Darina Matasova
Height in standing position is 8,6 inches (22 cm), height in sitting position is 6.7 inches (17 cm). Sizes are mentioned without ears. The dog was hand sewed with faux fur, using my own author’s sewing patterns; 5-pin connection of limbs. All limbs are movable. Stuffed with sawdust + fiberfill in the area of the fingers. Weighted with mineral granulate. Paw pads made of polymer clay. Dog has German glass eyes.

Alexi puppy bull terrier
Let me introduce you to Alexi puppy bull terrier. • 13,7"(35cm) long (excluding the tail) • made from artificial fur • hand sculpted polymer clay nose • paws of wool • glass eyes • ears and tail contain a wire • the head, body and legs are connected by the plastic skeleton Lockline • filled with polyester and steel granules Toned by oil paints and art pastel for giving the dog a living species.

Aileen bull terrier

Roo the Bull Terrier
Darina Matasova
Height in standing position is 7.8 inches (20 cm), height in sitting position is 6.5 inches (16.5 cm).

Josie bull terrier

Irina Kirichenko
The bull is made of Italian viscose of a very beautiful color.All connections on the pins are movable.Filled with synthetic fluff and metal granulate.Horns are made of baked clay and tinted with pastel.

Puppy french bulldog Arnie
I present to you a charming puppy french bulldog Arnie. Size 19 cm sitting(with ears), full-length 25cm(with ears). Materials: viscose Italy-France, stuffing: fiberfill, metal granulate. milliput(nose), 5 cotter pins eyes glass, eyelids felting. The puppy only sits (can't stand). Shirt and trousers cotton.Can be removed. The ears and upper paws are reinforced with wire. Tinted with acrylic paints. Arnie comes with a certificate.

Cow Manya
Cow Manya , height standing 30cm, looking for a house.Cow Manya sewed of plush, Fixing paws and muzzle on the cotter pin Filled with polyester and metal granulate, It has a good weight, weighted metal granulate glass eyes made in Germany, The nose is made by hand from polymer clay

Irina Kirichenko
A couple of steers are made of Italian viscose. Glass eyes.All connections on the pins.Banderas and Melanie are a couple in love.