Wolf and Little Red Riding Hood
Lena Minchenkova
Wolf and Little Red Riding Hood I’ve created the teddy’s version of the fairy tale about Little Red Riding Hood Gray wolf 23 centimeters sewed from an white viscose,glass eyes and button, filler sawdust and hollofayber. The vest is made of black felt. Little Red Riding Hood is made of cotton and fimo, the filler is holofayber. Clothes can be removed.

Miniature pocket wolf for adventures and traveling. You can take the wolf to travel and walk Just put him into a bag or backpack. Adventure awaits. Height: 17 cm/6.7 inches Weight: 119 g. The wolf is soft, paws softer then body Comlitely hand made, no no machine sewing! Materials: viscose, cotton, watercolor, glassy glass eyes, oil paints, cotter pin in head (Denny can turn his head) Without the smell of oil.

The wolf from the cartoon "There once lived a dog" (Жил, был пёс). Soft, plush t
Realistic Toys from Irina
The wolf from the cartoon "There once was a dog" Teddy. Soft, plush toy, mobile paws and head. Soviet cartoon film directed by Eduard Nazarov. The original name "Dog life". Created based on the Ukrainian folk tale "Sirko". Plot: The action takes place on the Ukrainian farm. An elderly guard Dog becomes useless, and the owners decide to drive him out of the yard.

Hello This is my new tiny Teddy wolf. Wolfy is 7 cm height in a full size. Height in a sitting position 5 cm (can only sit). He made from plush for miniature "Sassy long pile" grey color. Stuffed with sawdust, natural wool and granulates. Fully pin jointed (5 pins and disks). Black glass eyes. Embroidered nose. He has a silk ribbon around neck.

Bears by Nataly Yurinova
AUSTIN the wolf, from the collection "All your holidays, my dear friend" Height 30 cm, mohair, sawdust, wood wool, granulate, cotton, tinted with oil and pastel.

Hare kids "Bi"
Dubyanskaya TOYS
Hare kids "Bi" Collection called "Morning in the forest" 6 inches tall A little sad, but it is easy to cheer. Not at all afraid of the wolf in the forest, but still a little cowardly and loves to sit with the owner in his pocket. The legs and handles are movable. Head and Finishness Paperclay Head can rotate-cotter pin Ears bend and take different positions.

old bear sir Wolf
bears by Olga Rybkina
I`m happy to present you my new teddy bear. He is absolutely incredible, he will become your best friend in the world! You just want to pick him up and hug! Height 23 cm standing and 19 cm sitting. The bear was sewn from the Soviet plush, painted by hand. Arms and legs on 6 cotter pins, handles and legs can move 360 degrees. Inside the bear is sawdust and wood wool.

Werewolf puppy Kira
Peggy & Molly Teddies
*** Werewolf puppy Kira *** By Peggy & Molly Teddies.

Little Red Riding Hood
Nastena Nikitina
Little Red Riding Hood goes into the house. The wolf is in Grandmother’s bed. Little Red Riding Hood doesn’t know it is the wolf. "You’ve got very big eyes, Grandmother!" says Little Red Riding Hood. "So I can see you," says the wolf. "You’ve got very big hands, Grandmother!" says Little Red Riding Hood. "So I can hold you," says the wolf.

OOAK Sea wolf Teddy Gray
Sea wolf Teddy Gray author's collectible toy. Created from German viscose. Tightly Packed with sawdust. It has 5 splint connections (head, arms and legs). The sea wolf Teddy has glass eyes. It is tinted with oil paints. Sea wolf Teddy dressed up in a vest and denim pants. On the legs of wolf leather oxfords. A wool scarf is tied around his neck.

Wolf and Piglet
Algis bear
Wolf and Piglet Height standing: 32cm (12.6") Height sitting: 25cm (9.8") The wolf is made of high quality faux fur, polymer clay and has glass eyes. All Wolf's limbs are cotter pinned and have wires inside them. Inside his head, body and tail there is the LockLine skeleton. Wolf's body is fully adjustable. Filling: natural German wool and glass granules. The piglet is needle felted of natural germany wool.

In 1905, the Japanese wolf was distributed on the islands of Honshu, Shikoku and Kyushu of the Japanese Archipelago. He was the smallest among all the wolves. The epidemic of rabies and extermination by humans brought the wolf to complete disappearance. The last Hondo wolf died in 1905.

wolf cub Wind
By Evgeniya and Igor Krasnov. 11.8 inches (30 centimeters). wolf cub made from qualitative German plush. The head, paws and body are connected skeleton Lockline. 4-way disk-jointed He has glass eyes. The nose is made by hand from polymer clay The growth of a puppy 30 cm from the nose to the beginning of the tail.

Quirky wolf
I love to create touching and unusual characters who go deep into your heart. This quirky wolf is a bit unconventional, he likes to grow carrots. Maybe his next field of carrots will be in your house?. Completely hand sewn using my own pattern. 21 cm tall. Shoes are made from polymer clay, non-removable.

crazy forest- wolf
Anna Rudenko
crazy forest- wolf. the game is not for children ! full-length 23,5 cm height in sitting position 27 cm material: artificial plush. fur . filled sawdust.

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