Shoosha the bee, Stuffed bee, 4.3 inches (11 centimeters)
It is my next insect-toy, the bee named Shoosha. This cute bee is continuing my new collection of "Mini-world". Shoosha Bee sewn entirely by hand of flock fabric for mini bears,and vintage plush., * 6 pin-joints (legs and arms are movable, the head can swivel and tilt) arms and legs are reinforced with wire so Shoosha Bee can bend them ., * The wings of bee are transparent , soft and relatively durable.

Paul bear bee
Elena Volchkova
Paul is a funny bear that loves lavender honey very much. He eats so much honey that sometimes he becomes a bee He is only 2,5" (6,5 cm) tall. Materials: viscose, glass eyes, 5 way discs /cotterpins joint. Stuffed with wool, a bit of metal pellets in a bump. Tinted by pastel. Created by my own pattern. Bear's left paw is unique embroidered with cotton thread and silk ribbons.

Bumblebee Pincushion
Essential Bears by Wendy & Megan Chamberlain
Bumblebee is made from yellow and black short pile upholstery velvet with Ultrasuede paw pads. He is trimmed with silk ribbon and bee themed brass charms. His wings are hand drawn on fabric. Bumblebee is sitting on a pincushion made from brown and cream gingham cotton fabric. This has been trimmed with tiny flowers, leaves and bee brass charms. A selection of pins is included with this creation.

Bearmore Bears
Bumble loves bees so much she has dressed like one..

My mishka
bear Matvey.

Jellyfish Handmade
This bear is made completely by hand. All connections are moving. It has rotating head and movable legs.Materials: This bear is made of german Schulte viscose. It is filled with sawdust, sheep wool and metal granules. German glass eyes, nose is embroided and covered with acrylic varnish. Shading is done with oil paints.

Bear Rhymes
She is completely handmade bear made of vintage style German mohair, fully jointed, traditionally stuffed with wool, wood wool, steel shot. She has got brown glass eyes, embroidered and bee waxed nose, slightly toned face and body. There is a Bear Rhymes gag sewn in her back. Violet is dressed in a warm hand knitted jumper-dress, so she is fully ready for cold weather!

Mohair beige teddybear Pavel
This fluffy and warm teddybear made of mohair and filled of wood chips. His embroidered nose covered with bee wax.

Teddy by Elena Lemmer
This cute hedgehog is sewn entirely by hand from Italian viscose and hedgehog mohair. The body is densely filled with wood sawdust and metal granules, which add extra weight. The paws and head are movable and are attached to 6 pins. The eyes are glass, the eyelids are made of wool. The dress is removed. The dress is made of cotton on lining and embroidered with Czech beads.

Dzin-Ping, bear-bee, bear on a palm
Natalia Petelina Collectible Teddy Bears
I want to congratulate everyone with a wonderful summer and present a bear on a palm, a summer bear-bee. These bears are created from my children, it's a brother and sister. I hope that you will love them as much as I do. Dzin-Ping is a boy, about 14.5 cm in size, sitting 12.5 cm Created from the micro-plush, heel, palm claws and mouth imitation suede, on the ears microfiber.

Anna Bratkova
Nathan is boy bear classic teddy style, lighter and some softer stuffed than my previous bear.

English gentleman. Serious bear with a thoughtful look. Sewing from the plush of light-beige tint, plush very dense, soft with an interesting frizz. Has the very dense stuffing, especially heads. A bear is done in complete accordance with all traditional technologies "teddy", has five connections. A bear turned out heavy enough, a metallic granulate is added. A spout is embroidered by the high-mercerized cotton, treat a bee beeswax.

Teddy bear Bee
Vintage bears by Olga Fomenko
Let me introduce bear. Her name is Bee. Teddy-bear Bee is 11 inch, 28 cm , Handmade OOAK. This bear sewn from plushr , densely filled sawdust, metal pellets .. Bee fully connected and can move his arms, legs and head. Bee can sit and stand without support. Bee clothes sewn from natural cotton. Outfit consists of a dress, hat, trousers and shoes.The hat is decorated with flowers and bells.

Lanctot’s Loveables Teddy Bears
Hunny just loves his bee friends! He is 3" tall, made from soft medium pile upholstery fabric, stuffed with polyfill, is fully jointed, has needlesculpted ultrasuede paw pads and glass eyes. On his paw he has bee button, he wears a bee charm and comes with his wood beehive so his bees have a place to live.

BUZZIE, Musical Teddy - Bee
Oksana Yurchenko
Buzzie, Musical Teddy- Bee Teddy in a full-length 33 cm sitting 23 cm (13 "- 9" inches). Made of German plush, silk and silk fur Mouton. The paws inserted leather with gold-plated. The tummy is inserted Japanese musical mechanism with gentle unobtrusive music, reminiscent of the sounds of ancient musical boxes. The mechanism is securely fastened in the tummy.