Bunny Christoph
SiberianTeddyBear by Olga Andryushenko
The friend teddy bear Bunny "Christoph" sewn from viscose of Italy/France, entirely by hand. He is densely filled with sawdust and metal granules. His paws and the head are mobile because he is Fully 5-way jointed with cotter-pins and cardboard disks. Eyes are made of glass. 13 centimeters (Are without taking into account long ears). Trousers are sewed from cotton fabric. It is impossible to remove.

Paola - a little bunny
Meet new Bunny, her name is Paola. Born on October 2, 2016! She likes to fool around She can stand and sit on her own but prefer to be hold in hands. Baby sewn on the author's pattern from german plush and viscose. Paws and ears are reinforced, bending. All mountings are movable (cotter fixing). Head, arms and legs a rotatable. Bunny is filled with hollofiber, warmth and inspiration.

SALE Noni Bunny
Friends Fur Life Bears By Kim Endlich
This is Noni Bunny and he is a combination of whimsical and well loved. He is 9" tall and has been created from a hand dyed pink viscose with white paw pads and inner ears. Noni bunny has German glass eyes and sculpted facial features. He has little "stitches" on him and has been stained to give him a well loved appearance. He has a cute little white cotton tail.

Teddy bunny Rosy
Teddy bunny Rosy. Vintage style. Collectible teddy bunny. She was created by me. German hand-dyed viscose and glass eyes. Stuffed with wood sawdust. Cotton dress, hand-dyed.

Teddy Bunny Ellie
Anna Kolo
Teddy Bunny Ellie Stitched from German viscose, filled with sawdust, 6 cotter pins. Stitched on the pattern of Xenia Miletskaya.

Teddy bunny Sweety
My world Teddy
Made of German viscose Shulte. Filled with sawdust and metal granules. 5 pins: head, arms and legs are movable. Head on swing pin. Glass eyes. The growth of the toy is 12 cm. The teddy bunny is completely handmade. The dress is made of natural cotton, in manual. Clothes are removed from the toy. The toy can not stand but can sit very confidently.

Pocket bunny Osik
Lysi Toy
Teddy bear friend..bunny named Osik ! Pocket bunny 11 cm Viscose Excelsior and mineral granulat Glass eyes Silk ribbon 100% handmade Thank you and have a nice day..!

Goth bunny
This is a new Goth plush series of 2017, creepy stuffed rabbit GOTH BUNNY toy made of stressed viscose and plush. They are inspired with gothic style and Middle sentures. Ideal companion for bjd doll in my favourite Halloween style. This doll is made to order! Accept custom requests in any color. This handmade rabbit has moving elements which are moving paws and head, ears.

Empiria Dolls
Gentle Bunny pinkish-peach color. His lower legs make me crazy. He is executed in the mixed technics from the viscose and a polymeric clay. Stuffed by synthetic fluff and pellets. Has a 5-pin cotter pin (legs and head are rotate). Eyes glass. Tinted with acrylic and oil paints. .

cute bunny Phlipy
Pocket bunny Phlipy aprox. 9 cm. 100% handmade Original sewing pattern Unique / Exclusive !

Miss Lili's Wonderland
Let me introduce you to little Tabby, she is looking for a new home. Tabby is about 6 cm tall while standing, she wears light gray pajamas and bunny slippers, she also has matching bunny ear headband. . She is:Hand sewn with long pile miniature fabric and vintage viscose ., 5 way cotter pin jointed .black glass eyes, embroidered nose., stuffed with polyester fiber, weighted with steel shots.

Teddy doll Bunny "Tenderness"
Marina Stepanova
Teddy doll Bunny "Tenderness". Height about 20cm, and 7,8". She's a sweet, gentle child. Can stand holding onto something for support, and sits down with pleasure. Sewn on my author's model. Made from curly viscose (made in Italy) hand color. Color pale pink. The face is molded manually of material La Doll. Face painted with acrylic paints and coated with a protective composition.

Elena Kanakhina
The bunny primitive is made of viscose and plush hand-painted, filled with sawdust, wood wool, lavender, glass and stone granules, a head on a cotter pin, glass eyes Germany-elongated, tinted with oil paints, is made in the technique of vintage, a toy size of 16,5 centimeters without taking into account the ears,with ears more, a bunny made in a single copy, completely handmade!

Teddy Bunny Marshmallow
MADE TO ORDER (50$)! Possible duplicate, an exact copy is impossible! Term of production depends on the availability of material. Contact me convenient way for you to discuss the details of the order (production time, changes, etc.). VIDEO: https://www.instagram.com/p/BT5y9vNAZJ6/?taken-by=katya__luka. Delicate and touching baby named Marshmallows. Likes to bask in the warm palms and sit on the handles.

Сollection "Little friend"
Alena Haurylava
Bunny from the collection "Little friend" in mixed media, head and legs sleplena splints, viscose body, filled with sawdust, tinted, silk ribbon. Hand-held kid, can always be with you.