Mint tea
Teddy by Elena Lemmer
Sweet elephant Mint tea ... Elephant made entirely by hand, from the viscose light mint shade. The body is densely filled with sawdust and metal granules for added weight. The head and legs are mobile and fixed on 6 pins. Eyes glass. Baby slightly tinted by artistic oil. The dress sewn from the Japanese textured cotton and tulle.

Elephant Baby
This baby Elephant was was made of American plush.

Baby Elephant
Teddy Trendy Bears
Positive Baby Elephant is looking for a home! . This Baby El was born white, he is unique and he hopes, you do not afraide this color, because he wants to find good hands and to be the best friend so much! It is just 11,5 cm height and 10 cm in sitting position. This is the perfect size to put it in your bag and to take it with you everywhere.

Elephant teddy Aleshka
Nata Budkevich Teddy bear
If your house has little light, if you have a dark heart and you are very sad ... Urgently call the little elephant Aleshka to your house. He has a magic light bulb. It will illuminate your path and give hope to light in your soul. And Aleshka can tell fairy tales. The elephant smells of happiness. Viscose Schulte, coat fabric. Height sitting 10 cm. Can not stand.

elephant "Atin"
Aleksandra Nelina
Baby elephant “Atin” is sewed from viscose, he has glassy German eyes.

Baby Elephant Betsy
Cutest Arts
One of a kind Miniature Jointed Baby Elephant Betsy (For lower Shipping, please contact me). She Comes with her bottle and with a COA. Baby Betsy is made of felt and is jointed.

Elephant Summer
Olga Bakhareva
Let me introduce you to the little princess the elephant Summer!

Hugaburybears by Alison Scott
Hiccup 9.5" high, This cute elephant is made from Mohair & Sassy fur, her eyes are English Black glass eyes, she is 5 way jointed and filled with polyester & steel shot Hiccup comes with complimentary paper flowers in their hair and wears a little key around her neck.

LuckyBearsShop by Inna Kuznetsova
Meet my spring flower fairy Lucy the guardian of dreams! Sweet creature! It combines the plush antique hand-painted and German mohair limited collection. The baby is filled with wool, metal granulate, kindness and love. The image is complemented by a cotton raincoat. Arms and legs are movable, the head can be rotated and slightly tilted to the side. The girl sits confidently, stands with support. Tinted pastel.

Elephant OOAK Beelephant, 4.7 inches (12 centimeters), Stuffed Elephant
There was a baby elephant named Nosick, who always dreamed of becoming a cute little bee. And once his wish has come true: Santa gave him a costume of bee : soft, fluffy, with cute tiny antennae and shiny little wings... Elephant Nosick was delighted! Now he never takes off that outfit, and calls himself a "beelephant"., * Nosick sewn entirely by hand from a vintage plush.

Elephant Teddy Goga
Svetlana Goncharova Handmade Toys
This elephant is handmade. This is a collection. This toy elephant can be a wonderful gift for any holiday. His name is Goga. Elephant made of plush. Gray-blue color. Fill in sawdust and pellets. 5 pins All sewn by hand. Aged. All of my toys are 100% handmade made by hand, no machine sewing!

Josephine - tiny teddy elephant
Elena Volchkova
Josephine is a baby elephant with green eyes. She loves to travel and write fairy tales. She collects cards with watercolors of roses. Left paw and head are unique embroidered with cotton thread, silk ribbons and beads. Elephant has a unique rose medallion on a lace vintage ribbon. This miniature hand-embroidered. Height of Josephine teddy elephant 2,36 inch (6 cm). Materials: viscose, glass eyes, 5 way discs/cotterpins joint.

See-dream, mini elephant
Villa Paradiso
Make your sweet elephant rainbow collection! Here is See-dream, sweet mini elephant. This miniature cute elephant made with my author pattern, completely hand sewed, stuffer with sawdust and fiber fill, has 5 joints ( can move his tiny head, arms and legs), glass eyes. Only 5,5 cm. tall. Made with super soft hand diyed viscosa. If you wish to have the elephant also in other colors, just contact me.

Baby Elephant
Soul Bears by Nadya Karabas
It's a small, small elephant. Baby elephant. I think it's the little bear's sister. Don't be embarrassed by the fact that they are animals of different kinds. In fact, they are completely native. This is an intelligent and thinking small girl. Good girl. The Elephant made of Germany viscose. The stuffing: sawdust, wood wool mineral granulate., Fastening on 5 t-pins. Germany glass eyes. Tinted with panpastel and oil paints.

Oksana Yurchenko
Inseparable friends will go to one house! Rabbit named Pia, full height 34 cm.= 14 inches. The elephant is 14 cm tall = 5.5 inches. Teddy is made of silk fur, palms legs are made of natural suede. Rabbit Pia is sewn from an artificial silk fur, to the touch resembling a natural fur of a rabbit. In the paws is inserted natural leather. Eyes of glass.