Galina Khalikova
This divine baby's name is Nicoletta. She is a very cute and charming bear. She likes smiling a lot and sitting on a palm. She is a small creature of 14 cm if seated. Nicoletta is sewn from German viscose and has German crystal eyes. She is a bit heavy as she’s filled with mineral granulate and softwood.

Teddy bear Alenka
Nata Budkevich Teddy bear
What do you smell, my bear? Childhood. Happy Mom. Pancakes on Saturdays. Apricot jam with grains. Slingshot that hid the older brother under the pillow. Walnuts purchased at the market. In the spring flowers apricot. In the summer heat and molten asphalt. In the fall leaves that burns the janitor in the yard. In winter waiting for a miracle snow. It so rarely falls by the New Year.

Bonjour, my name is Gaston and I am a French Bulldog! I am 33cm tall and made from Schulte viscose which my owner hand dyed in shades of brown, chestnut and amber. I am filled with wood flakes and am 5 way cotter pin jointed for movement. I have black glass eyes perfect for gazing! I wear a pink calico double ruffle with a pink ribbon.

Rose, a girl with a sled
Limited Edition "children" (1 of 5). Rosa loves to ride a sled and roll her younger brothers. Wool mohair "sheep wool" Helmbold, Germany. Filling wooden sawdust, weighted with glass granulate. Head and legs are movable. It rests very comfortably in the hand. The silk heart is inside. Standing height 16,5 cm, sitting height 13,5 cm. Materials: "sheep wool" (Helmbold), sawdust, glass granulate, ministop, modelit, discs, splints, fabric, lace, heart of the silk.

Luke Fox
"My Little World" by Anna Matveyeva
The eldest of the Fox-brothers the famous farmer's family in LittleWorld.

You are my sunshine, you make me happy! He is made of a beautiful antique mohair. His paws and ears are from embroidered fabric. He wears a beautiful neck collar of lace with a removable brooch. His eyes are hand-blown glass eyes. He is approximately 50 cm / 20 inch tall. He is fully jointed and has a nice weight to him.

Ben and Jerry the twins
Bearmore Bears
These brothers are made from a dense tipped mohair in brown and black, they have Antique cashmere pads and black glass eyes.

Brother Bear
Brother Bear Sew in artificial fur, fill sintepuh, paws on skeleton, eyes glass. eyelids skin, nose, jaw, claws of plastic. Bear is dressed in a New Year's costume.

Dzin-Ping, bear-bee, bear on a palm
Natalia Petelina Collectible Teddy Bears
I want to congratulate everyone with a wonderful summer and present a bear on a palm, a summer bear-bee. These bears are created from my children, it's a brother and sister. I hope that you will love them as much as I do. Dzin-Ping is a boy, about 14.5 cm in size, sitting 12.5 cm Created from the micro-plush, heel, palm claws and mouth imitation suede, on the ears microfiber.

Northern Star Brothers
Little Things by Jane Antipina
Brothers.. Gray teddy bears in a knitted sweaters with a star!

Eliot - Forest Miracle
Workshop toys Кaterina Prokhorenko
Excuse me for the translation. I hope the tale will understand and move you. The birth of cubs in the family of dragons is very welcome and joyous event. Because kids can appear only once in several hundred years. And this moment has come. All the dragon tribe watched in awe as quietly cracked the shell of shiny eggs.

Small brothers
More than toys
These two kittens are brothers and looking for their new home only together. Their size is like real kittens. The combination of two techniques the needle felting and sewing were used for creation these unique toys of high quality materials natural wool and qualitative faux fur.

Homeless Kitten Brad
The kitten Brad is the younger brother of a kitten of Di Di. When Di Di was taken away Brad has run away from a shelter and it was lost. Without having found the road back he remained on the street. He steals to himself food and waits for the warm house. He very much needs love and caress.Clothing can be removed.

Duckling Kevin :))
Olga Sheogoleva
Hello, my dear friends :-) I am glad to see you. Today I will acquaint you with a duckling the girl. Her name is Collin. As well as her brother Kevin, she likes to walk about the lake and to float on water. In warm day it is especially pleasant Collin is ready to moving to new family. Materials for creation of a duckling:.

Brer Rabbit
Jane Teddies World
Bunny made from viscouse, head and feet moving. Filled with sawdust and granular. Brother Rabbit has a cute jacket. Sewing in vintage style. All made only by hands.

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