betty always loves to visit her grandmother because she has a beautiful garden. Flowers and butterflies admire her so much. Hours and hours Betty could spend watching flowers and dreaming once became the most beautiful flower in her grandmom's garden.

USD 140.00
This ARTIST TOY PIGGY: constructed in dirty-pink colored viscose., has glass eyes and cotter pins inside. firmly filled in sawdust with metallic granulate for weight., wears a cashmere sweater and black silk skirt. MEASUREMENTS Standing approx. 10.5" (26,5 cm) tall. Sitting 7.8" (20 cm) tall Weight 0,94 lb / 15,15 oz / 430 g. ORDER PREPARATION The time I need to prepare an order for shipping (delivery) is 3-5 business days from Monday to Friday, NOT weekends.

Mohair bunny Artist bunny Easter bunny Artist hare 9,4 in (24 cm)
Guzel Kostyna
USD 139.00
Easter bunny. Artist bunny made from German mohair. Hare height is 9.4 in (24 cm). Jointed bunny filled with sawdust and mineral shot for a nice weight and the cuddly hugs. Fluffy bunny has stitched nose and mat glass eyes. He is shown standing but cannot stand alone without help. Attention! Listing only for Easter bunny! I use cubes and flowers as decor.

Mini piggy Sylvia
USD 180.00
Mini piggy Sylvia from the collection "Circus" Made of natural wool in needle felting technique. Legs and head do not move.