Sparrow owl
Fairy House Olesya Averina
This unique toy is made in the style of a natural animal a Sparrow owl. It is made of German maher, alpaca and several types of faux fur. A careful and varied combination of fabrics was chosen. Also hand painted with artificial oil. This will allow the bird flower to remain safe for many years. Very time-consuming implantation of black and white fur particles by hand.

Tired owl Collectible toy doll coffee
Gera Infiniti
He wants to be held, stroked and played with him. Strictly looks back from the distress from the owner. It is completely handmade creation. The toy is made of polymer clay and artificial fur. It has glass eyes and It is painted with dry pastel. My art is made in Russia, in Siberia with a soul and inspiration.

Buffoon-bear Dusky
Вear sewn from a vintage plush. Paws & head on joints, glass eyes. Top paws are flexible. Nose is made of baked plastic.

I'm a little lamb
The owl is made with all previous experience and author technology.

Owl Dana
Fairy House Olesya Averina
Owl Dana is fluffy and beautiful. It is made of two types of artificial fur. Densely filled with sintepon, for weight in the stomach metal balls. The legs have a wire frame. Owl is firm on legs. Head, feet and legs are mobile. Large, glassy, German eyes. Beak and claws of hard plastic. It is toned with artistic oil.

2 small owls
2 small owls Little owl ,made for an order. Is able to sit. Height 15cm. Baby, sewn on the author's pattern from soft german plush "Steiff Shulthe" and minishtof. Head, legs and arms can rotate (disk-pin fixation). Reinforced wings. Filled with holofayber and my inspiration. Belly weighted with mineral granulate.Toning dry art pastel. Eyelids and beak felted from fleece.

Nastena Nikitina
Little bear in the costume of an owl with great pleasure will go on a journey to a new home bear cub 10cm tall a 28cm owl costume with a loop and legs, a wingspan of 30cm

Owl Snowball
Fairy House Olesya Averina
Today for you, a little owl that looks like a snowball Sweet, fluffy and with ears. It is sewed from a gentle artificial fur. Large glass eyes hand-painted. Beak made of plastic, firmly sewn. Toning with artistic oil. Ears made of goat hair. The head swings and turns. Wings and legs are mobile. Have a passport.

Owlet in a striped cap
The hand-made fluffy baby bird is made to order from German plush and minishtoff, filled with hypoallergenic holofiber, warmth and inspiration, weighted with mineral granulate.

Bearmore Bears
Elpharae is made from an outstanding faux fur ruby and gold, it is layered in 3 lenghts and complimented by beige leather for his sculpted paw pads. Elpharae is a wise fella that loves his treasures that he keeps close by, he carrys a fabric heart and owl braclet for his owner.

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