Vanechka One of a Kind Height 22 cm. Sew in viscose; 5 joints, Head on the mobile; Eyes glass; inside sintepuh and glass granulate; Cilia and bangs puppet. Clothing: skullcap corduroy, panties And shirt cambric, vest threads "iris", Sandalaki leather. The horse is sewn from the fabric and stuffed with sinters, mane and tail out of thread, frame and the wheels are wooden.

Bear Rhymes
Bear Rhymes are happy to present Bear Trevor! Trevor is a nice little bear, completely handmade from German vintage style mohair, He is fully jointed on 5 cotter pins, He has black glass eye#, embroidered nose, slightly tinted face. Trevor comes fully clothed to you he is wearing wool trousers decorated with cross stitched front and a lined corduroy jacket. Trevor is looking for adoption by a loving family!

OOAK lion Teddy
If you need a chic gift worthy of luxury handmade Teddy lion is the best choice! The personification of brutality combined with elegance and style of English dandy. The main qualities of the lion as a totem animal: the connection with the sun, courage, nobleness, prosperity. It is these characteristics that the man-made lion Teddy will bring with him to his Man's house.

The Fishing Party
Somethings Bruin by Jill Baxter
The Fishing Party OOAK by Jill Baxter of Somethings Bruin . • Size: Bear 26cm / 10 inches Cat 18cm / 7 inches • Bear 5-way jointed – Cat poseable (made on wire armature) • Age: 14+ • Bear Surface washable. BEAR; A handsome teddy bear made from gold sparse finish mohair. He is firmly filled with polyester and his feet are weighted with steel shot. He has amber glass eyes with felt eye whites and a black stitched nose.

Gordey and Ganna
Teddy Stories
Teddy made by hand from the German mohair. Bears are filled with wood sawdust, natural and metal granulate, have 5 movable joints and glass German eyes. All clothes and shoes made only from natural fabrics. Materials for clothing: linen, natural wool, corduroy, cotton, beads, glass beads, cotton threads for embroidery, cotton lace. Gordey 32 cm, 717 grams Ganna 30 cm, 588 grams Shoes are made of leather. All clothes and shoes are removable.

Bunnies spring, sweet couple
Two Bunnies in the style of anime. Bunnies are made of German viscose "Schulte" hand-painted and Italian corduroy. Handles move-thread mount.

Vihuhol' Nicole
"My Little World" by Anna Matveyeva
It's not a mouse. Russian word "vihuhol'" means "desman". It's not look like real desman, but the word just sounds funny, so let it be! Vihuhol' Nicole funny creature with elegant french name the unity of opposites! Materials: vintage plush (painted with oil and acrylic); polymer clay; glass eyes; cotter pins; filled with wood sawdust and metal granulate. Clothing: knitwear, corduroy, knitted scarf and beret.

Friends for travel
Little Friend for traveling named Ulrich. Hand-stitched from a combination of German mohair and corduroy. Internal packing sawdust and wood wool. Palms, heels and the inner part of the ears of velveteen. Ulrich has different eyes, one black matte, the other brown, dressed in an olive-colored sweater and leather backpack.

Natalia Petelina Collectible Teddy Bears
Dominic created from photos of puppies of the puppies, the template is completely my original pattern. A puppy of 35 cm, sitting about 26 cm, is made of French fur Tissavel and German fur. Pads of paws, ears and mouth from imitation suede.

Charles Grey
Teddy Bears by Alla Zubkova
Charles Gray is an amateur English tea with bergamot.

Owl “Alf”
Lesya Haitova
Full height 26 cm, sitting 19 cm.

Bear Rhymes
Meet Trevor, He is a small bear of 19 cm tall, completely handmade of German mohair and fully jointed. He is stuffed with wood wool or excelsior and steel shot. Trevor comes to you fully clothed in wool trousers with cross stitched front and a corduroy jacket. This bear will make a lovely gift. Not suitable for younger children. Thanks for looking at my page!

Olga Kovalchuk
This wonderful bear is sewn from plush, it is filled with coniferous and metal granules. The head and legs can move 360 ​​°. The eyes are made of crystal, Germany. Moris wears clothes in a marine style. He has a vest, a corduroy jacket and trousers. Moris wears a cap and an elegant scarf. The materials used are natural. All clothing can be removed. He can stand and sit.

Senya donkey Teddy
Lisevihc Tatiana
Senya donkey Teddy. viscose, eyes glass, 6 cotter pins, sawdust wood, metal granulate. The ears are reinforced, the ears can be bent. Clothes cotton, corduroy. Clothes can be removed and dressed.

Moshkina Elena
Alex Bear made from German viscose, painted by hand. Clothes made of cotton, corduroy, tinted and aged. Leather boots. Height of a bear is 15 cm. The price is specified for one bear!

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