Big Boy
Viktoria Golubeva Bears
USD 462.07
Antique plush, minishtof, 64 cm, sawdust, wood wool, mineral pellets. Eyes hand made glass eye, vintage metal button.

Big Bear
Olga Kravchuk-the house of the bears
USD 1,000.00
it is sewed from faux fur. it is filled with synthetic down. inside powerful skeleton and connection of extremities. it is tinted by oil colors. glass eyes.

Just bee Nicolas
reserved USD 346.60
Mmmm, honey, I just can't resist. All that sweetness can bring me in a bit of trouble. All those bees! Just so you know, I am made of a beautiful lux faux fur. My paws and ears are from leather. And have you seen my beautiful belly? My creator added so many little details, I love them! My big beautifull eyes are hand-blown glass eyes. Aren't they irresistable?

USD 840.00
My dear friends I'm happy to present you my new big teddy panda Marcus. Marcus is sewn from of Schulte mohair. The bear is fulfilled with love, birch sawdust and glass granulated materials. That combination is making a bear to be a little bit heavy. As usual at this bear I used my favorite cotter pin joints: so hands, legs and head can be moved.

Paramon and Tyupa
Teddy Bears by Olena Golovinska
USD 280.00
The growth of the bear around 45 cm USED MATERIALS: German viscose EYES: German glass JOINTS: Fully 5-way jointed with cotter-pins and cardboard disks.

USD 243.08
ANGELINA is a Keepsake Bear……measuring 45cms This beautiful bear has been designed with your loved ones in mind to keep special memento’s close… the tummy is a satin lined pocket accessed by a zip in the back seam… which you can keep perhaps a lock of hair….. a special piece of jewelry and in my case a loved ones ashes…..

Golden tiger
Irina Kotelnikova
reserved USD 1,300.00
This unique child is created with great love and attention to all the details. To create it, I used only felt wool and a needle. Materials: wool, clay Fimo, horsehair for mustache, glass for the eyes. The ornament on the hair of a tiger cub is made with a needle using different shades of wool. Size: length from nose to tail about 26 inches, sitting height 20.5 inches, weight 6.150 pounds.

USD 245.97
Felix is a pretty big bear. He is 39cm/ over 15 inches including his hat. He is a very dapper gentleman with his satin waistcoat with its big button, and his felt hat with satin trim. He has glass eyes, hes faux fur, has cotton paws, fully 5 way jointed, glass eyes, embroidery, and plastic pellets. He is a lavender/grey faux fur with floral paw patterns.

Sonya, bear-seaman`s girlfriend
USD 304.06
Big heavy bear for big girls! She likes embraces, telling stories about seas and faraway lands, she`s good interlocutor and attentive listener. The bear is based on old German teddy-bears, retro style. When you take her at hands you feel like it`s something from last century, a toy, which was forgotten on the shelf for many-many years… Not tortured and very delicate tinted.

USD 170.00
Big teddy bear made from vintage plush. This is a collectible bear. The bear will be a good gift for you or an interior toy for the children's room of your child. Handmade bears are special, such toys are nice to give to close people for a long memory. The bear is made using teddy technology the paws and head rotate 360 ​​degrees, the connection is on 5 cotter pins.

USD 235.00
My new big Teddy bear Shimmy. He height 40 cm in a full size, 30 cm in a sits.

Waldi (made to order)
Anna Bratkova
adopted USD 400.00

Barry (made to order)
Anna Bratkova
adopted USD 400.00

Great Bear Ophelia
AlinaBears vintage style
USD 300.00
Great Bear Ophelia. 22 inches! All clothes are removed! Price for one big dipper Ophelia !!!

Classic Teddy Bear
USD 420.00
Artist teddy bear. OOAK. Big teddy bear 60 sm. Hand made with love.