Сollectible Bunny ,A sleepy little bunny , Sweet bunny baby.small Teddy Bunny,
adopted USD 70.00
A sleepy little bunny is sewn from faux fur of a pleasant gentle creamy color, the head and legs are mobile, reinforced with a skid, fastening pins, glass eyes, which can be covered with suede eyelids and give the bunny a sleeping look. It is very interesting for a child to play. For pleasant gravity, glass granulate is added to the body, the filler is a holofiber. Suede heels. .

Teddy Bunny Bu (Bud). 5.1 inch standing with ears.
adopted USD 110.00
5.1 inch standing with ears. One of a Kind Creation. Vintage style. Viscose, sawdust, cotton, silk, papier-mache. 5 way jointed. Glass eyes. Accessories: cup, pillow for cup. All clothing can be removed. Also come with his Adoption Certificate. .Note: This Teddy Bear IS NOT A TOY. USE AS DECORATION ONLY.

USD 75.00
Welcome to the "Mother's bear" shop. This is a small world of my creations, which I make using the technology "teddy bear". This means that their head and paws are rotated, thanks to the use of special mounts (discs and cotter pins). All my toys are made of high quality materials that I order in the USA, Germany, Great Britain and other countries.

Bunny Mark
USD 90.00
This is my new OOAK bunny- Mark. He made from the german plush and viscose. He is 11 cm high. Muzzle made from wool(needle felted). He is stuffed firmly with polyester and metal pellets. He toned oil paints. He is fully jointed, 6 way jointed, double jointed neck. Bunny has handmade glass eyes. He can move his arms, legs and head. Hat and collar can be removed.

Elf Bunny Sadny
Artist teddies by Nata Litun
USD 103.00
This tiny little bunny-elf is the real talisman for bring you luck and love!!! Just ring the bell on his hat!!! Little Elf is soo small!!! Just 2.3 inches (6 centimeters) so can travel with you in your hand bag or pocket worldwide and also can be the best friend for your bjd doll!!! Created out of hand dyed viscose for minies. Bunny is full pin jointed.

Miniature Bunny
USD 45.00
Miniature Bunny was made of American mini plush material. Thread was used to make the paws. The eyes were made of black beads and inside part of the bunny was filled with synthetic cotton. The nose was embroidered from thread and the small pink ornament on the neck is a buttun. The bunny is 3 cms without the ears and with ears it is 3, 5 cms.

USD 79.00
Height is 11 cm OOAK The upper paws are bend. Materials: smokey long pile, ministoff hand made knitted scarf with brushes, hand made brooch from felt fiber filler, glass granulate 5-way disk-jointed, German glass eyes tinting by pastel., All my toys are made only from quality materials by my own patterns. All of my toys are 100% handmade made by hand, no machine sewing!

Artist teddies by Nata Litun
USD 113.00
This tiny little bunny so sweet in knitted mint romper with funny fluffy pompon in tail place Just 2.5 inches (7 centimeters) sitting so can travel with you in your hand bag or pocket worldwide and also can be the best friend for your bjd doll!!! Created out of hand dyed sparce for minies. Bunny is full pin jointed.

Little bunny Pauline
Bears by MaGy
USD 115.00
Cute, little bunny Pauline is looking for a new home Made of fur for miniatures. Glass eyes, cotter-pin joints. Filled with polyfill and mineral pellets. Toning by pastel. Does not can to stand independently, without the support. Size from head to toe 3,5", size in the sitting position 3,1" Clothes can be taken off.

Camille bunny
Elena Volchkova
USD 150.00
Where this bunny lives, instead of stars in the sky, daisies shine. He loves to collect their reflection and brew tea in the lunar water. Have you ever seen stars like daisies? This cute bunny will tell you all about them! He is only 3,9" (10 cm). Bunny's left paw and head are unique embroidered with cotton threads, silk ribbons and beads. Camille has unique mini medallion with star.

Bunny Teddy Maya
Olya Besfamilnaya
USD 70.00
Unique designer handmade collectible toy! Little charming fashionista is looking for a mother and a loving heart! A miniature girl is only 7.5cm. Sewn from viscose, hand-painted, stuffed with sawdust, German eyes made of glass, tinted with dry pastel, dressed in a batiste dress, a ball in a pen. The head is on a T-shaped splint, the body is primitive. Baby in a single copy, repetition is impossible.

USD 120.00
Adorable, soft baby for the delicate children's hands. It does not want to let go, to stroke and whisper in your ear secrets and innermost desires. The toy is made of delicate faux fur, filled with synthetic padding (loose stuffing) and a small amount of glass granulate. The head and paws on a movable splintage connection. Eyes-handmade glass. Eyelids and eyelashes are planted on the glue.

`BB` Baby Bunny
Natasha Usacheva
USD 80.00
100-150 years ago, in Thuringia (Germany) there were many factories of dolls. Many dolls became puppets and lived a great life. Some were less fortunate. Modern brave diggers find in the ground stocks of puppet heads, pens, legs. Modern masters give new life to old puppet details. Baby Bunny has an antique porcelain head, pens and legs. They are made 100 years ago at the factory Limbach (Germany).

Bunny teddy
USD 79.20
New Year's price for an incredible tender bunny. Your baby will happily go to the kindergarten or go to bed with such a bunny. She is so soft and gentle that she does not want to let go of her hands. She wants to scratch her tummy, her ears, stroking the head.

Little bunny
USD 109.59
Little Bunny made by me with great love. Only handmade sewing from beautiful viscose, the head is a replica of an antique head. Нands made of textiles. Stuffed with sawdust, cotton, steel pellets and fiberfill. Head and paws are fixed strongly by means of disks and pins (5 joints) , tinted with oil paints .Height is 12.5 cm. without ears. Hat can be removed.