SALE! Art doll. Author toy. OOAK
Cozy Josie
USD 90.00
Bunny boy from the collection "Black Sea". The face is made of polymer clay, the handles and legs are made of paperclay, painted with watercolor paints, pastel and acrylic, covered with matte varnish. The head is filled with sawdust, the body with synthetic padding, weighted with metal granulate. Legs and arms move freely. Clothes are fixed. On the chest an embroidered Seagull. Sitting with support. Size: 22cm without ears.

Mr. Dark Night. Author's bear from Anna Evgeneva.
Toys Anna Evgeneva
USD 250.00
Dark Night. Author's bear from Anna Evgeneva. Absolutely manual work. One of a kind. The bear is made of Italian viscose. Inside sawdust, chips. In order for the bear to have weight added glass granulate. The bear weighs 700 g. The growth of a bear is 12 inches. The bear is very good at standing. Head, paws movable, mounted on hinged fasteners. The bear looks harmoniously, pleasantly tactile.

Doll Niki Radyuk Russian author
Elena Fomina
adopted USD 80.00
Doll Niki Radyuk Russian author. Made of flumo, handles mobile. She is not worth it, blah-blah, the body is soft. Clothes on. The doll is made in vintage style.

Author's postcards
USD 1.99
Everyone wants to get something special, even magical, on this magical holiday. Do you remember the times when we received postcards in the mail and how exciting it was to read them? A postcard is something special, and when combined with warm wishes from a loved one, it becomes an excellent attention sign! Sketches and inscriptions to them are drawn by us Anna and Victoria.

Teddy bear "Herman", classic brown Teddy bear from German mohair height - 37 cm
Elena Ginter
USD 239.00
*height-37 cm /14.5 inches made of German mohair , *filled with sawdust, buckwheat husk, wood woolglass eyes , * five splinter mounts, head and legs are movable do not stand alone, sits steadily , * 100% handmade, All my bears are 100% handmade no machine sewing!, Attention!!!!

rustic bears
USD 92.00
Plush rabbit Bambino, sewn by hand according to my author's drawing, sewn from Soviet vintage plush, rabbit is gently stuffed with very manual, 18 cm without ears with ears 22, has a beautiful velvet natural bow that can be worn on , tinted minimally, weighted with a mixture of granulate!

Elena Ginter
USD 148.00
*height 27 cm, sewn from canvas (100% linen), , *stuffing cedar shavings, wood wool, wool 100% soft tummy , stuffed with 100% wool , * eyes old buttons from shoes head and paws movable (discs and pins), *sewn entirely by hand aged artificially , * can not stand alone, sits very steadily.Dry-cleaner, * Protect from moisture and direct sunlight

SALE! Jacques. Teddy Crocodile. OOAK
Cozy Josie
USD 125.00
Old price 155$, new price 125$. Sale lasts until the end of August. Jacques is a crocodile and a real Frenchman! He has a sweet belly, bright eyes and a delicate taste Jacques is a wonderful interviewee and will be happy to make a company. Crocodile sewn from german viscose ., Stuffed with sawdust and wool, weighted with metal granulate and tinted oil . Legs and head are movable.

Elena Ginter
adopted USD 125.00
*height-19 cm sewn from German mohair , *stuffing cedar sawdust, wood wool, glass eyes , *head and legs are movable (discs and pins) do not stand alone., Attention!!!!

Elena Ginter
USD 125.00
Prosha is a very touching bear..

Elena Ginter
USD 125.00
Timosha-a small Bunny with a wooden horse, sewn in the image of the bunnies of the German master Olga Becker .height 21.5 cm , * sewn from German mohair stuffing cedar shavings, coconut fiber, wool 100%, * glass eyes head and paws movable ( discs and pins) , * delicately aged on the neck cotton ribbon , * horse wooden.

Elena Ginter
USD 180.00
* Bear size 37 cm Made of mohair Germany., * He has German glass eyes.

Elena Ginter
USD 165.00
*the images of old bears of the USSR are taken as a basis height-35 cm , * sewn from vintage Soviet plush of manual color stuffing cedar sawdust, wood wool, mineral granulate , * glass eyes the head and paws are mobile ( disks and splinters) , * can not stand alone.

Elena Ginter
adopted USD 158.00
*height 34 cm sewn from German mohair limited edition , *stuffing cedar sawdust, wood wool, wool 100 % eyes antique Shoe buttons, , *head and legs are movable ( discs and splints).

Elena Ginter
USD 154.00
* height 29 cm sewn from German viscose , * stuffed with cedar sawdust, wood wool eyes antique buttons from shoes , *head and legs are movable(discs and splints) on the neck a cotton tape., Attention!!!!