Christmas bunny
This Christmas bunny will be best gift for you and your family. This Bunny hand stitched on my author's pattern. It's pocket vintage bunny. It was made from German viscose manual coloring biege and white. Eyes from glass. This bunny was stuffed with sawdust, metallic granules and part of my soul. 5 mounts Hands, feet, head on cotter pins, move. Looking for a good owner.

Bears by Ekaterina Zhiteneva
This donkey is sewed from viscose, stuffed with sawdust and glass granules. The height sitting is 19.5 cm. It can't stand.

elephant Noel
Alla Generalova
I would like to introduce to you my baby elephant Noel. Size-12cm (without the hat). Material- miniature fabric, cotton. Filled with fiberfill and metal granules are added to adjust the weight. Fully jointed (6) and armature in the hands. Eyes glass, hand painted Tinted oil paints. Clothing is made from cotton and felt. Clothing can be removed. Snowman made in the technique of primed textiles.

Laurentius, a 60 cm long curly creme colored mohair musical teddy bear
Anna Hoo Artists Bears
Laurentius, a 60 cm long curly creme colored mohair musical teddy bear, wearing a wool felt uniform with gold trimmings and has a music box build in his body.

Teddy by Olga Prokudina
This is a bear Oliver. Homeless romantic. He is looking for a friend. Together with him he will walk and play. And eat sweets and dream! Materials: viscose, cotton. Filler: wood sawdust.

He can stand. Author's work by Tatiana Kravchenko. Original author's design and pattern. Made of viscose Helmbold Germany. It has glass eyes. His head was full of sawdust. The body is filled with sawdust, mineral granulate. It is fully connected and has a head, legs and arms movable. The bear is looking for a new cozy home. I believe he will be your mascot!

Aleksandra Nelina
This is a cute monkey "Lucy".

bears by Eugenia Kashina _ evgallery
Martha is OOAK dressed bear, made from a vintage plush of the USSR, stuffed with sawdust and steel granulate.

Bear is sewn from russian plush. It's filled sawdust. Bear is full pin jointed. The bear sewn by my author's patterns and tinted artistic oil. It's wearing in line dress, pants and leather shoes.

Bear Ernest He is 21cm height in sitting position and 24 cm long. The bear is made by hand of mohair sheep wool Helmbold. The head and the body are joined to the backbone (dollarmature) which helps the bear to take many positions. The legs fastened by using t-shaped cotter pins. The pillows on the paws are made of genuine suede. The nose is embroidered and waxed.

and sewn from fabric for miniature. Thread joint. Filled with polyester, glass granules. Glass eyes. Single copy. Created in a smoke free home with love. Looking for a new home and a loving mother.

Мini bear
Мini bear is made of vintage plush. Filled with sawdust.Mounting 6 studs.Glass eye.

Anna Bratkova
New size my classic bear- 25 cm!

Bunny "Lola"
Stakhova Bears
19 cm / 7 1/4" from head to toes (without ears) and approx. 14 cm /5 3/4" sitting I measure bunny Lola from the top of their heads to the bottom of their feet, not including the ears. . color beige & white., Bunny is made of synthetic fabric (Steiff Schulte) in beige color and alpaca (Steiff Schulte) in white color. I used white ministoffe fabric for the inner ears. He has genuine leather pads.

Sloth Leonard OOAK teddy sloth. Materials: white and beige viscose, fiber filler glass granulate, german glass eyes 5-way jointed, hand made nose and claws from FIMO - pastel