Bear in a cap, with a bow in black and red color, with a wooden heart, a gift f
Irina's Teddies
USD 120.00
Teddy bear from brown Italian viscose. Bear stuffed with sawdust. Handles and legs move. The cap is dressed in a red and black color and a black lace bow. There is also a red wooden heart on which we can write the name of your loved one, i.e. make a personalized inscription.

Pinky Piggy Bow
adopted USD 210.00
Little piggy Bow made from mohair. filled with cotton filler, metal granulate and sawdust . The costume is made of velvet ,cotton and antique lace. Tender girl ♥️

Teddy bear George
Svetik Studio
USD 235.90
Teddy bear George loves to play his double bass, which always sounds great, as the owner takes care of it. When the bow touches the strings, the wonderful music of the soul song spills around. George is cut by unusual pattern with curved legs and hands to emphasize the character of a musician playing a heavy instrument.

USD 150.39
He is an 11inch lightweight bear. He has faux fur, which varies in size, glass eyes, and plastic pellets. He has crushed velvet paws and a matching wire bow and bell. He is fully hand sewn, and five jointed (cotterpin joints). He has a story, which is based on how he was found and made.

Lanctot’s Loveables Teddy Bears
USD 227.39
Marielena is a bright ray of sunshine! She is 12" tall and made from a pretty yellow plush with silver threads running through it. Marielena is fully jointed, has needle-sculpted ultrasuede paw pads that give her adorable little toes and has glass eyes. She wears a necklace around her neck made of a silver puffy heart and 2 tassels. The bow on her head is made from a bright wired ribbon.

Teddy Bear Patrick with little swan
Alyona Kravchenko
USD 102.00
Patrick is vintage style teddy bear boy. He has hand knitted swan on his flank and grate silk bow. He was lovely created of German mohair.

Teddy bear Timka
Svetik Studio
adopted USD 188.72
Teddy bear Timka is a toy, forgotten by an adult child and left for storage in a box. Probably, each of us has a teddy bear in the attic, in the basement or in the closet, who is gathering dust in a box, and no one will ever play with him.

Kitty Musya
Svetik Studio
USD 125.81
Cute and naive kitty Musya still not got any friend. But she hopes that soon she will have a friend who will love her, and they will never part. The kitten is sewn of red, fluffy, antique plush and densely stuffed with fine sawdust with the addition of wool and metal granulate.

Rabbit Bruce
Svetik Studio
USD 78.63
Rabbit Bruce is the smartest Easter bunny. He is sewn according to a pattern specially developed by me (a sedentary rabbit) of white and pink-dusty viscose combined and packed very tightly with small wood sawdust. Limbs and head on cotter pins. The eyes are black glass, sewn. Tinted with art oil and pastel. Bruce is wearing a pink cotton vest.

Mini teddy Paul
USD 62.00
Mini Teddy Paul. The mini bear is sewed from beige plush and suede fabric.

Lanctot’s Loveables Teddy Bears
USD 79.92
Hailia loves to dance everywhere and anywhere! She is 3.25" tall and made from a pretty pink fabric.

USD 180.00
Hello, I'm Myrinda!

Mini piggy Sylvia
USD 180.00
Mini piggy Sylvia from the collection "Circus" Made of natural wool in needle felting technique. Legs and head do not move.

Teddy bear baby
My love of plush 79
USD 179.00
I first created a large set of gambling with the author for a child!!!

Peppermint Paisley Plumover
Sweet Souls
USD 119.00
"Peppermint Paisley Plumover" a tiny hand stitched teddy. . Peppermint is looking for home where she can be her true minty self! She may seem quiet but she has a mischievous side too. She loves to sleep in late in the morning, make mud pies, and color outside the lines. And that's just to start!