Bearmore Bears
welcome Aiden into the world, Born 12.1.2018 Aiden is made from a beige & cream ombre faux fur and complimented by Antique cashmere. Aiden has such a beautiful face and is very cuddly. He has quality Glass black eyes and a handstitched nose. Aiden is five way cotter pin jointed and shot weighted, He wears a double ribbon around his neck with a cluster of bells.

Bearly Bears
Charles is a one-of-a-kind mini bear made from cashmere-soft mini bear fabric, with ultrasuede paws and glass bead eyes. He is filled with polyester fibre filling. Charles is 13cm tall when standing and 10cm tall when sitting; and is jointed at arms and legs. He comes with a swing tag listing his name, date of birth, and materials used;

Bear Monty
Please meet my new OOAK teddy bear Monty! He is 21 cm tall, made of bi-color mohair, is fully cotter pin jointed, has German glass eyes, embroidered cotton nose and faux cashmere paw pads. Monty is firmly stuffed with polyfill and weighted with glass beads. Monty is designed and created by my own patterns. He was born in May 2017.

Furry Happiness
Sewed from cashmere. Filler of sawdust and steel granulate. Eyes glass. 5 cotter pins. Sits, stands with support. Clothes made of cotton, pants are removed. Cap of woolen thread. Toning with artistic oil paints.

Captain Rat OOAK
Captain Rat the OOAK Teddy Bear . The rat has cotton paints and shirt, silk ribbon on his neck and leather boots. He wear also a cashmere captain’s jaket. He has a needle felt sculpting nose. The Captain Rat also has a calvary sword. You can get it from the scabbard. All clothes may be undressed.

Mini teddy bear. In anticipation of the holiday.
Toys Anna Evgeneva
In anticipation of the holiday. Designer mini bear. One of a kind. Handwork. Height: 4 inches. Materials: plush, Germany, * sawdust glass granulate, * hinged pin for head and paws eyes glass, Germany, * the nose is embroidered with cotton threads and varnished Accessories: cashmere, cotton, beads from an antique necklace., Toy for collection. Unfortunately, for children's games is not suitable. The bear will arrive to you quickly, approximately within 10-14 days.

Cobblestone Creations
Whimsy is a pale pink and beige Little Charmer Bear who measures not quite 1½ inches while seated and just shy of 2 inches while standing. She fits nicely inside the 2¾ inch tall cashmere lined, hinged, glazed box that was individually created for her. She is firmly stuffed with polyester and is disk and cotter pin jointed at her neck with string jointed arms and legs.

Mohair with cashmere pads

Gale Bear
MaxiLynn Bears
Gale was born in a storm by the sea. He wasn’t scared as the sea is in his heart. Whether dramatic or serene he will always love the beauty of the ocean. He does not need to live by the sea though, he loves all forms of beauty whether a pretty garden or the abundance of love. Gale is 14.5” tall, sitting at 10.5”.

Rat, 3.5 inches (9 centimeters)
This rat was sewn totally by hand from cashmere wool. The rat has a hinged head and wire legs and tail. The body of rat tinted with oil paint.

BY BEARS BY BECCA. I have created 3 creations especially for this show… and this is the second one in that selection of 3 A bear who just wants to be a hedgehog.. just like his little mate. . Standing proud and tall at around 8inches/20cm Bearhog is made from gorgeous Alpaca fur With ultra suede paws .

Emma's Bears
Little Zephyr is such a classic, cuddly and definitely cute little bear. He has also been made from some quality Tissavel faux fur we had kept in our private stash for over a decade. The pile is long and dense and changes in colour from lots of frosted tipping to a darker tipping across the fabric.

Hello, My name is Grover. I am One of Kind Miniature Teddy Bear in vintage style made by Aleksandra Jedyka – “HappyTeddy” I`m looking for someone who will adopt me. About me: I`m about 7.5 cm tall . I`m made from light gold viscose fabric. My pads are made from caramel faux cashmere. I have German glass eyes. My nose is embroidered with black thread .

Chipmunk Cheeks
A aloha Hawaii Bears
By Jordan McKinnon--Bruinwald. 14 inches (35.5 centimeters). Gorgeous bear by artist Deborah Jordon McKinnon-Bruinwald. I don't think she is making bears anymore. 14 inches tall. Fully jointed. Thick mohair. Hand sculpted face with scissor sculpting around eyes and muzzle. Inset Glass eyes. Signature Jordan full hard hand sewn nose. Hand sewn mouth. Cashmere paw and foot pads. Wears a lovely little vest with a needle felted bear on one side and decorations.

This is Strawberry a chubby big bear.