Essential Bears by Wendy & Megan Chamberlain
One of my handful of bears, Charlotte is an old traditional style bear pattern. Charlotte is made from cream random dyed rayon fabric which has been aged to achieve the appearance of a much loved traditional style little bear. Her foot and paw pads are made from vintage linen. She is fully jointed with glass eyes and a hand stitched nose.

My Michelle
Teddy bear Stepan is made of plush. Inside the sawdust. Packed tightly. Muzzle tinted with oil and pastel.Glass eyes.

Kitten Penny
By Evgeniya and Igor Krasnov. 9.8 inches (25 centimeters).

Blue Boy
Densteds Bears by Denise.
Hi, everyone, I have just completed a lovely big bear and he is ready to find a new home. Blue Boy is made from a beautiful variegated kurl mohair, in shades of blue, mauve, purple with small touches of tan.

Teddy bear's by Irina Shaia
Misha sewed with great love of viscose Italy-France 9mm, Nabil sawdust and wood six (trunk-soft tactile stuffing), metal granulate ....

Cool Bears By NataliyaMikha
Meet Teddy Bear Gingerbread. Bear sewn on the author's pattern, vintage plush. Mount 5 pin. Packed very tightly with sawdust, weighted glass granulate. Glass eyes. Antique lace and shabby ribbon.

Olena Makeienkova
He flew for a very long time and was tired ... He needs a house where he will be loved, and he will protect you.

The etymology of the name Maudelus is raised to the Lithuanian mauda 'care'.

Teddy Bears by Olena Golovinska
Villi, Elephant teddy Is looking for a new family! Will bring joy to your house! Maybe he waits for you? The classical Teddy technology has been used to design the stuffed elephant. USED MATERIALS: German alpaca EYES: German glass JOINTS: Fully 5-way jointed with cotter-pins and cardboard disks. Elephant tinted artistic pastel . The elephant is fully handmade. You can buy it in my shop!

Timosha bear&his friend Totoshka
Mushroom House
Timosha bear has a good friend. It's a small dog Totosha. They are very happy together. They like autumn, apples and outdoor games.

White Rabbit
Toy Art by Tina Tita
Ooak White Rabbit sewn from viscose, fully jointed, wood flakes filling, glass eyes, features elegant jacket embroided by hand, umbrella and pocket watch

Fluffy cute girl with piercing bright blue eyes. She has a very unusual coat of dense mohair color of vanilla cream. She loves Napoleon cake and a hot cappuccino. Height 52 cm, weight 1736 GRS, Germany glass eyes painted by hand, 5 cotter pins, gasket sawdust head tightly, hands and feet-medium density, a little softer tummy-doesn't fall, weighted with mineral granulate.

Mish Marina Kashkina
Filling: sawdust. mineral granulate. material: plush glass granulates mounting: pin + drive. head + 4 paws. eye glasses. black color nose: cotton thread decor brooch stitched entirely by hand. without the use of sewing machines

Lena Minchenkova
Bear Gift is fluffy and pleasant to touch. Decorated by organza collared. Material: mohair Stuffing: sawdust Joint: 5-joint. Toning: pastel paints. .

Irmi's Teddyatelier
Today i'd like you to meet Lucy.