Wee Beary Tails Bears
Thank you for stopping by to meet beautiful butterfly inspired bear "Flutterpuff" She is podgy & cuddly with a big grin, full of colour, I hope you like her. She measures approx 10" tall when she is standing and 7" when sitting due to her design she does prefer to sit!

Jo bears
Butterfly the fairy bear has a sculpted porcelain face with set in dolls eyes. I have made her in two colour mohair .

Bear Amethyst

Teddy bear Vaclav. The bear from vintage plush mustard color. Piglet from felt brawn color.

Fox August
This fox is 13 cm of heigh.

Moth "Night person"
Marina Stepanova
Moth "Night person" 19 cm height without antennae 21 cm with a mustache (8.2 inches) crafted with style Teddy at 5 splintage connection. The head, hands, legs rotate 360 degrees. The butterfly sits perfectly and can stand holding onto a support. The moth is made of fake fur sand color, ministore. Stuffed with sawdust and metal granulate. Glass eyes made in Germany, mouth and nose is embroidered with cotton threads.

Snowflake - White kid mohair fur
Teddy J Bears
Meet Snowflake she is a one of a kind kid mohair teddy bear. She is hand made with hand painted blue eyes. She looks adorable with her little eyelashes. She is stuffed with polyfill and fine heavy fill. Standing at 40cm tall, she is a great size. She is 5 way jointed and is adorned with a gorgeous bejeweled butterfly broach in bright blue and gold.

Madame Butterfly
Anny Gritsay
Teddy Fox is full jointed made of special viscose for, stuffed of sew dust and metal granule. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.

Hippo Motya :))
Olga Sheogoleva
Hello, my dear friends :-) I am glad to see you. Today I have a new kid. This is the girl hippo. Her name Motya She loves the warm summer sun and chatter of birds We look for kind mummy. Hippo is sewed from soft silk fur of production of Germany. Hippo is sewed on my new template. Black eyes of production of Germany.

Bear gentleman
This gentleman, always speaks compliments, gives girls flowers, friendly, modest, and indeed handsome bear. The bear is made of viscose, filled with sawdust, weighted with granules. The eyes are glass. Clothing removable: pants with pockets, where you can hide the legs or a small candy, a two-sided jacket with buttons on the collar, shirt front with a butterfly. All clothes are made of cotton.

Billy-Butterfly catcher
Victoria Ivanova
Little Frog

Teddy Rabbit Вlackie
Bears by Nadejda Mohova
Rabbit sewn from Italian viscose Combined packing.

M. E. Bears Miniature Bears & Critters
“Pixie” is a OOAK 3.5” miniature Bear. She was lovingly hand stitched from Synthetic Fur made especially for bears and her paw pads are ultra suede. She is 5-way cotter pin and disc jointed, and is firmly filled with glass beads and quality poly filling. Her nose is hand stitched with stranded cotton and her brown glass eyes are hand painted. The ultra suede eyelids and mouth all open/close.

Teddy bear Ros
Teddy bear in waistcoat and with a leather butterfly. The paws and the head are spinning. Filled with wooden sawdust and granules. Nose made of genuine leather. 19 cm

Blue gold hedgehog
The Red Tail
Hedgehog Blue gold:.Sewn completely by hands, * Material: fur for miniature, belly viscose.