Teddy by Elena Lemmer
Get to know this is Bonny! She is cute and flirty rabbit! The baby is made entirely by hand from a Italian viscose of beige shade. The body is densely filled with wood sawdust and metal granules for extra weight. Head and paws are mobile and attached on 5 cotter pins. Eyes made of glass. There is a small tail on the ass! The dress are made of cotton fabric.

Mini bear Bonny
Teddy and Friends
Another one baby-bear from collection "kindergarten"! This baby-girl sewed exclusively by my hands and by my own pattern and from american fur for miniature. She filled with sawdust, wool and metal granulate. Little nose made of baked plastic. Pretty eyes are made of glass. Head and hands are on split-pin. Beautiful white coat made of very thin halfwool yarn and can be removed easily.

Jellyfish Handmade
This bear is made completely by hand. All connections are moving. It has rotating head and movable legs.Materials: This bunny is made of german Schulte viscose. It is filled with sawdust, fiberfill and glass granules. German glass eyes, face is needle felted, Shading is done with pastel.

Artist Bunny Rabbit brown teddy small packes 9.8 inches stuffed toy
Young bunny height of 18 cm without taking into account the ears, with ears growing 25 cm. Sew of a wonderful German viscose. He sits alone. ears (they retain the shape, bend, head, paws on the disc, fill the saw dust, 100% cotton-granulated metal, trousers from Japanese cotton, braces from the calf's skin. The toy is the collectible hare co, and not for playing small children (there are small details).

JuNa Art
EDITION: OOAK USED MATERIALS: German viscose, plush, fur EYES: German glass JOINTS: Fully 5-way jointed with cotter-pins and cardboard disks FILLING: Woolfill and metal pellets HOOVES: made of paperclay with the special carcass inside and then painted with acrylic paints. DETAILS: The head is tinted with oil paints and Copics. Bonny doesn't stand without help She wears handmade tütü, the beautiful vintage brooch and a flower.

zuzu_teddy by Elena Zubrylava
Bonny is an elephant girl. She is smart and gentle. It's made of German viscose, inside sawdust and sea pebbles. Bonny has glass eyes, embroidered mouth. The toy is tinted with oil paints. It's fully jointed and can move its arms, feet, head. Dress is sewn from cotton, removable. Bonny doesn't stand, but likes to sit and to be held in hands. Standing approx 7.5 inches. Sitting approx 6.3 inches.

Let me introduce my OOAK Artist teddy plush vintage style Bunny Bonny! She is sewn ​​of plush. Each one is 5-way cotter pin jointed, with wired glass eyes and sawdust filling. Tinted with oil paints and pastel. The dress is made of cotton of two kinds, decorated with rhinestones and silk ribbon, tinted with oil paints. Does not stand himself. Height 13.5 cm (5.1 inches).

Dog Bonny
Puppy Bonny made in the technique Teddy with 5 moving parts.

Pig Bonny
Pig Bonny , Standing Height 15 cm ,looking for a home Made from plush . Inside the skeleton I accept any position. Can stand, sit.

Bonny Tiger Cub
Bonny Tiger Cub, growth standing 27cm, looking for a home.

This Bunny is fully mobile, including its charming ears and paws. This is 100% handmade. . Size: 28 cm in length (from nose to tail), 15 cm in height (from ears to paws). Bunny is made of faux fur, , Very mobile, for the skeleton I use a doll skeleton. It provides excellent mobility of all parts of the toy (head, legs, ears, tail).

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