Andy the steampunk bear
Scruffy Bears
Meet Andy, waiting for his new home. Completely hand sewn by me. He stands 40cm tall, is fully jointed and made from the most gorgeous thick rust colored mohair tipped in chocolate brown. His body is weighted with glass beads and he features the most unique hand made keyhole design surrounded by cogs emerging from his unzipped chest and an antique clock key.

Margie's Bears and Creations
Autumn Rust color mohair, like autumn leaves, * Black glass eyes sculpted clay nose, painted and sealed, * hand stitched black perle cotton mouth ultra suede paw pads, stuffed with polyfil, * fully jointed with locknuts, screws, washers, and hard board discs adorned with vintage millinery floral headband made just for her, * stands 9 3/4 inches high, 7 1/2 inches sitting * One of a kind bear

Klintzfamily Bears
Iysh (Eesh) 14.5 inches tall. the style: Aire Debonair . HUNK-A BURNING LOVE Isn't he handsome? He could be a teddy bear movie star with those dark eyes, gorgeous good looks and cowlick boyish charm. VERY VIRILE It's the earthy brown hand dyed coloring. There is a sensation that you get when you nozzle him between the ears…..grrrrrrrowl!!

He always wanted to play in a theater, he dreamed of interesting roles ... and now ... an amateur performance, and oh! the main role ... dreams come true! clothes thin natural coarse calico, feather natural copper vintage ornament As part of the specialized exhibition of copyright bears "Kiev TeddyLend" this work won first place in the nomination "Friend Teddy" in the debut category. Kiev 2018.

Buddy The Elf
Bear Hugs Originals
 "Buddy the Elf" has been very busy making cookies for Santa, but he managed to save a few just for you!  Buddy is 100% handmade and hand sewn by me/Sandra using my own pattern.

Good afternoon, get to know this bear more closely, it is perfect for playing and just as an interior toy!

Panda Teddy Kesha
Panda sewn entirely by hand from artificial fur under a mink of very good quality. Hollofayber filling. Paws on splintage mounting the head on a double cotter pin. Legs are reinforced with wire, allowing you to change poses. Stands alone, but not very confidently. In his chest beats the heart of the silk. materials: artificial fur, hollofayber, modelit, artificial suede, markers on fabric, copper wire, splintage connection.

Teddy bear Plusha
It is made of high-quality faux fur (the fur resembles Mouton). Bear can open / close eyes and mouth, it looks very touching. The head is mounted on a double spline, the legs on the splines and legs have a wire frame. In the belly is a glass granulate, it gives the bear weight and very nice to touch. In the chest is a silk heart.

Anna Bratkova
New size my classic bear- 25 cm!

Anna Bratkova
New size my classic bear- 25 cm!

Anna Bratkova
Diana 32 cm is elegant sophisticated young lady of soft but not dense copper-beige mohair pile 23 mm. She is movable free stuffing ,relaxed and can not stand myself weght 495 gramm.

Juliia ALADINA and my amazing bears
Bear dressed as a peasant. Sewn from mohair. Full of sawdust. Mineral granules for weight. Five movable joints. Glass eyes hand painted by the author. The nose is embroidered and covered with wax. He is dressed in an elaborate costume shirt, pants, vest, hat and shoes. All clothing is made from linen, silk and cotton. Shoes made of genuine leather. All the clothes can be removed.

Bears by Zarina Madi
Take it in your palms and feel the tenderness and warmth in your heart. Chloe loves the scent of cinnamon and apple pie Christmas mood is very soon The bunny is sewn from the beautiful white mohair Schulte. It is filled with natural materials: wool, wood wool. For a pleasant weight added glass granulate and a little metal granulate. 5 movable fasteners (disc / split pin).

Oscar OOAK teddy-bear
Big teddy bear Oscar 16 in (40 cm) with his little bear-toy by Natalia Tolstykina (NatalyTools). O.O.A.K.

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