Teddy Bears and Friends Oksana Gaidai
By Oksana Gaidai. 5.9 inches (15 centimeters). My new pig Dinka!

Kind bears by Alla Stepanets
Lora small,fluffy puppy looking for a good friend.This dog is made from the mohair (German). The dog is stuffed with sawdust,wood wool and mineral granules. Eyes is made from glass. 5 cotters. Please keep your new dog from water, steamy bathrooms, moisture, etc. to avoid deforming the silk pieces from their intended shape and texture.

Bears by Tanya Shkuropadskaya
Thais is made from mohair (German), stuffed by sawdust and weighted with mineral granules. Eyes is made from glass. 5 cotters. A dress is made from cotton.

Lanctot’s Loveables Teddy Bears
Jax loves to play with his paper boat on his blue rug which he pretends is the ocean. Jax is 2.5” tall, made from a lovely, soft long pile fabric with needle sculpted, ultrasuede paw pads. He is fully jointed, stuffed with polyfill and has glass eyes. He comes with his little paper boat and braided blue rug.

Little Things by Jane Antipina
Beige teddy bear in a cozy blue sweater.

Big beige teddy bear
Artist Teddy Bear is fully handmade from viscose. He's stuffed with sawdust and metal pellets to give him good weight and feeling alive. Bear has moving joints of the head and paws. He has black glass eyes. Teddy toy is approx 20 cm in standing and 16 cm in sitting tall. This Teddy Bear is a collectible toy and made for adult collectors only, Teddy will not be suitable for children!

Hello, My name is Chiara. I am One of Kind Miniature Teddy Bear made by Aleksandra Jedyka – “HappyTeddy” I`m looking for someone who will adopt me. About me: I`m about 8 cm tall when standing. I`m made from beige long pile sassy fabric. My pads are made from brown suede. I have German glass eyes. My nose is made from black Fimo .

Sir Richard
English gentleman. Serious bear with a thoughtful look. Sewing from the plush of beige tint, plush very dense and soft. Has the very dense stuffing, especially heads. A bear is done in complete accordance with all traditional technologies "teddy", has five connections. A bear turned out heavy enough, a metallic granulate is added. A spout is embroidered by the high-mercerized cotton, treat a bee beeswax.

Bear Johnny
Please meet my new OOAK teddy bear Johnny! He is 21 cm tall, made of dense brown mohair and beige alpaca, is fully cotter pin jointed, has hand painted glass eyes, embroidered cotton nose and his paws made from fabric for miniature bears. Johnny is firmly stuffed with polyfill and weighted with glass beads. Johnny is designed and created by my own patterns. He was born in June 2017.

Anna Bratkova bears
Small cute funny bears) only 16 cm ( beige on first photo). Kollin&Tollin *). made of mohair, stuffed sawdust exelsior, mineral/metall granulate in legs and belly, 5 way jointed disc/pin wool scarf and button

Tatiana Bushmakina
The bear is sewed from vintage USSR plush. Inside wood wool and sawdust, granulate. The bear has live weight. Stomach soft. At a bear a lovely look.

S T A R L I G H T Elephant
Elephant S T A R L I G H T. I am pleased to present you the Elephant Starlight in vintage style. Antique pattern. He sewn by hand from beautiful Italy viscose light beige pink color. He is stuffed with sawdust and metal granulate. His eyes are black German glass. Elephant artificially aged and tinted artistic oil. The tusks of the elephant were cut from the epoxy.

Brimbin Forest Bears
JILLAROO....this oldie has been created from a crushed style pile mohair hand dyed and antiqued in a lovely vintage old fashion light beige colour. I have done a lot of aging to achieve that much loved cared for and out of the attic look. JILLAROO....has suede flannel for the foot and paw pads. She has black genuine boot button eyes and a perle cotton sewn nose.

Cobblestone Creations
Whimsy is a pale pink and beige Little Charmer Bear who measures not quite 1½ inches while seated and just shy of 2 inches while standing. She fits nicely inside the 2¾ inch tall cashmere lined, hinged, glazed box that was individually created for her. She is firmly stuffed with polyester and is disk and cotter pin jointed at her neck with string jointed arms and legs.

Kapitolina a very friendly big bear. Her size in sitting position is 11.5 inches (30 cm). Materials: German dense mohair fabric (light beige pile on dark base), grey glass eyes with eyelids and lashes, nose is embroidered and covered with acrylic varnish, claws made of polymer clay (Sculpey). Joints: 6 cotter pin connections (head on a double cotter pin, swinging). Filling: stuffed with polyester fill, rubber and glass beads (soft body).