Teddy cat Bafik
Teddy Halloween cat Bafik height 10.24 ih Toy cat is made in a single copy (OOAK), this is the author bear. Teddy cat and pumpkin will be a wonderful gift for Halloween Teddy cat and Halloween pumpkin will come to the new house together, where they hope to get sweets. Height of a toy - 10.

Mini Kitten Rhubarb
A aloha Hawaii Bears

Morpheus the Cat
Teddies by Anna Miretska
Cat Morpheus from the project 'Dreamers from roofs.' His dream is to learn making love potions and sending mice to sleep by a glance. Morpheus is the only one of its kind. I sewed Morpheus of vintage plush of 2 colors and Italian viscose.

Teddy - Cat Bubu
Oksana Yurchenko
Teddy - Cat Bubu. Full length in the cap 30 cm = 12.5 "sitting 23 cm. = 9.5" Made of a beloved alpacas, slightly silky to the touch effect, palms legs are made of natural suede. - Eyes of glass. - The nose is made of polymer clay.

Bears by Tatiana Krivitskaya
Elia cat is sewn from viscose Italy / France hand painted. Seat height 4.72 inches height: 5.91 inch (12 cm, length 15 cm). Stuffed with sawdust and mineral granules in the stomach. Glass eye. The head, hands and feet are attached with cotter pins. Rotate. Hat hand knitting.

Cheshire Cat
Fairy House Olesya Averina
Hello. Tell me, do you like the fairy tale "Alice in Wonderland"? I think everyone likes it. Cheshire cat - one of the main characters of this tale. He is amazing, witty with a charming smile. Everyone would like to have such a pet, is not it?

Kitty in a scarf and warm hat
Kitty in a white fur hat and scarf in the shape of a fish. Ready for the winter cold, and his favorite scarf, reminds him of his favorite treat. He likes to eat fish :) Very cute and touchable toy! Have a fun and a lot of pleasure with him! The cat is made in mixed technique.

"Furry Pants" Cat in sailor costume
Artist stuffed toy with polimer clay parts. "Furry Pants the Cat" Body is made from soft furry viscose, colour is very light cocoa-beige. Paws and head are made of polymer clay and painted with acrylic paints. Her eyes are amber.

Teddy cat Sailor
Teddy cat sewn from Italian viscose. It filled with sawdust and metal granulate. Clothing is removed. hat and cane made by hand Height 13 cm. The kitten loves the sea and the fish. Always has an anchor. He reminds him of carabel and distant travel! Made to order for you the best kitten!

Black & White Kitten
Teddy Trendy Bears
The Cat is 17 cm height and 14 cm in sitting position. The head and legs are movable. It can sit free, but cannot stand. The arms and the legs have wire inside. The kitten has the coat, the hat, the scarf and the shebby ribbon. All these can be removed.

Lion-Pirate Rusty
My new one of a kind teddy lion Rusty! He is 32cm /12.5'' tall. Rusty is made of viscose and long pile orange mohair. He is fully cotter pin jointed, has hand painted glass eyes, embroidered cotton nose and wool felt paw pads. Rusty is firmly stuffed with polyfill and weighted with glass beads.

Great Kind Heart
Sewn in the style of "antique" from viscose filled with sawdust and metal granulate.

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