Wee Beary Tails Bears
USD 307.41
Thank you for stopping by to meet my latest bear 'Bejewelled' she is such rich, gemstone colours! She measures approx 13.5" tall when she is standing and 9.5" when sitting due to her design she does prefer to sit. She has been created from: Long pile sparse hand dyed pink mohair, long black string mohair.

Black & White. A set of swans.
USD 182.52
Let me introduce you a set of swans. I called them “Black & White”. However you may recognize “Man & Woman”, “Two sides of one coin”, to be continued according to your imagination. The swans have an original heart applique with sequins and beads embroidery. They may become a nice present for people in love, St. Valentine’s day, etc.

Brooch Black&White Guinea Pig
Teddy Trendy Bears
USD 24.51
The brooch Black&White Guinea Pig is from the collection "Hocus-Pocus". The size is 8 cm, made from viscose, has plastic eyes, knitted hat and and soft poly fill. How to wear?

Cobblestone Creations
USD 125.00
This darling 3 inch bear is made of pure white mini bear fabric. She is 5 way cotter pin jointed at neck, shoulders and ankles and looks out onto the world with black glass eyes and horsehair eyelashes. Her nose is black needle felted wool and she has embroidered features. Her arms are wired. Her outfit is made of bright yellow short napped rayon velvet and white lace trims.

Samantha-jane Bears & Scallycats
USD 355.20
Doreen the Panda Witch is 11 inches tall and created from hand dyed winter white crushed silk German mohair and black German mohair. She is five way cotter pin jointed with a traditional neck.Her face has been needle and scissor sculpted, her eyes are black glass, she has hand shading for an all over aged and loved look.

Panda Bear 'Domino'
Wee Beary Tails Bears
USD 280.11
Thank you for stopping by to meet my latest Panda bear 'Domino' one of my bigger bears, he is stocky, with a big smile & lovely to hug! He measures approx 13.5" tall when he is standing and 9.5" when sitting due to his design he does prefer to sit. He has been created from: Medium straight pile white alpaca. Medium pile high quality faux fur fabric in black with white spots.

Black & White "Mickey"
Nature bears by Veronika Heck
USD 425.61

L'ours Celtic
USD 97.44
Birth : Born in March 2019, under the sign of fish. Personality : King loves chess, he is the king in this matter. He appreciates, especially, when his queen plays with him! Size : In sitting position : 16 cm From the tip of the legs to the top of his head : 20 cm. Materials : Synthetic faux fur. As for the pads, they are designed with black and white velvet. It weighs 223 gr.

Spring Blossom Bears and Bunnies
USD 175.00
Hello, please meet Madison. Madison is a bear measuring in at 13-1/2" high. She is made from a soft synthetic fur that is white with slight brown tipping. She has black glass eyes with lids and a glass glittered pink nose. Her foot and paw pads are made from a white mohair.

Un Ours dans ma Maison
USD 93.79
I am pleased to present "Bella", a miniature teddy bear, one of a kind, hand-crafted and hand-crafted with love and passion. Bella is a small miniature bear about 7 cm (2.7 ") high, sewn of white miniature fabric, with pretty embroidered flowers on her head and stomach. She wears beautiful red butterfly white butterfly wings that I have specially embroidered for her.

Seamore Collectbles
USD 80.00
Hello Bear Friends, My name is CATARINA and I'm a happy white leopard and I have been ADOPTED. I think I look like a sweet teddy bear but have whiskers. I would love to venture out of the jungle and into a new family. I am made from a two different types of lovely white imported plush.

L'ours Celtic
USD 97.44
Birth : Born in April 2019, under the sign of the ram. Personality : Queen is love of his king ! It is all its opposite, but as the saying goes, opposites attract ! Size : In sitting position: 16 cm From the tip of the legs to the top of his head: 20 cm. Materials : Use of synthetic faux fur. Its pads, meanwhile, are designed with black and white velvet. She weighs 250 gr.

Mini 'Zigzag'
Wee Beary Tails Bears
USD 135.37
Thank you for stopping by to meet cute mini artist bear "Zigzag" He measures approx 4" when he is sitting, and approx 6" when he is standing, he does prefer to sit due to his design.

Panda Shoo
VintageDeco Bears
USD 175.59
Shoo is an OOAK pandabear, made of black and white 15 mm pile. She has tapered arms, is five way jointed and firmly filled with steelgranulate and sawdust. Shoo has a stitched nose, mouth and paws and she wears a string of leaves around her neck. Shippingcosts are not included in the price.

Black dog bulldog
Elephant From Prague
USD 54.90
The black bulldog from fauх fur is about 23 cm (9 inches) tall while standing. It has black and white glass eyes and black glass nose. Its paws are embroidered with gray floss. Its ears complemented by gray velvet. Its neck is decorated with a black collar with black and gray glass beads. Inside there is a hollow fiber and glass granulate for weight. The paws and the head can move.