Paprika...collector's Teddy bear
Еmotional bears by Irina Voronina
adopted USD 232.51
Insanely cool turned out! Very mobile, the upper legs and head on the round pins, which gives its movements a large amplitude and allow them to hang fun sits steadily, even with a tilt back. Made of Italian fluffy long-haired viscose, stunningly soft to the touch... Is stuffed with wood shavings and mineral granules. Eyes glass. The collar and fish are Made of cotton. Tinted colors.

OOAK Collector's classic Teddy bear
USD 446.95
OOAK Collector's classic Teddy bear with the author's hand-beading, micro sequins and elements of vintage lace. Teddy bear is made of mohair, as well as vintage velvet (palms, feet and the inside of the ears). Teddy bear's eyes are made of vintage buttons. Teddy bear is densely Packed with sawdust, weighted with mineral granulate.

Bear in a cap, with a bow in black and red color, with a wooden heart, a gift f
Irina's Teddies
USD 120.00
Teddy bear from brown Italian viscose. Bear stuffed with sawdust. Handles and legs move. The cap is dressed in a red and black color and a black lace bow. There is also a red wooden heart on which we can write the name of your loved one, i.e. make a personalized inscription.

Teddy Bear Brownie
USD 130.00
Teddy Bear named Brownie Height 24 cm /9.4 inches Teddy bear made of plush with viscose pile Toy inside is filled with sawdust and mineral granulate. The glass eyes made in Germany, hand-painted eyes. Nose toys made of plastic. The head and limbs on the cotter pin and can be rotated 360 degrees. 5 pins Bear is able to stand without support.

USD 127.82
Blue Angel bear is approx 28 cm tall…. made with upholstery velvety fabric. 5-way jointed, cotter pins/discs. English glass eyes. wears removable wings, made with real feathers and needle felted…the intern side of the wings is made with gold fabric to remind the gold little beads on the removable collar, that is itself closing with a vintage GLASS button. The wings are removable…so is the collar.

Bear in a pink wreath of flowers
Irina's Teddies
USD 120.00
Teddy bear handmade.

Teddy bear Ted
USD 145.00
Teddy bear Ted is a brave sailor. Loves the sea and travel. Will be a gift for a man, father, sailor.

A little bear with wood heart the inscription "Love"
Irina's Teddies
USD 120.00
Made of Italian viscose. Arms and legs are moving. On the back decorative element-heart with wings. On neck scarf. Bear stuffed with sawdust. Made with great awe and love. Size 17-18cm, 7 inches. Only dry cleaning, do not wet, handle carefully! . Toy available, we carefully pack this toy in a box, in a soft and fluffy filler and send it to you within 1-2 working days.

Brown Bear in a cap and in a beautiful collar in circus style
Irina's Teddies
USD 120.00
Teddy bear handmade. Made of Italian viscose.

Bear Benjamin
Pogorelaya Daria
USD 500.00
Made of high-quality artificial fur (pleasant to the touch) Eyes glass.

USD 115.00
The teddy bear's name is Pavlik Teddy Bear wants to be a sailor Height 28 centimeters / 11,0 inches Bear sewn plush Stuffing sawdust, padding polyester and mineral granules The bear has glass eyes with hand-painted and eyelashes The head and limbs on the cotter pin and can be rotated 360 degrees. 5 cotter pins Bear has a nice weight, dense packing. Dressed in a sailor suit. Clothing 100% cotton. Clothing is removed.

Bear Amber
Pogorelaya Daria
USD 140.00
One of my collection of bears Made of viscose Steiff Schulte, Germany.

Archibald Bear pilot
Natalina Toys
USD 220.00
Archibald is made of alpaca, filled with sawdust and metal granules. The head and the paws rotate, fasten on cotter pins and discs. Eyes are glass.

Polar Bear Mia
Pogorelaya Daria
USD 400.00
Made from Alpaca (Germany) Height (without ears 50 cm) Nose, claws, jaw: made of polymer clay. Pads of the paws (fingers) natural leather In the paws is a plastic skeleton Germany 4 disk connections, a skeleton is installed in the neck The mouth opens and closes The dress is made of staple, embroidered with beads and lace Leather sandals and bag She has her own wooden box.