French bulldog
Toy workshop family Filippov
USD 110.00
rench bulldog French Toy Toy French bulldog Buy toy Realistic toy fur Toy dog Toy Handmade Puppy Puppy French bulldog Hello! I want to introduce you to the French bulldog puppy, gentle playful baby will be your best friend.

Little french bulldog
Oksana Gorevaja
USD 100.00
I want you to imagine a small puppy of a French bulldog.

French Bulldog
Oksana Gorevaja
USD 85.00
I want you to imagine a small puppy of a French bulldog.

French Bulldog teddy
USD 155.00
French Bulldog teddy OOAK dog Artist teddy bears .

Teddy Doll French Bulldog Pauline, OOAK
USD 68.00
Do you like bulldogs as much as I love them? Pauline is a little puppy, she always sleeps, but her ears are heard well when you say sweet words to her. Body Bulldog from plush, my face was blinded from fimo puppen. Inside sintepuh, paws and ears have a wire frame. The paws and head move the cotter pins. In the chest there is a silk heart.

French Bulldog
Meteleva Anna
USD 165.00
I can make a Dog on the photo of your pet. Cost + 20%. I am glad to present you the puppy of French Bulldog. The puppy is very mobile. It can sit, stand, lie and give a paw! A puppy can decorate your interior, sit comfortably on the panel of your car or in a woman's bag. He also likes to sit on pens.

French Bulldog Fiona
USD 199.00
Meet Fiona French Bulldog, serious, business lady.

French Bulldog Paul
USD 100.00
Meet my new baby French bulldog Paul

French bulldog
Olga's Furry Art
USD 100.00
Teddy stuffed red French bulldog. Its head and legs are moveable.

Puppy of the #Frenchbulldog Garry
USD 120.00
french bulldog puppy named Garry. He likes glasses and newspapers. It is sewn from soft viscose, filled with sawdust and metallic granules inside. It is made in the technique of teddy, his head and paws move. His eyes are black, glass) Reinforced ears (can bend) Puppy just sits His mouth prehens and has teeth and tongue.

Black french bulldog
Teddy RusaLena
USD 231.14
This is black French bulldog. Dog sewed by technology teddy bear. As teddy bears in my bulldogs used cotter pin connection and weight material when filling body. This Teddy dog looks very cute. It is a pity that my photos do not convey it well enough what he is wonderful! I am very glad that my series of French bulldogs enjoying success!

USD 118.00
French Bulldog puppy named Bobby. His full height is 20 cm with ears / 7,9 inches The toy is made in vintage style, it looks like a favorite toy. For the manufacture of dogs used plush, filler sawdust and granules to impart weight to the toy. The head and legs of the toy rotate 360 ​​degrees, 5 cotter pins. Eyes toys glass, hand-painted.

Black dog bulldog
Elephant From Prague
USD 54.90
The black bulldog from fauх fur is about 23 cm (9 inches) tall while standing. It has black and white glass eyes and black glass nose. Its paws are embroidered with gray floss. Its ears complemented by gray velvet. Its neck is decorated with a black collar with black and gray glass beads. Inside there is a hollow fiber and glass granulate for weight. The paws and the head can move.

Coco a French Bulldog puppy dog
USD 220.00
A one of a kind completely handcrafted French Bulldog puppy dog. She has been sewn out of quality short pile fabric. The puppy is pose able with a full body lock line armature (not jointed) for a realistic look. Coco can stand, sit, lounge, shake and tilt her head. She has hand blown, lidded glass eyes, a hand sculpted nose, paw pads and toe nails, polymer clay.

USD 113.00
My name is Isabel. I am French Bulldog, who is sewn from an artificial fur-mink. The packing is sintepuh (hypoallergenic) and glass granulate. This dog-girl has paws and reinforced ears. The growth of isabel is 17 centimeters (6,9 inch). I'm looking for a new friend and really want you to be kind. I'm from a non-smoking home.