Buddy The Elf
Bear Hugs Originals
 "Buddy the Elf" has been very busy making cookies for Santa, but he managed to save a few just for you!  Buddy is 100% handmade and hand sewn by me/Sandra using my own pattern.

Bluebearries Toys
Buddy is an american akita puppy made from artificial fur.

Bear Buddy
Bear Buddy , Standing Height 50cm ,looking for a home.

old Buddy
Mini-Bear, the size of a palm. Will follow you anywhere because it fits easily even in your pocket. Made of original German viscose, glass eyes. Inside the Bear 3 types of filler: sawdust, mineral granulate and wood wool. Inserts on heels and palms cotton. Bear tinted with oil paints and aged.

Collector Button Bears
Buddy is made from schulte plush, has charcoal grey glass eyes and a cute needle felted face.  He is approx 12cm tall.

Micro bear Buddy
Micro bear Buddy hand stitched. It was made from German mohair limited coloring. Eyes from glass. This bear was stuffed with sawdust, metallic granules and part of my soul. 5 mounts Hands, feet, head on cotter pins, move. Looking for a good owner. Silk tape manual coloring is removable. Painted by dry pastel. Can sit alone. Only dry clean. This bear will be a good friend for long years.

Bears by Tanya Shkuropadskaya
Buddy made of viscose. Eyes is from glass. This teddy bear is stuffed with sawdust, wool, wood wool and weighted with glass granules. 5 cotters.

Little bulldog Buddy
Bears by MaGy
Cute, little bulldog Buddy is looking for a new home Made of fur for miniatures. Glass eyes, cotter-pin joints. Filled with polyfill and mineral pellets. Toning by pastel. It can stand on their own. Size from head to toe 3,7". The color can vary depending on your screen settings., All my bears are created in a room without smoking. After payment, I ship the package within 3 days.

Cat Buddy
Buddy Cat. He is fully jointed and can move his arms, feet and head. Buddy is made from soft and smooth german viscose fabric; stuffed with sawdust, steel pellets; glass eyes. Not for little kids.

Steffan Teddy Bear
The teddy bear is made of high quality fur. Buddy is a fully articulated teddy, it can move arms, legs and head. It has glass dark brown eyes, while the nose is embroidered. It is filled with a soft, antiallergic PolyFill, steel and heavy beat. This teddy is completely designed and made by hand only by me. It also has a label with my logo.

Olga Nechaeva
Good afternoon dear friends! I present to you my puppy Buddy. I stitched it by hand from snow-white viscose. Inside: sawdust, sintepon, granules, cotter pins and disks. Paws and head are mobile. The stuffing is dense. The toy has a pleasant weight. The ears and tail have a wire frame. The height of the puppy is 16.5 cm. Clothes can be removed.

Teddy by Elena Karasenko
Buddy Bear is made in traditional style.Materials: vintage plush, sawdust, wood wool,Mineral granulate.He is very nice, looks like an old bear.His heels and palms of felt.On the chest silk ribbon.

Teddy bear Buddy
Teddy bear Buddy. (Brown teddy bear only) Vintage style. Collectible teddy bear. He was created by me. German viscose and glass eyes. Stuffed with wood sawdust.

Dobronrava & Bears
Viscose, sawdust, metal granules, glass eyes, cotter pins. On the neck silk ribbon and bell. Well standing on his feet.

corgi puppy Larry
Realistic toy OOAK corgi Larry. This is very cute little puppy corgi, looks for a loving mom. Corgi is a cheerful buddy, a red clown and a loyal friend. Isn't it? Do you agree? The corgi is made of very soft german faux fur. All the materials used will be of long life to this toy. From the head and along the back passes plastic skeleton.

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