OOAK the Witch-Cat Teddy (familiar)
OOAK the Witch-Cat Teddy (familiar). In ancient fairy tales under the familiar meant a magical spirit, a magical entity that has its own name, is able to take the image of the animal and serve the witch. Often the familiar appears in the image of a cat.

Sphynx cat queen
Olga's Furry Art
An elegant cat queen is made of suede. Her paws and head are movable. The cat is filled with hollow fiber. Her brocade dress, lacy underskirt and bloomers are removable. She stands on a wooden stand. This is a collectible toy, it is not suitable for children. Dry clean only. You may also order a portrait of you pet.

Clara the Cat
MaxiLynn Bears
Clara is a beautiful fluffy tortieshell flat face Himalayan cat. She is made from lots of different luxury furs & is 15” sitting & 23” tall. Her furs include alpaca, mohair, tissavel & faux fur. Clara’s little nose & generous paw pads are needlefelted. She has those big round Himalayan/Persian eyes made from English glass & whiskers made from horsehair. Clara has been extensively stained using quality markers & water soluble pastels.

Cat Pussy cat Toy Interior toy Cuty Gift Teddy
Irina's Teddies
It's Lavender. She got her name for her lavender dress and lavender flowers embroidered on it. Made of Italian viscose. Arms and legs are moving. Cat's full of sawdust. Dress is off. Made with great awe and love. Size 17-18cm, 7 inches. Only dry cleaning, do not wet, handle carefully! .

Cat Lavуnder
Maria Andreeva (mamsik)
A cat in Bocho style in lavender tones. It is combined from viscose of different tones.

Beatrix Kitten
Samantha-jane Bears & Scallycats
Beautiful Beatrix Kitten is 11 inches tall and created from hand dyed palest pink wavy German mohair, she is five way cotter pin jointed with a wired pose able tail. Beatrix’s face has been scissor and needle sculpted with hand shading, she has deep purple hand painted glass eyes with real lashes. She has long nylon whiskers. Her pussy pink pussy cat nose has been waxed and sculptured.

Teddy pussy
Marina Stepanova
Teddy pussy height about 18 cm, 7,0". Can stand holding onto something for support, but it sits happy... Will be the best friend, sit next to, listen to the latest news and just quietly smile. Sewn on my author's pattern. Made of viscose, hand color (made in Italy-France), delicate pink color. Black glass eye (made in Germany) , embroidered nose, paws and ears-cotton. My pussy has whiskers.

Cat Genevieve
Kitty Genevieve Height 23 cm (total height) Fur, silk, leather, knitwear, lace, Japanese beads His head, legs and arms are mobile. Filled sawdust, wool, metal granules Black glass eyes All clothes (trousers, dress, shoes, hood) can be removed This elegant cat will be the perfect accessory for your home. All my bears, hares and other creations are for adult collectors, not for children (small details). Dry clean only.

Kotya and Motya Lovers
Bear by Mila Popova
The rabbit and the Cat are sold together with the briefcase. Italian viscose. 5 cotter pins. 1 pin in the tail.

Teddy by Tatiana Fedorova
The cat is made of viscose and artificial suede. Filled with wool and metal granulate.

Kitty Silva
Lord Bears
Made of velvet beige and pink. Filled with opalocka and metal granulate.Toned.Pants made of cotton decorated with lace. Dress-satin, pleating mesh, lace. On her head a crown of glass butterflies.

Bears by Tatiana Krivitskaya
Cat Ivy is made of viscose Italy / France. Sitting size 5.91 inch height: 7.48 inch (sitting 15cm, height 19cm). Stuffed with sawdust and mineral granules in the stomach. Glass eye. Head, hands and feet are attached with pins. Rotate. Ivy is wearing a dress, sweater and hat. The dress is made of thin Batiste. The sweater is made of knitted fabric. The cap is tied by hand. Clothes off.

Cat Sophie
Please, meet my new cat Sophie! She is OOAK, 23 cm (9in) tall kitten. She is made of white fabric for miniature bears and beige viscose, is fully cotter pin jointed and her legs and arms are wired so she can bend it and is very flexible. She has hand painted glass eyes and embroidered cotton nose. Inside she is densely stuffed with polyfill and weighted with tiny glass beads.

Gwendolyn and Tabitha
Essential Bears by Wendy & Megan Chamberlain
A special one of a kind Halloween creation. Gwendolyn the little witch is made from cream rayon which has been aged to achieve the appearance of a very well loved traditional style bear. Her paw pads are made from vintage linen. She is fully jointed with onyx bead eyes and a hand embroidered nose.

Kitten Yasya
I would like to present to you this lovely plush cat. This is my new collection of human cat. The main idea of this collection is to show cats as young children, or children like cats. Yasya, the cat that represents the collection is made from Italian faux fur. As usual in this cat I used my favorite cotter pin joints: hands, feet, neck and head can be moved.

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