OWL Sofa
Toys by Talya Roshchina
The owl is made of faux fur, filled with synthetic down and glass granules. Head, wings and feet moving. Stands and sits alone. Eyes are glass, hand painted. Beak made of plastic.

Owl Fedor
Dubyanskaya TOYS
Owlet baby Fedor He is still a teenager and does not know how to fly, shy and modest.

The baby put on her favorite pajamas, took a soft pillow and got ready for bed. The work uses high-quality materials: viscose antique (made in Germany), cotton, twofold, lace, plush. The muzzle is painted with acrylic paints (lacquer fixed)and pastel. Nose embroidered floss "Gamma". Filler-sintepon + metal granulate, which gives a pleasant weight to the toy. The connection is movable. On their own not worth, sits confidently.

Owl Oliver
Owls Owlets
This lovely baby's name is Oliver.

Owls Owlets
She is not a baby, but a miniature owl. Growth of 14 cm, and age ... to ask is not decent, she is a lady all the same) The owl can moves her head and wings, she can stand, but her weight light as a feather, so the she's afraid of the wind. And yet she does not like water, she protects her smoky-gray feathers on the wings and tail.

Little owl Pine Cone
Owls Owlets
Meet this cutie owl named Pine Cone: Height 12cm, Artificial fur, Eyes green, glass Head on the cotter pin, turns Wings on pins, spinning Paws on the wire frame, a little bend, In the belly, sawdust and metal granules.

Little owl
A small owl was born on July 20, 2017. Made specifically for Jill! Baby sewn on the author's pattern from sweet german plush and minishtoff, filled with warmth, good mood, holofayber. Belly weighted with glass granulate. Head, legs and wings are movable (cotter fixing), wings are reinforced, bending. Eyes are made from german glass. Beak and eyelids are felted from wool, toning dry art pastel.

2 small owls
2 small owls Little owl ,made for an order. Is able to sit. Height 15cm. Baby, sewn on the author's pattern from soft german plush "Steiff Shulthe" and minishtof. Head, legs and arms can rotate (disk-pin fixation). Reinforced wings. Filled with holofayber and my inspiration. Belly weighted with mineral granulate.Toning dry art pastel. Eyelids and beak felted from fleece.

Venia the baby owl
My Pangaea
Standing height of Venia (on his hind legs) is 27 cm (10.6 inches), sitting height is 21 cm (8.2 inches). Owl has 3 pins connection of limbs (the head and the legs can rotate). There is a metal skeleton in the legs and fingers. The claws and the beak are created from polymer clay. Venia has a German glass hand-painted eyes.

Owlet in a striped cap
The hand-made fluffy baby bird is made to order from German plush and minishtoff, filled with hypoallergenic holofiber, warmth and inspiration, weighted with mineral granulate.

Irina Kotelnikova
I want to introduce you to my new job in a reduced size. Please do not judge strictly because I have not created such a small size of animals yet, this is experimental work and I hope you will like it. Materials: wool, Fimo clay, horse hair The ornament on the kitten's wool is made with acrylic paint for fabric.

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