Micro teddy elephant - Artist Miniature teddy elephant - Friend for dolls
Farberova Olga
Micro teddy elephant Artist Miniature teddy elephant. Friend for BJD dolls, friend for antique mignonette dolls, blythe friend, friend for miniature dolls. Toy for 12th scale dollhouse. Artist Miniature Teddy Elephant is the best gift for your friends and loved ones! Elephant size: stay 4.0 cm (1.57"). The head and paws rotate, on the cotter pins. ATTENTION! Doll on my photos are not for sale! Only miniature teddy elephant.

Sweet Summer Rabbit Boy now looking for new caring parents. He's so shy and cute I know you'll love him. One of my most deary "kids". This lovely teddy was created by me and it have 11 cm tall. This babe was made from high quality materials and stuffing. It will make a perfect gift for your children, family members, colleagues or friends.

`BB` Baby Bunny
Natasha Usacheva
100-150 years ago, in Thuringia (Germany) there were many factories of dolls. Many dolls became puppets and lived a great life. Some were less fortunate. Modern brave diggers find in the ground stocks of puppet heads, pens, legs. Modern masters give new life to old puppet details. Baby Bunny has an antique porcelain head, pens and legs. They are made 100 years ago at the factory Limbach (Germany).

Jo bears
Malachi the green dragon has a sculpted porcelain face with set in dolls eyes . I have colour fired his face many times for the details and richness of colour He has been dolls eyes and diamonties stuck on he's face . I have used mohair and alpaca and a wonderful faux fur for his body . His wings are wired as is his tail .

Elena Volchkova
Lisetta is a lovely rose bear. She presents my new collection of roses teddy bears and friends with embroidery. She is only 2,4" (6 cm) tall. Bear's left paw end head are unique embroidered with cotton thread, silk ribbons, beads and crystals. Teddy bear has unique mini medallion in the form of wild rose. made from viscose.

Little pocket bear girl in a beautiful dress and with bows on his head come in handy for any person. This bear will brighten up the boring road for a little girl or give pleasant memories for an adult. In any case, this mini toy bear will not take up much space in your bag or on the shelf in your room. Height 11 cm / 4,3 .

Teddydoll White Bear
Victoria Ivanova
Symbiosis of dolls and bears Item details: “Teddydoll White Bear» is a one of a kind, customized Blythe art doll. Her base doll is a factory “fake” Blythe. I have done the following work on her: face plate has been extensively carved including lips, nose,and philtrum. , * Gaze has been lifted and eyes boggled.

toy Bear
Sometimes I want to make little animals and then my studio's changed in the magic zoo. Blue elephant is walking there, a red fox is hiding and a pink piggy is grunting. Children run near my table and when a new animal born they are talking, "It is so cute and funny! Let keep it, mum". I'm laughing.

Height is 9 cm OOAK.

For blythe doll Fashionable Petite Toy Pink Monster Mushroom Teddy bear Woodsman
Pet Portrait by Katerina Makogon
Your bag just needs a monster to look after you when you go shopping. Monster for you and yours Petite Blythe! When you leave the room, the monsters play with your doll blythe. And when you sleep monsters guard your peace. . Monsters will serve as the best talisman against evil looks.

Tapir Angie
Teddy Trendy Bears
Little Angie loves to dream of mysterious kingdoms and beautiful fairies. She believes that when she grows up she will fly away in a balloon with her teddy bear to a fabulous country. Her head turns, the arms and the legs are turns and bend. There is wire inside of her arms and legs. Angie can sit and stand, but she is not a toy for games.

Lovely puppy made with love! Materials: viscose, sawdust, metal granulate, cotton, cotter pin, glass eyes.

Blueberrie Baby
Blueberrie BabyTeddy Doll OOAK using a antique head porcelain factory Reknagel Vintage stile 1900 biscuit, originals painted The body is sewn from mochair in tehnike Teddy (head hands feet turning) 25 cm without without ears.

Klintzfamily Bears
the style: Creamy Cottage GLAM. PRIMITIVE PRAIRIE SOFT Tessa was created from mohair in a long, creamy, wavy, beige.  This lovely fur pairs beautifully with this shabby vintage dolls dress, lace, velvet and tinsel and glamorous jewels, making Tessa a must-have for any classic glamorous room or vanity. PROM NIGHT GLITZ Tessa's prom night styling is the perfect canvas for glam.

Rabbit Teddy
Bears & friends
Teddy Rabbit is made of italian silk velvet. Stuffed sawdust, metall and glass granules for weight. Glass eyes. 35 cm tall (13 inch). A head, arms, legs rotating 360 degrees.