Fantastic Owl Adria
USD 71.00
Fantastic Owl Adria Owl's coat color is black (shade may vary to blue depending on the monitor) Height 10 cm (total height) Made in a mixed technique (face clay) Fur, metal granules, clay, sintepukh Each seam is made by hand. His head, legs and arms are mobile. Glass eyes Creations for children, not for children (small details). Authorship 100% handmade requires careful attention only dry cleaning.

Owl Ainhoa
Artist teddies by Nata Litun
USD 107.00
Small baby owl looking for mom! Height 10 cm sitting, standing 12 cm Materials: dense soft plush (italian), Suede. she is filled with fiberfill and steel pellets. Her head, arms and legs are jointed with cotter pin and disk. she has hand colored glass eyes with lids and long eyelashes, tinted with oil paints. nose & nails from a cold porcelain. All clothes can be removed. Completely handmade!

Victoria Ivanova
USD 125.00
Miniature Owl sewn from plush Glass eyes Head, legs and wings are mobile Filled with wool and metal granulat Author's accessories Fully handmade

Blowball and Daisy
Owls Owlets
USD 53.81
My name is Blowball! I am a miniature owl, I have fluffy fur and beautiful eyes. I can turn my head and lift my wings. I have a little friend a mouse Daisy, she is absolutely tiny, and I look after her. I don't eat mice, I like strawberries and cookies more I am still baby owl, and i need a caring mom! Dear mommy!

Owls Owlets
adopted USD 53.81
She is not a baby, but a miniature owl. Growth of 14 cm, and age ... to ask is not decent, she is a lady all the same) The owl can moves her head and wings, she can stand, but her weight light as a feather, so the she's afraid of the wind. And yet she does not like water, she protects her smoky-gray feathers on the wings and tail.

Little owl Pine Cone
Owls Owlets
adopted USD 44.87
Meet this cutie owl named Pine Cone: Height 12cm, Artificial fur, Eyes green, glass Head on the cotter pin, turns Wings on pins, spinning Paws on the wire frame, a little bend, In the belly, sawdust and metal granules.

I'm a little lamb
adopted USD 220.00
The owl is made with all previous experience and author technology.

Little Owl Levi
Bears by MaGy
adopted USD 125.00
Cute, little Owl Levi is looking for a new home Made of synthetics plush. Glass eyes, polymer clay (nose and claws), 5-way cotter pins. Filled with fiberfill and mineral pellets. Toning by pastel and art markers. Does not can to stand independently, without the support. It was created according to the MK Irina Rusetskaya with some of my changes. Size from head to toe 3,5".

White Forest Studios
adopted USD 195.00
Introducing Shadow, an adorable tiny mini owl! Shadow stands just 3” tall and has tons of tiny details. He is made from wonderfully thick and soft faux fur, and he has black glass eyes. Shadow is completely hand shaded and painted for a unique one-of-a-kind look. Shadow is available for $195 with free US shipping or $25 international shipping.

Little owl Sofia
Bears by MaGy
adopted USD 120.00
Cute, little owl Sofia is looking for a new home Made of fur for miniatures. Glass eyes, cotter-pin joints, the head is mounted on a double pin. Filled with polyfill and mineral pellets. Hat and dress can be removed. Shoes are not removed. Toning by pastel and art marker. The color can vary depending on your screen settings.

Alina Priymak
adopted USD 165.00
Material: Plush and Sassy Fabric Filler: polyfill (fiberfill) and mineral granules 5 way jointed Glass eyes Tinting with oil paints Completely handmade.

Little Owl Ayasha
Bears by MaGy
adopted USD 125.00
Cute, little Owl Ayasha is looking for a new home Made of fur for miniatures. Glass eyes, cotter-pin joints. Filled with polyfill and mineral pellets. Toning by pastel and art markers. It can stand on their own. It was created according to the MK Irina Rusetskaya with some of my changes. Size from head to toe 3,7".

Venia the baby owl
My Pangaea
adopted USD 279.75
Standing height of Venia (on his hind legs) is 27 cm (10.6 inches), sitting height is 21 cm (8.2 inches). Owl has 3 pins connection of limbs (the head and the legs can rotate). There is a metal skeleton in the legs and fingers. The claws and the beak are created from polymer clay. Venia has a German glass hand-painted eyes.

Miniature owlet Frey - OOAK
adopted USD 95.00
I am glad to introduce you to the little girl Freya. Frey little owlet, an increase of 3.3 inches (8.5 cm.) Standing, and about 3 inches (7.5 cm) sitting. Made of German artificial fur. Filler synthetic fibers and glass beads. Mounts 5 pins. Eyes glass. Beak and legs sculpted from Fimo. The feathers of the wings and tail are made of silk. Frey joyfully trip to your home..

Lavender owl - Violet
Empiria Dolls
adopted USD 118.00
The owl is 8.5 cm sitting. Material: plush, polymer clay. Full: padding polyester, granulate Wings and head have a disc connection (goes round in 360•) Glass eyes handmade paint Tinted acrylic paint . ORDERING INFO: I will be happy to make for you any owl to order, according to the photo!. DELIVERY: Little owl Violet will be packed in a special gift box and sent by mail within 1-3 days after payment.

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