Lucky - the bear
14 inches (35centimeters). Looking for unique gift made with love and passion? I propose you a hand made boy-bear Lucky as a perfect solution to become cute friend to your friends, family and children. Lucky is a small cuddle bear with a cute look. He loves to caress with like minded friends. He is the happy minded boy looking forward to his new family.

Teddy bear boy
Teddy bear boy, who writes poems about sea voyage. It's an artist stuffed soft toy of the collection Provence which I created inspired by French country style. Bear is executed in vintage style, thoughtful and cute. He will be a beautiful and custom gift for a boy or man who dreams about the sea. Bear is available and looking for a new home.

Teddy Bear boy
This teddy bear boy is really photogenic and friendly. That's why he got a camera medallion. I decide to leave for his new family to make more photos of him but if you want to see more from his portfolio as a model just write me he is waiting in the studio :P.

VintageDeco Bears
Boy is an OOAK bear, made of Steiff-Schulte light beige sparse mohair. He has a stitched nose, mouth and paws, is five-way jointed, has tapered arms, is firmly filled with woodwool and I distressed him a little bit to give him an aged look. He wears antique shorts and a rusty bell around his neck.

Gavrosh. Teddy bear
Irina Plaksina
Gavrosh. Teddy bear. The boy is made of aged plush, on a cotton base.

Kumana Arts
He was sewn completely by hand. He is OOAK. His height is 15 cm/6 inches. He can't stand. Darwin is made of good-quality German materials: beige viscose, German glass eyes, Mini Stoff German fabric on paws. He has stiched nose, cotton bow, shaded face. This boy is stuffed with good quality wood wool, sawdust, sheep wool (cleaned washed) and metal shot for the weight.

Teddy Bear Patrick with little swan
Alyona Kravchenko
Patrick is vintage style teddy bear boy. He has hand knitted swan on his flank and grate silk bow. He was lovely created of German mohair.

Galina Khalikova
David is a childish funny bear. He likes laughing and playing. But he is smart also, as he likes liestening to fairy tales. David can be seated on a palm the whole day. He is never tired of it. He is a small creature of 14 cm if (seated). The boy is sewn from German viscose and has German crystal eyes. He’s filled with mineral granulate and softwood.

This beautiful boy is made of viscose according to the pattern of the author.Materials: viscose, cotton, sawdust, eye-glass, metal granulate, fastening cotter

Baby Boo
Spring Blossom Bears and Bunnies
Baby Boo is a baby boy bear measuring in at 12" tall (not including his hat). He is made from a very soft synthetic fur that is various shades of gray. He has black glass eyes with shading, a clay nose and a stitched mouth. Baby Boo is 5-way nut-bolt jointed and is stuffed with a pouch of pennies for added weight and polyfill.

Stepan Teddy bear
Teddy bear Stepan is a very sweet and touching little boy. Ready to make the company as at the gatherings in cafes and travelling, to decorate the interior in the style of shabby, rustic, boho, hugge. Stepan will be a lucky charm for its owner. Teddy bear Stepan created from German viscose, full of sawdust. His eyes are glass.

13.7 inches (35 centimeters). Brownie is a 35 cm tall Boy, with beautiful black Eyes, sewn from german Schulte-Silk. He is 5-way cotter-pin jointed. Airbrush-Effects. Nose is handmade by Polymer Clay. Paws are made of Ministep and sculpted. He is stuffed with synthetic fibre and Steelbeads for a nice Weight. Complete with Tag and Accessoires.  Please ask, if there are any Questions. Layaway is possible. Best Wishes Anika and Brownie .

Essential Bears by Wendy & Megan Chamberlain
A special little boy bear …………. AMBROSE is made from beige vintage rayon fabric which has been shaded and trimmed to achieve an aged and well loved appearance. This fully jointed little bear, 5” tall with vintage linen paw and foot pads is filled with polyester fibrefill. Ambrose’s face has been needle sculpted with subtle shading around his onyx bead eyes and paw pads.

My Michelle
Keks is sewn from viscose/ Inside the sawdust and polyester. Tummy is soft. The growth of boy from nose to tail is 14 cm. The nose is moulded by hand from polymer clay.

Timothy is a bear made from very curly luxury faux fur , he is a big boy of 21 inch, stuffed with polyfill and stealshot in his belly , 5 way cotterpin jointed, crochet collar with heart shaped charms and his own pearle painted crown , his amber/silver glass eyes are handpainted , his little bunny wil travel with him for compagny.