OOAK Artist Teddy Bear / Himalayan Bear Guido / Brown Teddy Bear / Handmade Artist Teddy Bear / 5,5 inch Teddy Bear / Collectible Teddy Bear
Collectible Teddy Bear Himalayan Bear Guido - funny little fat man. Rather thick bear :) He loves to tasty meal and soak up the warm palms. The Teddy Bear kid is 14,5 cm growth. This Handmade Artist Teddy Bear can not stand on its own (technological feature), loves to sit more.

Teddy bear Sea Breeze
Teddy Art
Miniature turquoise teddy bear 3,5 inch with pink scarf OOAK Artist Teddy Bear Collectible teddy bears Handmade teddy bears Home bear friend. Collectible miniature teddy bear, 3,5 inch, beautiful turquoise color. Very soft and cozy little bear. Completely handmade. Made of fur for miniature.

Sonya Collectible Teddy Bear
Adorable Bears by Madam Mari
Treat yourself or a loved one to a vintage-inspired, collectible teddy bear! These magical bears and their friends are designed and hand-sewn by me from high-quality European materials.

OOAK Collectible Miniature teddy bunny - Artist teddy rabbit - Doll friend
Farberova Olga
OOAK Collectible Miniature teddy rabbit - 2.5 inch. Artist teddy bunny. Friend for Blythe doll. Dollhouse miniature. Teddy rabbit is the best gift for your friends and loved ones! Size: stand, without ears - 5.5 cm, with ears - 6.5 cm (2.56"), Rabbit wears sweater and pants.

Teddy bear in shoes
Artist Teddy Bear is fully handmade from viscose. He's stuffed with sawdust and metal pellets to give him good weight and feeling alive. Bear has moving joints of the head and paws. He has black glass eyes. Teddy toy is approx 17 cm in standing tall and 14 cm in sitting position.

Vintage style plush bear on wooden cart
Let me introduce a nice collectible toy in a vintage style on a wooden cart! The bear is sewn from a vintage plush, filled with sawdust, tinted with oil paints. Glass eyes. Since the stand is not removed. The wooden cart has an aged look, covered with acrylic paints.

Orange little teddy bear sailor - a perfect gift for her. Teddy toy is artificially aged, looks like a favorite toy from childhood. Plush bear is made in a single copy (OOAK bear), it is a collectible toy. Toy bear is made of plush, filled with sawdust, paws and a head on pins - 5 pins.

Teddy Bears by Olena Golovinska
Fox Teddy OOAK, collectible toy for you) Kornelius A very small fox. Wants to become your friend! Maybe he waits for you? The growth of the fox around, 4,7", 12 cm USED MATERIALS: German mohair. EYES: German glass JOINTS: Fully 5-way jointed with cotter-pins and cardboard disks.

Artist Bunny Rabbit brown teddy small packes 9.8 inches stuffed toy
Young bunny height of 18 cm without taking into account the ears, with ears growing 25 cm. Sew of a wonderful German viscose. He sits alone.

Hazey the French Bulldog
Darina's Little World
Height in standing position is 7.5 inches (19 cm), height in sitting position is 6.3 inches (16 cm). Sizes are mentioned without ears and accessories. Hazey can't stand without support. Ears have metal wire inside, so they can keep different positions.

Plush Forest Bears
Introducing Benjamin - new old friend. Year, origin - 2017, Ulm. Collection - Individual. Height - 26cm. Weight - 588g. Materials - Antique mohair. Feet bottom - Jacquard. Ears - Jacquard. Finishing - Oil, artificially aged. Filling - Sawdust, steel granulate. Eyes - Glass, bead.

Teddy Bear
Bears & friends
The bear is sewed from italian silk velvet. Inside sawdust, metal granulate. Eyes are from glass, a nose is embroidered. The dress is made of cotton and decorated with lace. A bell is on the neck. 10,2 inch (26 cm). The bear isn`t a toy. The bear serves for decoration of an interior.