Monkey Abby
Hello, dear friends and guests. I pleased to present you my new creation. Monkey Abby This is very realistic tropical animal. Monkey is made of very realistic 5 kind german faux fur. All the materials used on the toy is of highest quality which will provide long life to this toy. paws and tail are flexible, for many nice poses. From the head and along the back passes plastic skeleton.

Baby black gorilla
Pretty bears
Baby Gorilla.

Baby Monkey Claus
Victoria Ivanova
Sweet baby Monkey sewn from plush. Head and legs are mobile Author's accesoires Filled with wool and metal granulat

Gorilla Charles
Gorilla Charles , growth standing 40cm, looking for a home.

Baby Monkey
Let me introduce you the cute baby monkey . He is difficult to measure, but when he is sitting still , his height will be approximately ~12,5"(32cm). He is hand-sewn using very soft faux fur with a dry felting technique,stuffed with wool and weighted with special glass beads for teddy bears.

Monkey Marty
Monkey Marty , growth standing 40cm, looking for a home.

Best friends
More than toys
These baby lion and monkey are best friends. Based on real story. The lion named Simba is about 55 cm tall (from the nose to his front legs), the monkey Sammy is about 20 cm tall (from the nose to his tail) The combination of two techniques the needle felting and sewing were used for creation these unique toys of high quality materials natural wool and qualitative faux fur.

Estelle Eve
Emma's Bears
This chunky little monkey is one of our older-style 'Toddler' bears (bears that can be dressed in standard baby clothing so you can shop for their outfits yourself. The Toddler range don't have the heavy heads of the baby-version of this design, so they can be displayed sitting upright).

Ozzy emperor tamarin
I'm glad to introduce to you my new baby emperor tamarin named Ozzy. Height kid Ozzy about 7.5 inches (19cm.) Standing, and about 6 inches (15.5 cm.) Sitting. Made of artificial fur and alpaca. Head sculpture, molded from plastic, epoxy Milliput. Along the entire body passes a plastic skeleton, which allows Tamarin arch back, do tilts the head and body vperd / backward, left / right and side / side. Mounts paws on the pin.

Orangutan King Banana
Peggy & Molly Teddies
*** Orangutan King Banana *** By Peggy & Molly Teddies. Hi! Let me introduce you to King Banana. He's a very naughty orangutan baby;he measures 7.50" when he is seating and has a wire armature to take different poses,in the head he has a joint for better movement. He is made with faux fur,his face is sculpted with wool,his hands and feets are polymer clay.

Funny bag - the keeper of luck
Artist teddy bears with soul
This is the most amusing bag, something like a small curious monkey. This bag will become a faithful amulet for its master. From the lacquer on the pouch looks a symbol of luck four-sheet silver. The bag has a pleasant coffee-vanilla flavor with delicate notes of cinnamon. The baby is heavier. The tail is reinforced, the tassel is made of alpaca wool. The pouch is toned with acrylic paints.

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