Сurly Gruff Chewie
Empiria Dolls
Meet the first curly-haired man in the family Gruffs! Named Chewie. Pattern: 40 parts Stitched: luxury series mohair, EKO suede, wool Full: wool-polyester and granulate The attachment of the limb splintage (goes round in 360•), the front legs have a design that allows the hands not only to bend, but also to move each finger separately! The tail and ears can bend too.

Pet bear
When you take Bernard in your arms, he seems like a living bear, due to the softness and warmth of his fur, his pleasant weight and excellent mobility. There is plastic armature in the body and paws of the teddy, that’s why they are very flexible and Bernard can take a variety of poses.

Olga Kravchuk-the house of the bears
The Oscar is sewed from the Italian fur. it is filled with synthetic down and mineral granules. inside a skeleton, a body it is completely mobile. eyes glass, hemisphere. fur easily combs hair.

Honey bear
This is little bear Honey bear He is measures 47 cm when standing. Honey bear cub is made of faux fur . fur has 2 colors (the basis of the fur has a rusty hue, and the main color is dark.) bi color. He is filled by sawdust, sea stones and filler for toys. Bear cub confidently stands on his feet. It has 4 disk mounts (legs, feet).

IVI bears lovely family

Unico bear is a mix with a unicorn and a teddy , she has white pearl painted hoefs and unicorn horn, snow white long curley hair and the most beautiful eyes ever seen handpainted by me

Leo Maximilian
The white-haired leader of the pride lion Maximilian. The size is 14 inches long, not counting the tail. The size at the withers is about 11 inches. Sitting size is about 12 inches. In the body, neck, and paws set skeleton Locklin. The toy is fully mobile. Leo can sit, lie, stand and turn his head in different directions. It makes him very much alive. Main materials: faux fur, glass eyes.

Elena Zaugolnaya
18.5 inches (47 centimeters). Alpaca 4 cotter pin legs front and back reinforced locklin and head filling aero fluffand glass granulate pads ministop eye glass live view the front part of the muzzle is felted with elements hair extensions . Ordering Information: All my bears come from the non-smoking home! I accept PayPal. I'll send the parcel the next day after payment. All bears are securely packaged. I'll write you a tracking number.

Chi Chi
Mellisea Creations by Melanie Meulenberg-Ansems
This pretty seahorse is called ‘Chi Chi’. Chi Chi is approx. 17.7 inches (45 cm) in full length from the tip of her tail till the top of her bright pink hair. Messured without hair she is approx. 15.7 (40cm) tall. Her standing position in total, with curled up tail and in the holder is approx. 17.7 inches (45cm).

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