Favorite Bears
I want to be loved..., See the window ?It's lit! It's waiting for me..." As sometimes we lack love and sincerity, kindness and understanding,children's spontaneity and naivety.. This wonderful little LIBERTINO.... How sweet and childish he is... The kid is made of vintage plush, inside sawdust and a little mineral granulate for weight... A rabbit in a fur coat as living... The coat is made of German viscose..

Skin German plush Schulte, eyes glass, splintage mount legs and head,the nose is handmade from plastic bake, tinted with oil paints, antennae monofilament, inside sawdust, wood wool and mineral granulate. Chanterelle dress made of Japanese cotton is complemented by hand embroidery in the form of the letter "N" (Nelly), bow-silk shabby ribbon.

Bunnies spring, sweet couple
Two Bunnies in the style of anime. Bunnies are made of German viscose "Schulte" hand-painted and Italian corduroy. Handles move-thread mount.

Bunny hostess
Bunny hostess. Made with love for you! From viscose, filled with sawdust and metal granulate. Paws and head to shplintah. Eyes of glass. Clothes made of natural cotton and lace. Baby, waiting for her mother.

Bunny artist
Rabbit is an artist. He thought about a new picture.

Becky's Bunny
Becky's Bunny One of a Kind It is made of Italian viscose and cotton; height-21 cm / 31 cm; glass eyes; fillers-sintepuh and glass. granulate; 5 cotter pins. A dress made of cotton, lined with batiste. Wreath from self-healing plastic and silk ribbons. Ordering Information: Comes with tag, carefully packed and will be sent to you with a tracking number in 2 days after you order.

Bunny Eva
Jane Teddies World
Bunny made from beautiful viscose. Head and feet moves. Filled with sawdust and granules. Head is shaking. Eva has glass eyes.

Bunny - the keeper of the pink clock
Maria Andreeva (mamsik)
Micro-hare from viscose hand-colored 7.5 cm sitting rostrum. Height with feet 11cm. Paws and head rotate. Paunch stuffed freely. Nice, heavy. Lives in hours. Clock 13cm with handle.

19 cm without ears Materials: porcelain, cotton, viscose.. Filling: cotton, granulate. The head is made of porcelain Artika. Bunny arrives in a strong post box

Bunny a touching, gentle, feminine creation, which is all the time in flight of your fantasies !!!!

Bunny sewn from viscose. Stuffed with sawdust and weighted. The legs are movable. Clothing items-cotton and satin- silk.

Teddy doll "Sleeping bunny"
Teddy Story
I would like to introduce you to my vintage doll "Sleeping bunny".

The Rabbit Debbie is 26 cm tall. He can't stand. Author work from Yanina Kartashova, my original copyright design & pattern. Made of wonderful hand dyed viscose. He has glass eyes. His head was stuffed with wool. Stuffed with wool and mineral granulate. He is fully jointed and has his head, legs and movable arms. Its upper legs have internal reinforcement (copper wire). Debbie is looking for a new friendly home.

Gloria and Grace
A pair of elegant spring teddy rabbits is a wonderful romantic gift for the anniversary of the wedding, as a symbol of love, family happiness, spring awakening in nature. Height with allowance for ears 30 cm \ 11.8 inches The spring pair of Rabbits in clothes from natural materials leon, cotton, wool, felt, shebbie-ribbon. The plush rabbit jacket is decorated with hand-embroidered snowdrops. All accessories are made by hand.

- T i m -
Primitive teddy rabbit Tim is made from German Schulte viscose. The color of the rabbit is creamy and beige, but the perception of the color of the toy depends on the settings of your monitor. Rabbit filled with sawdust, wood wool. Added metal granulate. Has one connection, the head is mobile. The body is soft, may be slightly bent. Very tactile rabbit . Ears not reinforced.Glass eye.