she is faux fur, cotter pin metal joints, glass eyes, filled with stuffing and pellets for weight, and all fully handsewn. Feet, paws and face are embroidered and detailed. The dress is handmade, with button fastens on the top and clasps along the side to remove the dress completely. She also comes with a story and an adoption certificate. She is just over 12inch in size.

Bear Rhymes
Bear Rhymes are happy to present Bear Robin! Completely hand sewn by the artist, Fully jointed on 5 cotter pins, Filled in with wood wool, wools and steel shot for his chunky weight, Black glass eyes, Embroidered scissors sculptured nose. Robin is wearing a warm knitted mohair scarf and he has got a vintage badge of a robin. Robin is waiting to be adopted by a loving family!

Mr Pumpkin
Bear Rhymes
Bear Rhymes are happy to present Mr Pumpkin! The bear is completely handmade from a high quality German mohair. He is fully jointed on 5 cotter pins and filled in with wood wool, wool and steel shot for his chunky weight. His paws are made of genuine leather. He has black glass eyes and embroidered nose which is lightly shaded with oil paint.

Bear Rhymes
Bear a Rhymes are happy to present little bear girl, Annabel! She is a completel6 handmade little bear, she is sewn from vintage style German mohair, Traditionally stuffed with wool, wood wool and steel shot for her chunky weight. Annabel has black glass eyes, embroidered nose, lightly shaded face. Annabel is wearing a vintage style dress. The Bear is looking for a new loving home!

Bear Rhymes
Bear Rhymes are happy to present Larry!

Seal and baby white seal
Wool friens by Elena Lebedeva
Brooches Seal (15 сm) and baby seal (9 cm) are made in the technique of dry and wet felting.

Bear Hugs Originals

Russell Bears by Kim Russell
Zander is a special bear from 2006! 10 inches tall! USD$1600.00, he will be posted from the USA ( shipping additional ) This is a true rare opportunity to find any early creation of Kim's for sale. Zander is one of Kim's very first needle felted pieces. He's won three awards and they will be included with his adoption. Zander is created from an amazing hand dyed mohair.

Bear Violet
Bear Rhymes
Meet Violet.

Bearmore Bears
Welcome Zesaro born 12.1.2018, he is ooak and made from a stunning black flint pearl faux fur 80mm long and complimented by slate cashmere for pads that are sculpted to give the chunky toe look. He has quality black glass eyes and a hand stitched nose, Zesaro is 5 way cotter pin jointed and shot weighted. He wears a beautiful handmade glass pendant with cubed beads around his neck.

Emma's Bears
Lunabeary is our latest completed custom order. She has been made using two of our crazy long faux fur fabrics 'Cyber Pop' is the very bright multi-coloured pink, purple and blue fur, and 'Samoyed' is the white fur. Lunabeary looks out through big black glass eyes, has a hand embroidered purple perle cotton nose and 3D pulled and shaded toes.

Emma's Bears
This gorgeous BIG boy has been designed with child-like proportions, similar to our toddler range but much more chunky. He has a big, generously sized head with a broad nose, a sturdy body, long slightly bent arms and bent-knee legs. Jeremiah has been made from a piece of super-deluxe faux fur we had in stock last year.

Emma's Bears
This gorgeous big squishy bear is 'Fisher'. He has been made using a reduced version of our 'Jumbo' pattern which gives us the very cute exaggerated proportions of our original Jumbo design, but in a slightly smaller (but still quite generously size) bear. Fisher is made from a piece of our hand-dyed super curls Schulte mohair (very dense, tightly curled and an unusual stormy sky colouring).

Toddler Basil Harley
Emma's Bears
This stunning big bear is one of our older-style 'Toddler' bears (bears that can be dressed in standard baby clothing so you can shop for their outfits yourself. The Toddler range don't have the heavy heads of the baby-version of this design, so they can be displayed sitting upright).

Barney Bears
Welcome along to my new wonderful little bear called Mudge. He's absolutely adorable! he is made from a quality mohair by Schulte, a matted, scruffy style in beige with kind of hints of the palest peach on a dark brown backing.

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