Realistic toys by Maria Kalinina
adopted USD 900.00
A realistic cat sewed in full size, made of special fur for teddy bears. The size of a cat is about 45 cm from nose to tail (without tail length). The cat has one local skeleton inside the body, legs, and tail so it can change its position. , He can take any position (sit, lie down and stand). All parts of the body are mobile.

Teddy cat Bafik
USD 105.00
Teddy Halloween cat Bafik height 10.24 ih Toy cat is made in a single copy (OOAK), this is the author bear. Teddy cat and pumpkin will be a wonderful gift for Halloween Teddy cat and Halloween pumpkin will come to the new house together, where they hope to get sweets. Height of a toy 10.24 ih Toy cat has black and white coat color.

Keeper of the Night Time
adopted USD 155.00
Far, far away, on the very edge of the Earth, he lives.

Teddy cat Mr Black
USD 70.00
By Diana Verevkina.

USD 79.00
Тhis cat's name is Basilio Full height about 20,5 cm (8 inches), in the sitting position about 15 cm (6 inches) Material: viscose filled with wool (head, arms, legs) and sintepon (body) + mineral (body) and metal (tail) granulate added for weight.

African lion
Irina Kotelnikova
adopted USD 1,500.00
African lion (felt sculpture) I want to introduce you to a wonderful boy The work is made of carded wool by the method of dry felting and live sheep curls. Claws and paw pads, made of plastic. For the mustache, I used horsehair. Glass eyes hand painted. The lion has only one position and remains motionless. The tail on the wire frame is fully mobile.

Kitten Serval
Irina Kotelnikova
adopted USD 860.00
Kitten Serval by Irina Kotelnikova 19.7 inches (50 centimeters) Category: Stuffed Cheetah / Leopard Edit My Listing Kitten Serval looking for a new home. This is a felt sculpture. Materials: wool, horsehair, hand painted glass cabochons, FIMO clay. Its size: Body in length from nose to tail 19,7 in, Height not counting the ears: 17 inches, Height with ears 20 in weight: 3, 4 pounds, kitten has only one position and remains fixed.

Black cat.
USD 220.00
The cat is made of a soft plush.

USD 75.00
Height is 9 cm OOAK.

Realistic black cat, 42cm
Realistic kids Natali Khizhnyakova
adopted USD 350.00
A distinctive feature of the character of the Bombay cat-friendliness. They are happy to answer your attention, but will not bother you with concerts. Bombay gets along well with children and other animals, including dogs. So, if you are ready to devote time to a fluffy pet, then as a domestic cat this breed will bring you only joy.

Cat Portrait. Kitten 12 In Teddy cat. For your pets. Artist teddy bears. Pet portraits. Pets. Whimsical. Animalistic gifts. OOAK
Pet Portrait by Katerina Makogon
USD 400.00
This is a collectible toy made using the technology of teddy bears, as well as my author's designs. This toy will help prolong your warm memories of the pet. And will also be an excellent gift for loved ones., A cute little kitten for your home and heart., Grey kitten made of German plush. Stuffed with wool and metal granules. It has reinforced legs and tail.

V A N N I Cat
USD 182.52
Author collectible teddy cat. Artist Teddy Cat OOAK. VANNI sewn by hand from beautiful alpaca fabric black color. His eyes are Germany glass. He is fully jointed and has his legs, arms and head movable. He is stuffed with sawdust and metal granulate. Teddy cat tinted artistic oil. Cat wearing a velvet gray ribbon with silver heart. Size 20 cm. 8 inch Height sitting 15 cm. 6 inch Teddy Cat sits confidently.

Stuffed Cat Ash, 7.8 inches (20 centimeters)
USD 125.00
Hi, I'm Ash, fluffy kitten. I love to bask on the handles, like a warm home and good people. If you want to adopt me, I'll just be happy! Kitten sewn entirely by hand from German faux furб tinted with oil paint. Glass eyes. Eyelids, nose and pads on paws stuff is made by me from plastic. 5 splintage connections.

Sad Christmas cat
USD 55.00
This Christmas cat will be best gift for you and your family at this year. This cat hand stitched on my author's pattern. Hat and suit are knitted. Removable. It's pocket vintage cat. It was made from German viscose hand coloring. Eyes from glass. Cat was stuffed with sawdust, metallic granules and part of my soul. 5 mounts Hands, feet, head on cotter pins, move. Looking for a good owner.

Vintage Toys by Olga
USD 120.04
Teddy cat Rose in een vintage stijl. Height about 15 cm,5.91 inches.