Tinky tiny teddy koala bear
Elena Volchkova
Tinky is funny koala bear, who lives in a large rose bush. Tinky loves rain and every time looking for a rainbow. He smiles at every rose on the big bush in which she lives. Koala's left paw and head are unique embroidered with cotton thread, silk ribbons and beads. Medallion is fairy rose from her lovely rose bush. This miniature hand-embroidered.

Theo and Melony
Galina Khalikova
*THE PRICE IS INDICATED FOR 2 BEARS TOGETHER! The bears are one of those couples of my collection "TWO HEARTS"! The bears have a very warm sight. They will bring cosiness and warmth to your house. The creations are of calm and warm colours. All the clothes can be taken off. Theo is wearing a double-sided jacket (he can wear it from both sides), trousers, a cap and a scarf;

Winnie Teddy Bear
OLD PRICE $130!! I think, no need to introduce you to Winnie the Pooh there's, you will surely recognize this cute and good-natured sweet tooth!.fur of Winnie is a German faux fur (plush). , *5 cotter pins. Glass black eyes. , *Nose ,eyelids and a pot of honey were sculpted me from polymer clay. Stitched entirely by hand.

Cat Fred
Pretty bears
Very fluffy cat Fred.

Elena Stanilevici

Gems fur may look a little different in the photos, as the lighter fur is with lamp lights and the darker fur is with natural light. This fur varies depending on the light. Gem is a 6.5 inch collectable bear,from ear to foot, that is completely hand sewn. She is made from scruffy faux fur, cotterpin joints, steel pellets, stuffing, and glass eyes.

Irmi's Teddyatelier
Today i'd like you to meet Lucy.

made for the June 2018 BCA EXCLUSIVE ONLINE SHOW. Hollar is made from xxl mini bear fur, In 2 beautiful shades of Neutral. Stuffed with wool and steel shot. He is 5 way jointed. He is 7inches long. All my Schnoza’z have extensively needle sculpted faces to give them their signature Schnoza look. He has hand painted deluxe glass eyes by me. I have needle felted his nose aka Schnoza.

Anna Musical Teddybear
Anna Hoo Artists Bears
Anna, a 60 cm long curly mohair musical teddy bear, wearing an all handmade beautiful antique night jacket 1930. When pulling the cord at the back the bear play a melody.

Clementine Cordelia
Teddy J Bears
Meet Clementine Cordelia. She is part of my Soul Teddy Collection. Clementine is made from hand dyed alpaca long pile fur. She has faux seude paw pads. Hand painted eyes with super cute eye lashes. She is wearing her Sister and Soul "dream" necklace. She is weighted in the tummy, hands and feet and is 45cm from head to toe.

Fluff Truffle & Puff Bears
This little guy Crispin is made from a Russet red German mohair. He has a lovely character about him. He is filled with heavy fibre filling and also weighted nicely with shot for a solid feel. He is 12.25oz. German black glass eyes. Shaded and needle sculpted suedette paws. Embroidered and beeswaxed nose. Cotter pin jointed. He will come presented with a nice box.

Oksana Matviienko
The bear is made by the author's pattern, completely handmade.

Bunny Buf
Olena Koretska
Teddy bear will be a wonderful gift for You and Your family! Who can remain indifferent to these lovely creatures, created with love and care!. The bunny made of cotton mohair. Filled sheep wool and mineral granules. Glass eyes. 5 cotter pins. The clothes cotton, ribbons, knitwear, knitwear handmade, artificial suede, accessories. Clothing is decorated with hand-painted on fabric. Height 19cm. Teddy Bunny Buf is my original design, OOAK.

Mini 'Seaweed'
Wee Beary Tails Bears
Thank you for stopping by to meet colourful mini mohair artist bear "Seaweed" distant cousin of my earlier bear Seagem Sam!  He measures approx 4" when he is sitting, and approx 6" when he is standing, he does prefer to sit due to his design. He has been created from medium pile stringy mohair hand dyed pale yellow with an aqua green backing - its really pretty.

Teddy Bear Stephan
Fancy Teddies by Ekaterina Filippova
Teddy Bear Stephan is 100% OOAK. I’ve used my own pattern to make him. I’m sure you have never seen before such a kind and smiling bear. Let him steal your heart! You won’t be disappointed! Teddy Bear Stephan is 18 inches (45 cm). He is made from alpaca, stuffed with wood wool and fiberfill, weighted stone granules. The body is connected to the head with a skeleton.