Nicole and Alex. Teddy bears.
Galina Khalikova
*THE PRICE IS INDICATED FOR 2 BEARS TOGETHER! I present you another wonderful pair of bears from my favourite collection "TWO HEARTS"! Nicole and Alex They will become a great gift for a family for Christmas. The creations are of soft and warm colours. Alex is wearing a gorgeous brown jacket, trousers with a key and a bow;

My little friends
The teddy Mo is made from German mohair. She has five cotter pins, glass eyes. Stuffed by wood sawdust, steel granules. Little bit tinted with pastel paints. Height 25 cm.

Mit'ka the hooligan
Mit’ka a modest romantic hooligan, made of Italian viscose, stuffed with hollofayber and glass granules.

Irina Vasileva
Teddy-bear Sputnik will always be with you, sharing your sorrows and moments of happinness . You can be sure, that all your secrets will be kept safe. Teddy is ready to become your best friend. Handmade of mohair (Germany), toes and palms are made of woolen felt. Stuffed with sawdust, cedar shaving, and mixture of granules. Inside teddy's belly there is a growler. Sputnik has a handmade leather necklace.

Mint Macaroon
Artist teddies by Nata Litun
This tiny little elf is the real talisman for bring you luck and love!!! Just ring the bell on his hat!!! Height 10 cm so can travel with you in your hand bag or pocket worldwide and also can be the best friend for your bjd doll!!!

Bear "Bitter chocolate"
Hello my dear friends and those who in love with teddies! Im happy to show you, well to present you my new collection "Bitter chocolate" which is full of tenderness. Storytelling can takes a while, I know but let me try. I have a friend in a far away and that friend decided to surprise me and sent me a fantastic sheared rabbit fur jacket.

Unexpected joy
Teddy Bears by Zhanna Zimokosova
Who doesn’t like to receive presents on his birsday? And small presents without any reason?? There is no need to wait for a special day or do it as a token of gratitude. Learn to make people happy just like that. It’s not so difficult to surprise and make people happy. You just need to think a little bit more of those who are beside you.

Chihuahua puppy Ozzy
I present to you a charming puppy сhihua Ozzy. Ozzy was born 13.11.18 Made in the style of soft sculpture, inside body a plastic and wire frame. Length from nose to tail 20 cm. Materials: german plush, stuffing: fiberfill, glass granulate.

Teddy Bear Traveler
Fancy Teddies by Ekaterina Filippova
18.1 inches (46 centimeters). Teddy Bear Traveler is 100% OOAK. New unique and sophisticated pattern, my own technology of making eyes and claws. He looks like alive! Teddy Bear Traveler is 45 cm (18 inches). He is made of alpaca, fiberfill, glass and silicon granules for weight. He has glass eyes. Her nose is made of modelling clay milliput. Tinted oil paint. The body is connected to the head with a skeleton.

Best friends
More than toys
These baby lion and monkey are best friends. Based on real story. The lion named Simba is about 55 cm tall (from the nose to his front legs), the monkey Sammy is about 20 cm tall (from the nose to his tail) The combination of two techniques the needle felting and sewing were used for creation these unique toys of high quality materials natural wool and qualitative faux fur.

Snow Leopard Jabba
Snow Leopard Jabba , height standing 45cm sewn from beautiful faux plush.

Bear Rhymes
Bear Rhymes are happy to present this bear from my maritime collection of bears. Her name is Grace and she is a fully jointed bear completely hand sewn from the best quality viscose. She is traditionally filled in with wood wool, wool, steel shot and lavender, so she is not only pleasantly heavy but has that wonderful smell of beautiful lavender from our own garden!

Rabbit Richard
I am very happy to present you my new rabbit Richard. He is Myron's best friend rabbit. (you can see him: ) Richard looks like real English gentleman, doesn't he? Growth: standing with ears 26 cm (10.23"). Weight: 8,99 oz (255 g). Materials:. German Shulte viscose. Filled with sawdust and metal granulate (it is very hard!). Eyes are glass German. Fastenings: disks and forelocks. Richard has the hat.

Badger Douglas
I present to you a charming badger Douglas. Size 27 cm sitting,length from nose to tail 47cm. Materials: plush Schulte, stuffing: fiberfill, glass granulate. lockline (plastic skeleton sewn into the back), milliput(nose) 4 cotter pins, eyes glass pads on the paws- leather, clutches (fimo). The legs and tail are reinforced with wire. Take any position. Standing, sitting, lying down. Douglas comes with a certificate.

Liv loves sweet tea and listen to old tales in the evening. Looking for a true friend and reader. Standing approx 15 cm tall The arms,head and legs move. OOAK teddy. Stuffing materials – sawdust, steel pellets. Hand dyed viscose, glass eyes, oil paints. Standing with support. Please be aware it's not suitable for little children due to small parts and glass eyes. Do not wash or dry them.

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