Rose Garden Toys
Joyful teddy Tommy shares a desk with Bunny Lucas in their forest school. They are real buddies and decided to wear a real disguise for their school Christmas party. Tommy bear will wear a bunny costume, while Lucas a bear costume. Isn't it fun? Tommy is a very ingenious bear and knows many riddles, poems, and games. He likes to race but is not always the first...

Rabbit Tristan
Pogorelaya Daria
Made of high quality artificial fur. 5 disk mounts The wire frame is installed in the arms and legs.

Demicheva Svetlana
Handmade bear by Svetlana Demicheva, OOAK Fabric: Mohair (Italy) Eyes: glass Filling: filings wood and granulate Head/ legs: pins, move Nose/ mouth: use cotton stitching Support is needed

Oksana Gorevaja
I would like to introduce you to my new original banny. She is crocheted from mixed yarn, shaded. Sammers is 14.5-16 cm standing. She has black glass eyes.

Teddy Bears by Alla Zubkova
Robert's hare is made in the technique of Teddy. German mohair, five cotter pins, glass eyes. Soft stuffing with wood shavings, sawdust and buckwheat husk.

Teddy Bears by Olena Golovinska
The rabbit, is looking for her family. Tiny and a little bit sad. When the evening falls, she sits near window and waits for mom. Lotty adores caramel and good tales. Handmade with naturals materials. She will bring joy and good mood in your house! It has a height of 25 cm) USED MATERIALS: German plush EYES: German glass JOINTS: Fully 5-way jointed with cotter-pins and cardboard disks.

Bunny Sunshine
The little Bunny Sunshine is sewn from artificial fur by Schulte, Germany. Glass granulate is in the abdomen. The Bunny is filled with synthetic fluff. Sunshine is only with support. The wire is in the ears, ears can change shape. The author of the pattern Svetlana Gumennikova. Height from heels to nape-13 cm (excluding the length of the ears).

Teddy Story
I would like to introduce you to my new little vintage banny Aimee.

Teddy's friends
Banny the bear is made of plush . Seat height 9.45 inches. (height 24 cm). Filled with sawdust and glass granulate in the stomach. Glass eye. The head, arms and legs rotate. The clothes are made of cotton. All clothes are removable. Banny can stand. One of a kind. Does not contain metal granules.

Black Banny
Oksana Matviienko
The Bunny is made by the author's pattern, completely handmade. The hands,legs and head can be turned due to the special joints.

Elena Kanakhina
The bunny primitive is made of viscose, plush hand-painted, filled with sawdust, wood wool, lavender, glass and stone granules, a head on a cotter pin, glass eyes Germany-elongated, tinted with oil paints, is made in the technique of vintage, a toy size of 16,5 centimeters without taking into account the ears,with ears more, a bunny made in a single copy, completely handmade!

Teddy Banny
Rabbits sewn from German mohair and alpaca! Filled wool. Weighted with mineral granulate. His paws and head are mobile. Eyes are hand made of glass. Growth of about 43 cm on the neck decoration in the form of ribbons. He is a great and gentle friend for you or a child! WHEN you take it in your hands you feel warmth and love.

Candy Banny
DreamWorld by Anna Zagrivnaya
Bunny growth of 3 cm excluding ears.

a beauty SuShee, comes from a mysterious Japan. He loves the tea ceremony and keeps your secrets.

Bunny did not see? Bear Sasha
Bears by Natalya Budkevich
Matinee in kindergarten. Sasha is 3 years old. Reads verse:.