Bear Bee Vito and Bear Bee Zoe
Touch of childhood
100% designed and handmade by me.

Little Bee
Irina Kirichenko
Little Bee is made of viscose manual coating according to the author's pattern.Teddy bear is very gentle and small.Filled with metal granules and filings.Eyes of glass.Made in the technique Teddy.Can only sit.The dress is made of velour, back button( can be removed).Bee on a dress made of metal, glued.

SIBERIAN BORN BEARS by Olga Vishnevetskaya
I'm glad to introduce teddy bear Pierre. His image was inspired by a fantasy about tenants of a fabulous Wood. He looks like an aristocrat of the old style. His attire is designed in colours of the wood and fallen pine needles. The bear has been made entirely by the artist’s hands using the artist’s unique sketch.

Bear Bee
Elena Gorovneva
Material: German viscose Eye: Glass Filler: Wood chips, metal granulate Mounting: 5 way discs /cotter pins joint Toning: Oil paints Care: Dry clean and Love

My love of plush 79
Pchelkin 12 cm. viscose German Steiff-Schulte, сord, beads, toy bee on wheels, glass eyes (Germany), 5-way jointed. Filling: wood chips + granulate . Date of Birth: April 24, 2018 Handmade 100%!!! One-of-a-kind!!!

Please meet my new pink cat Platon. Materials: hand-dyed viscose fabric, green plastic eyes with eyelids.

Little bear Pupik
Little bear Pupik nominated in the category of miniature (Germany, Munster, 2017).

Samantha-jane Bears & Scallycats
Baire is 14 inches tall and created from gorgeous chocolate brown whirl German mohair. He is five way cotter pin jointed with a traditional neck. His face has been needle and scissor sculpted, his eyes are black glass, he has hand shading for an all over aged and loved look.

Mr. Humblebee
Some sisters reminded me lately to "Just be", and along came mister Humblebee.