♥ Bunny Dandelion ♥
Where is my bear?
♥ Dear friends ♥ I want to introduce you the bunny. Her name is Dandelion. This bunny is 29 cm. ♥ Dandelion is made from Viscose 100%, filled sawdust and metallic granules. Bunny is fully jointed and can move her arms, feet and head. It is comfortable in a sitting position. Dandelion outfit is 100% cotton, every piece of his clothing is removable, changeable. The clothes consist of dress, hat and socks.

Artist Bunny Rabbit brown teddy small packes 9.8 inches stuffed toy
Young bunny height of 18 cm without taking into account the ears, with ears growing 25 cm. Sew of a wonderful German viscose. He sits alone. ears (they retain the shape, bend, head, paws on the disc, fill the saw dust, 100% cotton-granulated metal, trousers from Japanese cotton, braces from the calf's skin. The toy is the collectible hare co, and not for playing small children (there are small details).

Spring Blossom Bears and Bunnies
Hello, please meet Alicia. Alicia is a bunny measuring in at 13.5" high. She is made from a soft synthetic fur that is white with slight brown tipping. Alicia has black glass eyes with lids and a glass heart-shaped blue nose. Her foot and paw pads are made from a pink mohair. She is stuffed with polyfill and a pouch of pennies to give her that added extra cuddly weight.

Lyudmila Zhuravleva
Bunny Stuffed Bunny / Rabbit Edit Listing By Luydmila Zhuravleva.

Bunny collection "Little friend"
Alena Haurylava
Baby Bunny from the collection "Little friend" 5.5 cm excluding ears and about 8cm with ears, mixed media, head and legs are made, the body and ears of viscose, filled with sawdust, head and paws on the splint mount (head on double spline), on the neck silk ribbon. Quite manual baby, everywhere will be with you next, easily fits in your pocket. For purchase, please write in a personal message.

Rose Garden Toys
Joyful teddy Tommy shares a desk with Bunny Lucas in their forest school. They are real buddies and decided to wear a real disguise for their school Christmas party. Tommy bear will wear a bunny costume, while Lucas a bear costume. Isn't it fun? Tommy is a very ingenious bear and knows many riddles, poems, and games. He likes to race but is not always the first...

Sailor bunny
Cuddlesome Critters
Little sailor bunny is made from German viscose with German glass eyes and is firmly stuffed with wood chips and mineral pellets for a weightier feel. He is 5 way disc and cotter pin jointed and is wearing a top and a hand knitted scarf. They can both be removed. His sister is sold separately. Made from a pattern by Elena Moshkina.

Lionhead bunny Lionel
Peggy & Molly Teddies
*** Bunny Lionel *** By Peggy & Molly Teddies . Weight: 30cm without ears Materials: Luxury faux fur, filled with polyester and minerals, glass eyes,5 joints, toned with pastels.

miniature Teddy bunny Latte
Miniature Teddy bunny Latte I made a reduced pattern that created Ksenia Miletskaya (all rights and permissions are respected). Rabbit is made without machine stitches completely handmade. Rabbit is made of viscose hand dye made in South Africa. Forelock mount head and paws. Filled with synthetic swan down. Independently not worth it. Decorated with small buttons. Not suitable for children under 5 years old !!! The bunny is delicate and soft.

Easter bunny Monika
Bear Rhymes
Bear Rhymes are happy to present a new rabbit, Monika! She is completely handmade from high quality German mohair, very soft and cuddly! She is fully jointed on five cotter pins and traditionally stuffed with wood wool , wool and steel shot. Her face is lightly shaded with pastels and oil paints. Monika is wearing a dress and a small hat with a ribbon.

Teddy Rabbit Tim
Handmade. One of a kind. Original pattern. Viscose German. Glass Eyes. Growth: sitting (without ears) 11,5 cm, standing (without ears) 14 cm. Sitting with ears 15 cm. Materials:. viscose German. Paw fabric. fiberfill. Eyes are the glass German. Fastenings: disks and forelocks, the head on double fastening. Ears are reinforced by a wire, are bent. It is tinted by art oil.

Meghan and Cinnamon
Cobblestone Creations
Meghan is a sweet bunny girl in the Book Club series from Cobblestone Creations and is 11 inches seated. She will come with her 3 inch puppy named Cinnamon, her favorite Miniature Golden book titled Four Puppies and her spectacles. Meghan is made of curly ivory colored faux fur with pale brown cashmere inner ears and foot pads. She is 5 way jointed.

Bunny.The right to give a name to a toy is reserved to the buyer.
Nina Batyukova workshop
Made of German viscose. The head and paws are movable (5 fastening pins, discs). Eyes are glass. Filler: wool, wood sawdust, fibrous filler, granulate-glazed beads. Toning oil paints. Clothing cotton fabric, linen.

Teddy bear vintage rabbit
Teddy bear from tanja
Vintage rabbit, sewn from fleece, used decoupage technique on fabric, wax printing, tinted coffee, filled with sawdust and granulate, head and paws on the pins, height 20 cm excluding ears, eyes handmade glass .

Dash is a 10 inch luxury faux fur bear.

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