Viktoria Golubeva Bears
Teddy doll. Hands and legs mix techniques. Viscose, saw dust, mineral pellets, wood wool. Cotton, vintage ribbon, lace.

Lovely friends by Audrone Eidukiene
This little baby Grunwald made from german sheepwool. He is 17 cm tall .His height is sitting 14 cm. Do not stand alone. Every stitch is done by hand. His Head, legs and arms are movable and have been Five-way loosely jointed with cardboard disks.Head double. This Bear has been stuffed with polyester filling and steel pellets. His face has been felting processes and shaded for definition.

Winking fox Martin
Big Winking fox Martin 13,5in (35 cm) by Natalia Tolstykina (NatalyTools) OOAK Materials: 6 types of mohair (synthetics plush + alpaca), handmade glass eyes with eyelids, 5 way jointed with cotter-pins and cardboard disks, fiberfill, polymer clay (nose, eyelids and pads), , wire in the all paws and ears for flexibility, glass pellets as a weighting agents, Size 35 cm (13,5 in) tall or 26 cm (10 in) sitting. All parts are handmade by me.

Puppy spaniel Ron
I present to you a charming puppy spaniel Ron. Size 23 cm sitting,full-length 31cm. Materials: Italian plush, Artificial suede stuffing: fiberfill, metal granulate., polymer clay Cernite (nose,pads on paws) 6 cotter pins, plastic eyes Overal cotton.Can be removed. The upper paws and tail are reinforced with wire. Ron comes with a certificate. I hope that you give a loving home and a hug for this nice baby!

This is Bruno a little smiling bear. Main materials: ligth-grey viscose, glass eyes 3mm Nose is embroidered and varnished. Joints: 5 way jointed (wiggle head).

Bun Cat
Bun cat. He is fully jointed and can move his arms, feet and head. He has mattress.

Anastasia Besedina
Chihuahua is sewn on the MK Stepanova Anna! tinted pastel. Eyes glass. Limbs spontoon on the mount. Cute creature, happy to move into a new home!

Oksana Gorevaja
I would like to introduce you to my new original dog. She is crocheted from mixed yarn, shaded. Dog is 16 cm standing. She has black glass eyes. She is 5-way disk-jointed.

Dobby Sloth
SimBel Bears
Let me introduce my new creation sloth Dobby.

Svetlana Chern Bears
Strudel classic "old bear" (OOAK). Size 30 cm (+ hat). Materials: mohair, internal filling wood shaving and mineral pellets. The head and paws are fixed by means of disks and pins. The soft body is filled not densely. The bear can sits and stand. He has German glass eyes. Nose and claws are embroidered. Bear is hand painted with art oil paints. Accessories: hat, cotton ribbon with bell. Only hand sewing.

- Geraldine -
Bear Geraldine author's toy. Sewn from manual colored German viscose. Heels faux suede. Paws and the head on the pin. The bear is stuffed with sawdust, weighted by metal granulate for pleasant feeling of weight. Embroidered nose, eyes glass (Germany). Tinted watercolor pencils and a little bit of acrylic. Geraldine dressed in an elegant dress with embroidery at neckline and lace up back.

Buffoon-kitten Fluffy
Big Discount from last price! Buffoon-kitten Fluffy sewn from a mohair and viscose. Muzzle dry felting Head is double joined, paws on joints, paws embroidered thread. Upper paws & tail can bend! Glass eyes. The nose is embroidered with mouline thread and lacquer with acrylic. Stuffed with mineral granulate & sliver. Toning by pastels & oil paints. Clothes and accessories cann't be removed (еxcept cubes and cakes) Only manual seam!

Senya donkey Teddy
Lisevihc Tatiana
Senya donkey Teddy. viscose, eyes glass, 6 cotter pins, sawdust wood, metal granulate. The ears are reinforced, the ears can be bent. Clothes cotton, corduroy. Clothes can be removed and dressed.

teddydoll Alice
Let me introduce a little teddydoll to the bunny Alice. She is very shy .... therefore, her toy is a green bear always with her. The coat of Alice is made of German mohair, a face made of plastic by Fimo,size of sitting 20 cm. Inside sawdust and filler for toys. I also used cotton.

Jevgeni Bulahtin
This classic bear is 34 cm of height, made from German light brown mohair (Steiff Schulte), German felt. Stuffed with excelsior,wood wool and granulated material. German glass eyes. On the neck is beautiful beige ribbon. The teddy bear is pleasantly heavy. The teddy bear can stand independently. OOAK The pattern from Aire Kapstas, Estonia. All of my toys are 100% handmade made by hand, no machine sewing!