Beauty and Bears
USD 500.00
Hello I am a new bear artist and this is my first original design bear ...: This little guy loves mushrooms so I named him Crimmie, he is fully jointed with loc n line in arms and legs crafted from high quality faux fur and airbrushed with dyes flow soft fabric inks . His face is needle felted and rooted with individual mohair to give him personality .

Teddy bear Maria
Svetik Studio
USD 235.90
Teddy bear Maria – the village beauty, who every day goes for water to the well and skillfully handles yoke. She can bring water to the house without spilling a drop. The bear is made of German viscose gray, toned with oil paints for vintage, and tightly packed with small wood sawdust. Her limbs and head on 5 cotter pin connections. Eyes black glass 3 mm, sewn with waxed thread.

Baby terror birds
Beauty and Bears
USD 175.00
Baby terror bird, these little guys are part fantasy part prehistoric flightless bird they have a cast silicone face sculpted by me, the artist fully poseable with loc n line armature .

Bianca Bella
USD 218.98
Viscose. Unusual shape. Inside sawdust and granulate. Sitting, not able to stand.

Sleeping beauty
Cuddlesome Critters
USD 67.05
This beautiful teddy doll is made from German mohair.

Bear Mishutka
Raginevich Natasha
USD 170.36
Mishutka walked through the forest, gathered cones and sang songs ...

Alfie hare (100% virgin wool)
USD 117.00
And I have a new baby hare. The interior toy. Italian jacket, wool 100% with a very beautiful cage. Every time, looking at the weaving of these fabrics, I marvel and admire the beauty of the combination of colors and the technology of production! After all, all these cells, created by means of a complex interlacing of colored woolen threads. Bravo!

Teddy bears by Irina Drizdenko
USD 152.00
Teddy bear "Snowflake".Teddy Bear.OOAK teddy.Vintage teddy bear.Artist teddy bear.Retro teddy bear.Teddy. Christmas girl is a unique Teddy created for the most favourite holiday. It is similar to a fresh frosty morning, almost blue snow and the beauty of the young winter morning. It would bring the holiday into your home and keeps the memories of a happy Christmas for the next generations!

Heidi Hollis
USD 800.00
Sunshine's design is a full wire skeleton frame with a jointed head.She has weight sewn into her bottom . She sits at 23" inches( 58.42 cm) and is 40" inches (101.6 cm) long. She is designed to sit in a bears natural position or lay. This design limits the movability of the bear to a little less then my fully jointed design but I love the realism.

Klintzfamily Bears
USD 174.00
the style: Creamy Cottage GLAM. PRIMITIVE PRAIRIE SOFT Tessa was created from mohair in a long, creamy, wavy, beige.  This lovely fur pairs beautifully with this shabby vintage dolls dress, lace, velvet and tinsel and glamorous jewels, making Tessa a must-have for any classic glamorous room or vanity. PROM NIGHT GLITZ Tessa's prom night styling is the perfect canvas for glam.

Hippo Yasha
USD 210.00
Hippo Yasha is so cute and lovely. He is so small and needs your love.

Bear "Cranberry"
Teddy whith love
USD 27.00
The bear is made of velor of burgundy color, filled with padding polyester and tinted with oil paints. The clothes are hand-sewn.

Teddy bear's by Irina Shaina
USD 77.00
Lucy Beauty short stature.

OOAK Teddy elephant Goldie
USD 214.64
OOAK Elephant Teddy Goldie reflects the fashion trends of the "Roaring Twenties" 1920s. Goldie created by the author's pattern of Italian viscose hand dyeing. Filled with sawdust, has 5 splinter joints (head, arms and legs). Glass eyes. Tinted with oil paints. Goldie outfit consists of a dress with a low waistline and deep neckline front and back.

Martha The Frog
USD 110.00
Meet Martha, the sister of the Frog Princess. Once upon a time, Frog Martha was kissed by a Prince. A beautiful Princess she had become, and remained a frog. But it's just outside. Inside she is a real beauty Marfa is made of hand-painted flannel and various types of cotton; glass eyes are handmade; lips are embroidered with floss threads; head on the splint;

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