Naturalistic Red cat Maine Coon. 18 In
Pet Portrait by Katerina Makogon
USD 700.00
Naturalistic Red cat Maine Coon is a collectible toy made using the technology of teddy bears, as well as my author's designs. Thi toy is very pleasant to touch and has a lot of weight, like a real cat. Rad cat Maine Coon made of German faux fur. Stuffed with wool and metal granules. Cat has bendable legs, body and tail. (Special puppet skeleton and wire).

Realistic wild cat, collectible toy. Live toy wild cat "BULLET"
Realistic Toys from Irina
USD 130.00
Realistic wild cat, collectible toy. Live toy wild cat "BULLET" is completely handmade. Cute kitten wild cat named "Bullet". The toy is made of high quality faux fur. Inside his body is a plastic frame. Ears are reinforced with wire and can change position. Nose and paw pads made of polymer clay, eyes glass cabochons. Bullet looks like a live cat he is looking for his master!

Madonna Kitti Leonardo
Maria Andreeva (mamsik)
USD 310.00
Author's replica of Leonardo's painting "Madonna Litta". Big cat 45cm, small 32cm. German viscose hand-dyed, hand-dyed cotton, vintage silk sari, mesh ... Both cats with classical fastening of paws and heads. With tails.

Samuel grey cat
skye rose bears
USD 82.12
samuel grey by skye rose bears 16 inches (40.6 centimeters) Category: Stuffed Cat / Kitten . Samuel grey is a cat character of 16" excluding ears he is made from 3 different lengths of Schulte plush in white handpainted blue and gold glass eyes with added leather lids. stitched nose and mouth and added whiskers and hand shading with artists inks.

Bear "Bitter chocolate"
USD 390.00
Hello my dear friends and those who in love with teddies! Im happy to show you, well to present you my new collection "Bitter chocolate" which is full of tenderness. Storytelling can takes a while, I know but let me try. I have a friend in a far away and that friend decided to surprise me and sent me a fantastic sheared rabbit fur jacket.

Animal realistic Plush Toy "Ocelot", collectible toy. Live toy cat handmade.
Realistic Toys from Irina
USD 200.00
Animal realistic Plush Toy "Ocelot", collectible toy. Live toy wild cat is completely handmade. Teddy. Movable head, legs and tail. Good gift for children and soft toy lovers. Also a great gift for those who can't have a pet at home! Ocelot (through European languages from AST. tlalocelotl "ocelot", tlalli" field "+ ocelotl" Jaguar", lat. Leopardus pardalis) is a predatory mammal from the cat family that lives in America.

Cat Lavуnder
Maria Andreeva (mamsik)
USD 205.00
A cat in Bocho style in lavender tones. It is combined from viscose of different tones.

Gray kitten Vaska. Teddy cat. Handmade realistic artist collectable teddy cat
USD 195.00
A realistic kitten Vaska Date of Birth 01.12.2018 Size: 15 inches (38 centimeters) from tail to ears Fur: high quality Korean plush Eyes: high quality glass eyes Nose and paw pads: polymer clay Сat's whiskers fishing line Wire-reinforced ears Stuffing: Mix hypoallergenic bamboo filler,metal pellets Skeleton LockLine Joints: 4-way disk-jointed Tonned by pastel,paint for batik Edition: One of a kind The kitten can take any pose.

Mario cat
My bear Treasures
USD 180.00
14.1 inches (36 centimeters) white cat Mario. Stitched from faux fur. Filled with holofiber and mineral granules. The muzzle is made with a needle for felting. Height sitting...

Kitty Tsukiko
USD 190.00
Cat Tsukiko made of high quality faux fur in the style of still life. The body and limbs have a plastic skeleton that allows the cat to take different positions. It is tinted with artistic oil paints. The filling of the sliver, hollofayber and acrylic. Materials: artificial fur, hollofayber, sliver, synthetic fluff, skeleton, plastic.

Cat Alice with two kittens
USD 800.00
This is Alice, a very cute cat, Briton, blue color and her two playful kittens. It is made in natural size 43 cm from nose to tail (without tail length) from high-quality faux fur, pleasant to the touch. She and her kittens have a skeleton inside Loc-Line, and therefore they are very flexible they can take any position and move any part of the body. Filling polyester fiber.

Cat Christmas Cupcake
Maria Andreeva (mamsik)
USD 185.00
Cat creating a Christmas mood. In the style of boudoir dolls.

White cat Rose
Maria Andreeva (mamsik)
USD 195.00
White cat in a dress in the style of the 20s of the twentieth century. Hand-painted viscose, green eyes, tail ... limbs and head dangling, on round cotter pins, made in the style of a boudoir doll. Dress from hand-colored silk, mesh, silk velvet bow. In addition, the second set of clothes: a corset, pantaloons, a headband with roses! Vintage beads. My cats are somewhat unusual.

Animal realistic plush toy kitten wild cat "Ocelot". Teddy.
Realistic Toys from Irina
USD 150.00
Animal realistic plush toy "Ocelot". Teddy. Movable head, legs and tail. The toy is made of high quality faux fur. Inside his body is a skeleton. Ears are reinforced with wire and can change position. Nose, paw pads and claws are made of polymer clay, eyes are glass cabochons. Glass eyes and white moustache give an even more realistic look.

Exotic cat
Olga Kravchuk-the house of the bears
USD 270.00
the cat is sewed from faux fur.