Beauty and Bears
Hello I am a new bear artist and this is my first original design bear ...: This little guy loves mushrooms so I named him Crimmie, he is fully jointed with loc n line in arms and legs crafted from high quality faux fur and airbrushed with dyes flow soft fabric inks . His face is needle felted and rooted with individual mohair to give him personality .

Musical bear Zhostov
Fairy House Olesya Averina
Hello, today a new, very unusual and beautiful musical bear from the series "Belly with a picture" Very gentle, interesting and with blue eyes. His name is Zhostov, since on his stomach there is an image with elements of Zhostovo painting. The color layer is very rare. It is made of an ancient, strong silk plush with manual contrast. The bear has a beautiful picture on his stomach.

Hippo Yasha
Hippo Yasha is so cute and lovely. He is so small and needs your love.

Klintzfamily Bears
the style: Creamy Cottage GLAM. PRIMITIVE PRAIRIE SOFT Tessa was created from mohair in a long, creamy, wavy, beige.  This lovely fur pairs beautifully with this shabby vintage dolls dress, lace, velvet and tinsel and glamorous jewels, making Tessa a must-have for any classic glamorous room or vanity. PROM NIGHT GLITZ Tessa's prom night styling is the perfect canvas for glam.

Bear Mishutka
Raginevich Natasha
Mishutka walked through the forest, gathered cones and sang songs ...

Teddy bear's by Irina Shaina
Lucy Beauty short stature.

Heidi Hollis
Sunshine's design is a full wire skeleton frame with a jointed head.She has weight sewn into her bottom . She sits at 23" inches( 58.42 cm) and is 40" inches (101.6 cm) long. She is designed to sit in a bears natural position or lay. This design limits the movability of the bear to a little less then my fully jointed design but I love the realism.

Now I'm glad to meet you with the most magnificent and fabulous pig- Lucy.

Alfie hare (100% virgin wool)
And I have a new baby hare. The interior toy. Italian jacket, wool 100% with a very beautiful cage. Every time, looking at the weaving of these fabrics, I marvel and admire the beauty of the combination of colors and the technology of production! After all, all these cells, created by means of a complex interlacing of colored woolen threads. Bravo!

Bear "Cranberry"
Teddy whith love
The bear is made of velor of burgundy color, filled with padding polyester and tinted with oil paints. The clothes are hand-sewn.

Caramel Beauty Bunny
Caramel Beauty Bunny artist miniature teddy bunny by Tatiana Skalozub.

Gale Bear
MaxiLynn Bears
Gale was born in a storm by the sea. He wasn’t scared as the sea is in his heart. Whether dramatic or serene he will always love the beauty of the ocean. He does not need to live by the sea though, he loves all forms of beauty whether a pretty garden or the abundance of love. Gale is 14.5” tall, sitting at 10.5”.

Nick the butterfly, Stuffed Butterfly
Hello, I'm Nick, the boy butterfly blomfild's beauty (Smyrna blomfildia). I looking for a new home and new happy family. Butterfly Nick continuer my collection"Mini-World" . Blomfild's beauty can be found from south Texas and Mexico to Peru through Central America. (Wikipedia) Nick is entirely by hand sewn from vintage viskose plush of two color and ministop., * The 4 wings are dense, made of fabric, painted with acrylic paints.

teddy Minnie Mouse
Galina Khalikova
I present you Minnie Mouse, a lovely friend of Mickey Mouse. Disney cartoons have been loved by lots of children (and adults as well) and I decided to dress my teddy bear like Minnie. This funny girl is full of joy and beauty. Minnie (22 cm) is sewn from German materials (viscose shulte) and with a great love.

Teddy bears by Irina Drizdenko
Teddy Bear.OOAK teddy.Vintage teddy bear.Artist teddy bear.Retro teddy bear.Teddy. Teddy bear from the collection "Primroses". This bear named "Scilla". This flower has a discreet but true beauty. And it's very deep like some people of this kind... The classical Teddy technology has been used to design the teddy bear. I used viscose painted by hand. Artificial aging has been added.

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