little french bulldog
Oksana Gorevaja
I want you to imagine a small puppy of a French bulldog.

French bulldog puppy Jean
I would like to introduce you to my new french bulldog puppy. He was born 11/11/2018 Size: 15 cm sitting. Material: plush, frame tinted oil-based paints. Face are made of polymer clay and colored with pastels. Only for collectors, not for small children. Materials: plush, stuffing: fiberfill, glass granulate.

Teddy Doll French Bulldog Pauline, OOAK
Do you like bulldogs as much as I love them? Pauline is a little puppy, she always sleeps, but her ears are heard well when you say sweet words to her. Body Bulldog from plush, my face was blinded from fimo puppen. Inside sintepuh, paws and ears have a wire frame. The paws and head move the cotter pins. In the chest there is a silk heart.

My name is Isabel. I am French Bulldog, who is sewn from an artificial fur-mink. The packing is sintepuh (hypoallergenic) and glass granulate. This dog-girl has paws and reinforced ears. The growth of isabel is 17 centimeters (6,9 inch). I'm looking for a new friend and really want you to be kind. I'm from a non-smoking home.

Bonjour, my name is Gaston and I am a French Bulldog! I am 33cm tall and made from Schulte viscose which my owner hand dyed in shades of brown, chestnut and amber. I am filled with wood flakes and am 5 way cotter pin jointed for movement. I have black glass eyes perfect for gazing! I wear a pink calico double ruffle with a pink ribbon.

The Teddy Bulldog Walter was made of German viscose.

Sergio (100%wool "Loro Piana")
This lovely pink bulldog the kid is called by Sergio in memory of one of vice-presidents of the Italian brand of "Loro Piana" Sergio Loro Piana In the Russian symbolism PINK color COLOUR of DREAM of.Sergio soft, gentle to the touch, its shyorstka from bilateral (pink and noble beige), the most delicate wool (100%wool) "Loro Piana". Ears on a framework, it is possible to change situation.

Vita Comoda
French bulldog Baguette-continues the series in antique style.

French bulldog Reno
- The puppy is sewn from viscose and suede completely by hand. Filled with sawdust and glass granulator. , Legs, head on 6 pins (rotating). Ears and jaw on the wire (bent). , Glass eyes. Nose and teeth from polymer clay. On the puppy jumpsuit made of cotton fabric (removable). Decorated with shabby ribbon with artificial flower., .The toy can only do dry cleaning. , You can gently brush with a soft brush.

Natalia Petelina Collectible Teddy Bears
Chester French Bulldog puppy symbol 2018 . Chester created from photos of puppies of the French bulldog, the template is completely my original pattern. And I wanted to make it miniature, but one in which the skeleton could function and that it was alive. So the size of Chester sitting 14 cm (17 cm standing on his feet in full growth). Material for miniature teddy, imitation suede.

Bulldog made of viscose. 5 mobile fasteners, stuffed with hypoallergenic filler. The ears are reinforced, their position can be changed. The toy just sits. The toy is booked.

Night Light
The bulldog puppy, a realistic style, plush with a movable scoop inside, is filled with a soft woolstepon and heavy with a metal granulate, ready to move to a new house.

French Bulldog
French Bulldog Penelope or simply Penny Penny is a puppy of a French bulldog. She is a very sweet and funny toy dog. Her big head gives comedy to the image and characterizes this breed. The French bulldog will be a wonderful gift for lovers of teddy toys and everyone who is not indifferent to dogs.

French Bulldog Gatsby
By Evgeniya and Igor Krasnov. 11 inches (28 centimeters). Puppy French Bulldog Gatsby made from qualitative German plush. The head, paws and body are connected skeleton Lockline. He has glass eyes. Tonned by oil paint. The nose is made by hand from polymer clay The growth of a puppy 28 cm from the nose to the beginning of the tail.

French bulldog Teddy Marsik
Irina Plaksina
French bulldog Teddy Marsik. A puppy is executed in the technique of the dry fulling from natural wool. A head is revolved. Paws move and change position. Nose, paw pads polymer clay. Eyes glass author's work. Sits confidently. Pants are detachable. Jacket is fixed and unable to take off. In a new house will bring a favourite toy wooden airplane. Puppy, clothing and airplane fully authorial handwork.