Vintage Toys by Olga
Bear Arno.

Teddy bear SOPHIE is an plush toy for collectors or animal lovers. Artist bear will be gift for everyone who admires handmade. It is made from natural materials vintage plush. Plush toy stuffed with sawdust and mineral granulate, for giving her perfect shape. It has a moving head and legs. The bear will be in clothes. If you want, you can take off the outfit.

Katiana teddy bear
Elena Volchkova
Katiana is a boudoir bear, gentle and affectionate bear. Katiana will make every your morning beautiful! She will become your true friend and can be trusted with any secret and all love secrets. Jennifer will decorate your home with her presence. She will bring you happiness and harmony. After all, she was created with great love!

Anna Bratkova
Bear Teddy William 9,8 inch OOAK one of beautiful dressed teddy ladies and teddy gentlemen in shabby vintage style Artist Teddy bear made of genman mohair, stuffed sawdust and excelsior,metall mineral granules for wegth, glass eyes, 24 cm tall (9.8 inches) 5 way disc-pin jointed , a head, arms, legs rotating 360 degrees, linen or velvet frock-coat, linen pants, vintage button, a hat of felt shabby ribbon.

2 bears Elvis and Alice
Pogorelaya Daria
2 bears: Elvis and Alice Made from a vintage plush Eyes glass Germany 5 disk connections Filled with: mineral granulate, sintapon Polymer clay Height 20 cm Everybody has a blanket, a pillow Wooden stand More photos on request

The bear was sewn from a vintage plush, stuffed with sawdust and granulate, aged.

Christmas bear-elf
Plush&Co by Alina Alexeeva
This Teddy bear doll is in a static position, primitive doll. Can only turn his head. Soft stuffing as if alive: with sawdust, mineral granulate and wool for felting. The weight is 80 gr. Comfortable lie in the palm of your hand. The height is 15 cm. A sweater, a cap and socks can be removed as a surprise you can find a volumetric embroidery on the tummy.

Wise Sophia
Teddy Stories
In the center of the capital of my homeland stands the magnificent St. Sophia Cathedral. It was built by Prince Yaroslav the Wise in 1036. At the turn of the XVII-XVIII centuries it was outwardly rebuilt in the style of Ukrainian baroque.

Larisa Vasylieva
Rabbit Dauphin, 30 cm height, about 23 while sitting . Italian viscose white and gray, antique velvet in the color of ripe sweet cherry , tapestry, silk, French lace, vintage jabot, beads, metal accessories, * Glass eyes (hand painted) 5 double cotter pins, Filler: wood chips, fiberfill, glass and mineral granules. In the back of the Rabbit is a musical mechanism. Tinted with oil. My author's pattern, completely handmade!!! Repeat is not possible !!!

Red Teddy bear sailor boy
The bear is made of vintage plush, the legs are moving, the head is bending.

Artist teddies by Nata Litun
3.1 inches (8 centimeters). Beautiful little lady. 8 cm tall sitting. Created out of Viscose "antique". 5 cotter pins. Hard stuff with fiberfill and still pellets (so he had a nice weight as if you are holding alive little bear). Glass eyes. Tinted artistic oil, darning (artificially grow old). Hand knitted dress can be removed. Completely handmade!

Swine Mushroom
Meet my alternative symbol of 2019-a bear in the costume of a Swine mushroom.

Bears by Mariya Stratonova
Teddy bear Stephen Height 9.8" (25cm), weight 400g You can move its arms, feet and head because it is fully jointed.

Materials: porcelain, vintage plush, linen, cotton, silk, silk ribbons Size: about 20 cm Filling: cotton, granulate. The head is made of porcelain Artika. Frog arrives in a strong post box

Teddy bear, the author's pattern, filled with sawdust, on the cotter pin, sewn from vintage plush, the only copy