Baby Chick
Cutest Arts
USD 45.00
One of a Kind Miniature Baby Chick . (For Lower Shipping, Please contact Me). This little chick is made of felt, he has a hard enough body. This little cutie Comes with a COA.

15% DISCOUNT51.5 USD !Elephant baby Plush toy Stuffed animal Gift children
Teddy Toys From Galina
USD 61.00
Plush toy sewn from plush. Filled with hypoallergenic sintepukh. The toy is made in a non-smoking house. Tinted with oil paints. The toy costs itself. Head and paws are moving. The toy is dressed in a cotton dress that can be removed.

Quail chick
Empiria Dolls
adopted USD 100.00
The quail chick has recently hatched from the egg, it is so small that it seems as if he needs warmth and care, but at the same time his legs are already stronger, the chick can stand perfectly, and now all his thoughts are aimed at finding a friend for his bird games. The quail chick was made of German plush, the feet of Merino wool.

Quail chicks
Empiria Dolls
adopted USD 100.00
The recently born flock of quail chicks is already exploring our big world with might and main. Three boys and one light girl certainly will not get bored together. The quail chick was made of German plush, the feet of Merino wool.

Cat lemur
Collectible Toys Uliana
USD 134.00
Fantasy animal – is unusual and interesting companion for people This is a soft toy, toys handmade.The toy can be a good gift for any holiday for those who love fantastic beasts and fantasy animals. Toy can sit, stand, lie down you can give it any position. ==================.

Snowy the baby penguin, Artist Stuffed Penguin
USD 280.00
Meet this baby Royal penguin called Snowy. Royal Noblesse oblige, and the kid is trying to look respectable, sedate and important, and it almost succeeds. But really he is kind, soft and gentle, and loves a warm friendly hug. And , of course , as befits penguins, Snowy loves fish. And even on his softest scarf color Antarctic ice frolic two fish.

Leopard Penny
USD 85.00
Penny is a little fluffy white leopard with green eyes The growth of 2.76 inches (7cm) Made of soft fluffy plush and so nice to hold it in your hands. Filled with woolen sintepon and metal granulate.

Panda Kai
cute panda, baby panda

adopted USD 400.00
Please meet Panda Kai, exclusively created forBCA Show, he is made from German white and black alpaca with faux suede paw pads and polymer clay nose and claws. He is 39 cm ( 15 inches ) long and is filled with fiberfill and glass beads for weight. He is fully jointed and has his head, body, arms and legs on lock line. So his arms, legs and body can be gently bent.

Panda,baby Panda,Teddy bears,Teddy,ooak, handmade gift ,furry, animal ,kawaii
USD 80.00
This kid's eyes close,mouth opens.Made in the technique of Teddy legs reinforced with wire. Description Completely handmade. , Solid parts are made of polymer clay. Glass eyes., Fully Posable. Wire skeleton. Made from high quality Faux Fur., . This toy makes a great gift for anyone that loves unique fantasy toys or for anyone who is a fan of mythical beasts and creatures. It is completely handmade creation.

Baby Panda bear
USD 85.00
Baby Panda bear by Tatiana Gorbacheva 4.3 inches (11 centimeters) Stuffed Panda Bear Touching baby-boy panda !

Olga Nechaeva
USD 109.59

Olga Nechaeva
USD 115.67
Good afternoon! I present to you my mini elephant May.

Teddy Bear Baby Pearl shine
Anna Kolo
USD 100.00
Teddy Bear Baby Pearl shine New! height 9 cm (3.5 inches)- 10 cm (3.9 inches) Weight about 55-60 grams Baby Panda is made from German plush. He is very cute and handsome). The baby is filled with syntepuh, glass granulate, 5 cotter pins, 10 disks. Spout factory, eyes glass. Heels and ears are decorated with minishtof. The flower is removed.

Bat baby felted miniature
adopted USD 193.46
Bat baby felted miniature ❤ Dear buyers ! This is unique, soft and luxurious felted miniature of bat :-) It is only one in the world for You :-) By using variates of silk and wool I made him feel lifelike. I created this cute miniature with the help of needle felting technique . Wings are made from wool and silk and are totally handmade. Inside them is a wire frame.

Baby Elephant Betsy
Cutest Arts
USD 100.00
One of a kind Miniature Jointed Baby Elephant Betsy (For lower Shipping, please contact me). She Comes with her bottle and with a COA. Baby Betsy is made of felt and is jointed.