Elena Kanakhina
The bird primitive is made of viscose and plush hand-painted, filled with sawdust, wood wool, lavender, glass and stone granules, a head on a cotter pin, glass eyes and nose-elongated, tinted with oil paints, is made in the technique of vintage, a toy size of 16,5 centimeters without taking into account the ears,with ears more, a bird made in a single copy, completely handmade!

Teddy Stories
Gretel is made by hand from snow-white German mohair, painted with pastels and oil paints. It is filled with sawdust, glass and metal granules. At Gretel all paws and a head are mobile, glass German eyes and an embroidered waxed nose. Height 22 centimeters, All clothes and made only from natural fabrics. Clothes : batiste, silk, cotton, beads, , glass beads, cotton threads for embroidery, gold vintage thread, wooden button..

Tatiana Zelenkova
Bears collection on balloons "Balloonists" Theodore Bear Size 8 cm sitting (3.5 ") and 12 cm standing (~ 5").

Toys by Talya Roshchina
Teddy bear made of faux fur, filled with synthetic down and glass granules. The fur is very thick, pleasant to the touch. Bear's head and paws turn. Independently sits and stands. Stitched durable thread.

Teddy bear in a cap, circus style, with a wooden heart
Irina's Teddies
Teddy bear in a cap, circus style, made of soft fluffy Italian viscose. The filler is sawdust. Handles and legs move. Can sit alone. In stock.

Madonna Kitti Leonardo
Maria Andreeva (mamsik)
Author's replica of Leonardo's painting "Madonna Litta". Big cat 45cm, small 32cm. German viscose hand-dyed, hand-dyed cotton, vintage silk sari, mesh ... Both cats with classical fastening of paws and heads. With tails.

Bear Alice
Cutest Arts
One of a kind Miniature jointed Bear Alice These picture are not great but Alice is PinK. VERY IMPORTANT. International Shipping is very expensive For LOWER SHIPPING, please contact me. Alice Comes with a COA These little animals are handmade by me, you will never find an other one like them and they will never be duplicated.

Klintzfamily Bears
the style: Creamy Cottage GLAM. PRIMITIVE PRAIRIE SOFT Tessa was created from mohair in a long, creamy, wavy, beige.  This lovely fur pairs beautifully with this shabby vintage dolls dress, lace, velvet and tinsel and glamorous jewels, making Tessa a must-have for any classic glamorous room or vanity. PROM NIGHT GLITZ Tessa's prom night styling is the perfect canvas for glam.

OOAK Nice small bear, sitting height 16 sm, standing 22 sm. Can't stay alone.

Teddy bear's by Irina Shaina
Misha sewed with great love of viscose Italy-France 9mm, Nabil sawdust and wood six (trunk-soft tactile stuffing), metal granulate ....

Olena Makeienkova
He flew for a very long time and was tired ... He needs a house where he will be loved, and he will protect you.

Mouse Cracker
The Thrifty Little Mouse is visiting with sweets. Mouse Cracker is looking for a good heart and a new home, promises not to eat all the tasty at once Growth baby standing about 4.1 inches (10.5 cm) Head and paws on cotter pins and discs rotate.

Lukjanova Craftery
Elephant Evin is 18cm tall. Elephant is sewed from mohar, paw pads are sewed from wool.

Anna Davidovich
Hi, this is Elizabeth . Made of German viscose , stuffed with sawdust , tinted with dry pastel and oil , has German glass eyes , clothes made of cotton. Moulded Larissa Gavrilovoj .

Hello teddy bear collector....I’ve just completed this beautiful Teddy Bear and she is ready to meet her new family. Alice is a OOAK made is German Mohair and faux suede paw pads. She is a Panda style Teddy Bear in rich black and deep pink. 5 way jointed and filled with Polyester and plastic beads in her tummy. Black glass eyes and a hand stitched nose and mouth.